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Display Advertising Resources

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If you are serious about media buying and traditional display advertising, then I would suggest checking out the new

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Display Advertising Networks and Services (listed alphabetically)

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24/7 Real Media is one of the larger ad servers and was acquired by the media giant WPP (WPP stands for "Wire and Plastic Products", stock symbol: WPPGY) in 2007
AdBrite, "The Internet's Ad Marketplace", powers the world's most trusted and transparent marketplace to buy and sell online advertising.

AdBrite also provides OTX: Open Targeting Exchange, an open exchange for ad trageting technologies that allows advertisers to tap into the expertise of multiple third-party targeting providers from within the AdBrite platform.
AdECN, the first real-time, auction-based exchange for online display advertising
Adoori, Adoori is a platform which provides both advertising and publishing products and services globally. It's traffic network covers more than 250 countries. You can buy global traffic from Adoori starting as low as US $1/CPM. Adoori is located in Asia.
ADTech AG from Germany is part of AOL's one of the largest (world wide operating) Advertising Networks in the world. It is owned by AOL Time Warner.
Atlas Solutions is an ad server solution, which acquired competitor "Accipiter" in 2006 and is part of aQuantive, which was acquired for $6 billion by Microsoft in 2007. aQuantive also owned the advertising agency Avenue A | Razorfish. - a smaller online ad network founded in 2004 by some Ad Networking Veterans
Bluestreak ionAd ad-server solution. It was acquired by Aegis Group in summer 2007 - Burstware® video and audio delivery software for IP networks.
BurstMedia - Burst Network is a brand-focused ad network that gives advertisers targeted access to more than 100 million monthly unique visitors worldwide. Advertisers are guaranteed full site disclosure on their campaigns across more than 4,000 high-quality, interest-based websites segmented into more than 400 content sub-channels.

Burst Direct - Performance Driven Distribution. Burst Direct caters to national direct response advertisers who require massive reach through a wider selection of web properties.
The Casale Media® network, MediaNet™, provides advertisers and agencies with a powerful tool for reaching and interactively communicating with targeted consumer segments through online display media.
CheckM8 is a provider of rich media and ad management technologies for the online advertising industry. Their main product is AdVantage. an IntraClick Company. Mix of Display Ad Network and CPA Network. - Contextual advertising network. If you are interested in becoming a Clicksor publisher and earn advertising revenue from your website, visit this page.
CPXInteractive - formerly known as IncentAclick, a CPA Network, no setup fees. Online consumer acquisition and lead generation. CPX Interactive is owned by CX Digital Media, formerly Incentaclick Media Group. - one of the largest display advertising and rich media advertising networks. DoubleClick also owns the ad-server TangoZebra who provides the advertising solutions TAMBOR for the monetization of podcasts and videocasts, TABS for ad design and ZEBRAONE for ad serving and campaign management.
Exper Click - the open market for online advertising
EyeBlaster - Unified Digital Marketing Solutions offers a set of advertising solutions, including: EyeBlaster ACM, EyeBlaster Rich Media, EyeBlaster Video, EyeBlaster Search and EyeBlaster In-Game
Falk eSolutions AG is an ad server from Germany who offers three advertising packages: AdSolution, AdSolution rx and AdSolution fx. is a leading Ad network from India that operates worldwide. One of its innovations is the product "Search RePlay" which merges search and display advertising. Search RePlay was launched in October 2007.
M3 Media Services provides Media Planning & Execution Services among other services, including traditional display advertising via its ad server plaform.
Mirror Image content delivery network for Ads and media streaming
Motive Interactive premium Ad + Lead Generation Network by Motive Interactive Inc., located at Lake Tahoe, NV - Direct Navigation, Lead Generation and Advertising Solutions
Prime Q - Interactive Advertising
RealTech Network is an advertising network that offers next to the regular ad-serving services also features like behavioral targeting and contextual advertising. RealTechNetwork was founded in 2004. - Advertising Network that leverages tradition of delivering proprietary technology solutions and product enhancements for advertisers, publishers and agencies.
RedEye provides ad serving services next to their core business of web analytics and campaign analysis.
Right Media - open media exchange for the interactive advertising industry - Specific Media provides advertisers, marketers, and agencies with multiple distribution channels to reach consumers on the Web. Performance Network. CPA/Ad Network Hybrid founded by the three Vanderhook Brothers.
TradeDoubler Reach the ad network from TradeDouble who is primarily known as affiliate and CPA network.
Tribal Fusion® is a leading site representation company, serving 19 billion monthly impressions and reaching 160 million users per month. is another display Ad network from India, which works across media channels, including media buys, affiliate marketplace and other web marketing initiatives.
Undertone Networks - Large Advertising Network by Intercept Interactive
ValueClick, Inc. - the Advertising Behemoth. ValueClick Services include the Display Advertising Networks and ValueClick Media
Zedo is a leading ad server for customized ads.
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Feature matrix of 16 of the ad-server solutions and services listed here.
The features are presented in a nice and easy to read grid overview.

The grid was taken from the:
Online Ad Serving Solutions - A Buyer's Guide 2006
Buy Online Ad Serving Solutions - A Buyer's Guide 2006 by e-Consultancy

Source e-Consultancy
If you are on the quest for new customer acquisitions, then you might also want to have a look at these Co-Registration and Lead Generation Networks, Services and more resources to this subject.

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Display Advertising AdServer Software and Free Solutions

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phpAdsNew aka OpenAds is an open-source ad server, with an integrated banner management interface and tracking system for gathering statistics. With Openads you can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements.
OpenX - The free, open source ad server trusted by more than 30,000 web publishers in over 100 countries around the world. OpenX is a powerful ad serving solution that puts control over online advertising back in the hands of publishers.
OpenAds Mods for OpenX is doing advanced unique impressions & unique clicks tracking. This mod allow to count unique clicks and unique impressions from advertiser side. This is very useful mod for admin and advertiser to find out number of unique users who have seen banners and number of unique users who have clicked on their banners.
Google Ad Manager is a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory.

Simple, intuitive user interface: Decrease training time and trafficking steps with simplified tagging and inventory management. Google serving speed and reliability. Ensure quicker ad delivery and fewer reporting discrepancies. Significant cost savings - it's free!
Pay nothing for ad serving, feature upgrades, or system maintenance.

You might also want to check out some other options such as the ones provided via some of the cousins of display advertising, Contextual Advertising and keyword targeted advertising.

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