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Small businesses are the backbone of any economy and there are a lot of mostly free or low cost resources out there that help small businesses to grow and thrive.

The U.S. government spends every year billions of dollars to support and help small business owners to increase their chances to stay in business and to support the economy.

A lot of that money is spend on informational material and interactive resources that are being made available for free on the internet. Use those resources and benefit from them.

U.S. Small Business Administration

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U.S. Small Business Administration Resources

Economic Statistics and Research Chronological List by the SBA's Calendar Year or by Subject by the Research and Statistics Office of Economic Research
SBA Glossary- The Small Business Glossary from ACCOUNTING to ZIPPED

Resource Library & Resources
Reports - Publications - Laws & Regulations - Forms - SOP Standard Operating Procedures
Monthly Web Chat - Podcast - Delivering Success - Online Videos

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Small Business Organisations and Communities

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USASBE - Official Website - the United States Association for Small Business Entrepreneurship - partnership between the SBA, the Association of Small Business Development Centers and the Missouri SBDC as part of the Missouri Business Development Program. - Business resources by and for business owners, Templates, How-To's, Articles and Blog.

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Small Business Resources by Large Corporations

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Small Business Online Workshops (free) by Commerce Bank. Get real world business strategies, industry knowledge and solutions.
Microsoft Small Business Center - is a free, personalized online resource to help small businesses get more out of their Microsoft software investment.
At&T Yahoo! Small Business Resources - News, Tips and Resources for SMB by Yahoo!

Resources for Small Businesses by Commercial Entities - How-to's & Help for small businesses and Entrepreneurs - Resources for growing businesses

Management and Business Advice

Free Management Library at Business advice and resources for small business owners
Basic Guide to Financial Management in For-Profits by Carter McNamara
Financing for For-Profits - Resources and Information for financing seeking small businesses and entrepreneurs

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Small Business Directories and Guides

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Web 2.0: Top 25 Apps to Grow your Business. Web 2.0 brought us a lot of great and free or low cost applications needed for personal things and more importantly for everyday business tasks. Don't spend a fortune on expensive desktop software, if you can get the same or better tools online for a fraction of the cost and accessible from anywhere, via Laptop, internet enabled mobile device or somebody else's PC, such as an Internet Cafe. - Shop for virtually any type of vendor you might need for your business. Free online buyers guides are also available. - Internet Marketing comparison shopping search engine lists and compares various products and services that are relevant for internet marketers.

Free Consultation
Windows Small Business Server - Stay connected to your business no matter where you are. Free Online Demos about: Accessing Data Away From The Office, Keeping In Touch When Out Of The Office, Accessing Customer Info From the Road, Networking Your Business. Run your business from virtually anywhere with help from Microsoft. Get a FREE consultation.

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More Resources for Small Business

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Outsourcing - You can't do everything yourself with the limited resources of a small business and you don't have to. There are plenty of third party resources and expertise available for hire for any size of project and for any type of project you can think of.
Virtual Office or home office. You don't need to rent expensive office space and spend a fortune on equipment. You will me amazed to learn how much you can actually do as good from your home office, by using services that allow you to move your office into the virtual space.
Legal Resources. Don't risk your business because of legal mistakes or because you did not know about a law or regulation. Learn about the laws and regulations that are important to your business and get practical tips for how to deal with them in everyday life.
Buyers Guides will help you to find professional services that fit your needs and tell you what to look for in a specific type of vendor.
Podcasts and Videos that are free and education are available on the internet and a great source of information and tips. A lot of the material was created by other small business entrepreneurs for people like you.

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Additional Useful Resources

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