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Carsten 2007 - Affiliate Marketer and Web- & Database Developer
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About Carsten Cumbrowski


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Hello. My name is Carsten Cumbrowski. I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I moved to the United States - more precisely, the beautiful San Joaquin Valley of California - in May 2000 and currently reside and work in Fresno, California.

Today I work with multiple companies, sharing my expertise on the Internet, Web and Database Development (Programming) and Internet Marketing - including Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

My experience extends over two decades. I have been working for more than five years in the relatively new Affiliate Marketing Industry and know both sides of the business (affiliate and affiliate manager). I have more than seven years experience in web development and almost 20 years in programming and computers in general. I have worked in SAP consulting in Germany and Switzerland for the SAP Modules FI (finance) and CO (controlling) and ABAP/4 Development for almost every SAP Module.

I do affiliate marketing as an affiliate and also have my own company and do some consulting work for people who need help with defining their internet marketing strategy. See my professional work page for details about my current and past professional activities.

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Blogging and Internet Marketing Related Writing


Search Engine Journal Editor ReveNews Blogger My Personal Blog at

Award Nominations

2008 Pinnacle Awards Nominee 2008 SEMMY Nominee


RelevantlySpeaking Blog Carsten Cumbrowski, Platinum Author

I am a blogger at, a well respected news source in the Internet marketing industry and winner of the Marketing Sherpa "Best Blog" Award in 2006. Wayne Porter, one of the co-founders of, personally invited to me to blog with ReveNews. Wayne's invitation was a great honor for me. Visit my Blog at and join the discussions.

I am also an Editor at Search Engine Journal a Blog about Search Engine Marketing and Optimization reporting about current News and Development in the Industry.

I was nominated for the Affiliate Summit 2008 Pinnacle Award in the category for "Best Blogger" because of my blogging at the mentioned blogs. The awards ceremony was held at the Affiliate Summit West 2008 conference and expo, which took place on February 24-26, 2008 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I did not win the award, but it was a honor to be nominated together with two other famous bloggers in the industry.

Three of my posts that I made for are nominated for the 2008 SEMMYS (The Search Marketing "Emmys"), in the categories: SEO, blogs/blogging and social media. None of my posts were nominated, but it was an honor to have not only one, but multiple posts nominated, especially if you consider the number and quality of competition I was up against.

You can read all my recent posts made at and here at my Website at the Carsten Cumbrowski's Blogs and News page. Feel free to subscribe to them via RSS feed, Email and several other options.

I also write occasionally so-called "free to republish" articles that you can use for your own website, eZine, newsletter or print publication. Those articles are distributed via article directories, such as where I have the status of "Platinum Member". Additional articles that are not available for free republishing can be found in the article section of my site.

Some of my content is being published by, a blog operated by MediaTrust. I have contacts at Revenue Magazine, who sometimes ask for my opinion to industry related issues and are mentioned and cited in issues of the print edition of the magazine from time to time as well.

My Mediakit can be downloaded in PDF format here.

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Internet Marketing and Development Resources Collections

Make sure to check my newand very comprehensive Resources Sections. I have gathered tons of useful resources and tools related to Web Development, Blogging, RSS, API, Webservices, Datafeeds, SQL Server and MySQL Database Development, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Contextual Marketing, Keyword Targeting, Outsourced Program Management, Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines, Legal Issues (Trademarks, DMCA, Business Basics), Online Shopping, Copy Writing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Co-Registration / Lead Generation, Web Analytics, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Outsourceing and a lot more over the past decade and I want to share all of these valuable resources with you.

The resources include Links to Articles, Blogs, Websites, Webmaster Tools, Forums, Directories, Podcasts, Books, Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint), RSS Feeds, Magazines, Videos and more as well as Articles I have written, Tools I created and public Events Calendars and News Feeds and Email Newsletters.

The Purpose of This Site

My goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of tools and resources related to Internet marketing. "Most comprehensive" does not mean biggest. I focus on quality rather than quantity. Being active in this industry for years helps me with the task of filtering out the "noise" from the vast amount of available resources on the Internet, but it does not make me "foolproof" nor a "know-it and seen-it all."

