MarketingSherpa's Business-to-Business Lead Generation Handbook 2008-09

MarketingSherpa's B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook 2008-09

A "must have" Manual for B2B Lead-Gen and Marketing Executives!

This Business-to-Business Lead Generation Handbook covers ALL ASPECTS of a B2B Marketers job, from Pre-Campaign Research & Preparation, Database Building & Maintenance, Campaign Strategy & Execution, Measurement of Results and the Creation of Content.

It spans Online and Offline Campaigning alike, using Real-World Case-Studies and Practical Tips that will help you become better at what you already know best, effective B2B Marketing!

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(formerly known as B2B Marketing Handbook) from Marketing Sherpa.

The guide is the biggest (thickest) that I have ever seen from the Sherpa. It is over 500 pages in size and packed through the roof with data charts, eyetracking heatmaps, written and visual real world example creatives and case studies, statistics, tips, general how-tos and best practices.

This one book has basically everything that you need to do be a more successful marketer who promotes business to business products and services. Have a glimpse for yourself, free, Download the Executative Summary, or see my summary of the Table of Contents below.
(yes, summary, because the full Table of Contents is 14 pages long).

The word "Handbook" in the title of this book can be taken literally, although "Manual" would have been a bit more accurate. This is what this book should be in your marketing department.

It's the manual for newly hired staff to learn the does and don'ts and the how-to; and the reference to look up information to specific subject for the experienced marketers and veterans.

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Summary of the Table of Contents

  • Pre-Campaign Research & Prep
    • Setting Goals
    • Marketing Info Database Setup and Maintenance
    • Sales Team Research and Relationship Building
    • Gather Contacts and Feedback
    • Customer Service and Support as Your Research Partners
    • Market Research via Your Customer & Prospect Files
    • External Marketing Research
  • Campaign Strategy & Execution
    • Demand Generation versus Lead Generation and List Building
    • Campaign Goal Determination
    • Prospect Definition, Segmentation & Profiling (How-To)
    • Branding Strategy
    • Multiples: Comittee Members, Media, Campaigns & Offers
    • Offer as Bait - Tips for specific Offers

      Buyers Kits, Catalogs, Brochures, CD-Roms, Consulting, Contests, Co-Registration, Desktop Applications, Email Newsletters, Games, Gift Cards, Quiz, Private Clubs, Industry Associations, Road Shows, Seminars, Case Studies, Trials and Demos, Schwag, Sweeps, Webinars & Virtual Events and more.

    • Getting the Word out

      Print Ads, Online Advertising, Analyst Relations, Awards, Contextual Advertising, Direct Postal Mail, Email Broadcast, Email Newsletter Advertising, PR/Media Relations, Word of Mouth etc.

    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Tradeshows and Events
    • Viral Marketing
    • Web 2.0 Promos
    • White Paper Syndication
    • Web Sites & Microsites
    • B-to-B Copywriting Rules
    • Global Marketing
  • How to Create Content for B-to-B Prospects
    • Top Types of Content
    • Useful Content Formats
    • Staffing for Content Creation
    • Registration Yes/No
  • Lead Qualification, Cultivation and Measurement
    • Lead & Marketing Measurement Systems
    • Lead Qualification Processes
    • Lead Nurturing Programs
    • Smooth Handoffs to Sales Department
    • Top Sales Support Material Upgrades
    • Getting CEOs to Appreciate Marketing
  • Handy Resources
Get the B-to-B LeadGen Handbook now!
If you are a professional B2B Marketer, then you have to have this serious book.
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