Why Am I Doing This?

To learn more about the project and my motivations, see my Editorial Note, which provides a much greater deal of details and should be able to answer most of your questions.

Feedback Is Wanted (Good and Bad)

If you find that I have missed important information don't hesitate to contact me.

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sponsorship opportunities

You can support my efforts!

You can also help me by putting up a link to on your Blog or Website or by mentioning this site in a blog post, forum post or blog comment. I created a number of Banners, Buttons and other Creatives for the site. Feel free to pick and use the one you like.
I would really appreciate it.

You can also do more via an official sponsorship. There are several options available from
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a tower-size creative in the sidebar and text-links at the very top of the page (also in the sidebar) for maximum exposure. To see all the available options in detail, check out my sponsorship and advertising media kit in
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Check out the page Support and Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities for more details and additional options for how to support this site.

Thank you.

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Aggregated Industry News and Events Calendars

I'd like to highlight the two Aggregated News Feeds in RSS format for Internet/Affiliate marketing and SEO/SEM. Also, please be sure check out the two Events Calendars for Internet marketing/SEO and web development/technology industry events. I have consolidated a vast amount of resources, so you don't have to. important is missing.

Aggregated News Feeds in RSS
Aggregated Affiliate and Internet Marketing News Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Aggregated News  Read News Online 
Aggregated Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) Aggregated News  Read News Online 

Events Calendars via Google Calendar
Internet Marketing/SEO and SEM Events Calendar Add this public Calendar to your Google Calendar Important Industry Events Public Apple iCal Feed Important Industry Events as RSS    List of Events
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Personal book recommendations
Personal Organization and Time Management are important, especially for Internet Marketers like us where 24 hours per day seem to be not enough to do what we want and need to do. I can recommend the following two books which did help me to tame the "beast" called "Overload". I believed that to be an impossible feat prior reading the books. Thank you Shawn Collins for recommending it to me and "it was my pleasure" to everybody who bought any of them and tamed his "beast" because of my recommendation.

Getting Things Done
Getting Things Done - The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
by David Allen

Buy Getting Things Done
Ready For Anything
Ready For Anything - 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life
by David Allen

Buy Ready For Anything

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Professional Skills

Skill Levels: *** Strong, ** Moderate, * Basic

Business/Methods/Practices Platforms/Technologies Programming
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Management
Search Engine Marketing
Email Marketing
Product Development
Project Management
Graphical Design
MS SQL Server 2000
MS SQL Server 2005
MS IIS 5+6
MS Windows 2000 Server
MS Windows 2003 Server
MS Windows XP Pro

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Additional Internet Marketing related Writing

Also learn about my Internet Marketing Article Writing Background and find Information to Article Directories and Press Release News Wires.

For people interested in what I am doing in my spare time visit
my Personal Home Page (german version) , my Roy/SAC Artist Page or my Roy/SAC Text Art Blog.


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Carsten's Co.mments

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CV (Short Version)

Schools, Education
1980-1990POS (Polytechnische Oberschule) at 36.POS Alfred Kurella (Berlin/Lichtenberg)
1990-1992EOS / Abitur (High School) at Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Oberschule
1992-1995Ausbildung zum DV Kaufmann* bei Herlitz AG Berlin
OSZ Industrie und Datenverarbeitung
* There is no equivalent for this education in the USA, but the degree could be compared to
a Bachelor's Degree in Business & Computer Science.
1995-1998SAP R2 (RF,RA,RK,RM) & IT (Banyan Vines, Win3.x) Service at Herlitz AG & Herlitz PBS AG Berlin
1998Mandatory Military Service (Bundeswehr) in the German Army
1998-1999SAP R3 (FI, CO, Basis) Consultant at PAS GmbH
1999-2000SAP R3 (ABAP Cross-Module) & Internet Consultant at VisionOne AG in St.Gallen/Switzerland
2000-2007Snr. Developer & Affiliate Manager at VisionOne, Inc. in Fresno/California
2002-todayPartner at Mediapolis, Inc. in Fresno/California
2007-todayOwner of Cumbrowski Consulting, LLC in Fresno/California - Internet Marketing Resources

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