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Affiliate Program Software for In-House Program Management

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If you want to manage your affiliate program in-house to have maximum control over it and to save the fees (usually based on commissions paid to affiliates) you would have to pay for using a traditional affiliate network, you have two choices.

Choice no.1 would be to develop something yourself in-house, but that can become a larger and more expensive project than you think. It is also not very likely that your in-house time has experience with something that has to be reliable as an affiliate tracking solution. The best way to go is to decide for an in-house solution that can be hosted as an ASP solution elsewhere or installed on your own servers, if you have the required hosting infrastructure already.

Here is a list of ASP solutions and software providers for in-house affiliate program management and tracking.

Further down are also solutions that allow you to launch your own CPA affiliate network as a fully co-branded ASP solution.

In-House Affiliate Program Solution Providers and Software (alphabetically)

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LogoDescription by Inuvo, Inc. (formerly known as Kowabunga Technologies) is a do-it-yourself affiliate tracking and management solution for advertisers who prefer to run and manage their affiliate program independent and in-house.
Affiliate Runner - Specializing in private affiliate program management solutions. Affiliate Runner offers a 15 days free trial to test their product without risks and obligations.
Affiliate Shop is a self-managed affiliate program solution by Pendulab Pte Ltd. Bonus: Your products will be listed for free at the AffiliateShop MarketPlace shopping portal
Affiliate Software Platform - In-House/white-label affiliate program solution by Ecom Access (who also owns the affiliate network ShareResults). - The affiliate tracking network. You can try it for free, before you buy it.
AffiliateTraction by NetTraction
AffPlanet provides a simple and low cost to free hosted affiliate tracking and management solution for small merchants. The very limited basic version is free until you reach a certain volume. If the limits are exceeded, an upgrade to the next level, which is only $20 per month, is required. To be able to use all tools without limitations, a full upgrade to the $30/month version will be necessary. There are no setup and no cancellation feeds and no transaction feeds either. Some limited branding of the management pages for your affiliates is also possible.
AssocTrac in-house affiliate program software by Internet Marketing Center, Inc
DirectTrack by Direct Response Technologies. Their CPA network DirectLeads uses DirectTrack among a large number of other independent CPA networks.
iDevAffiliate - affiliate tracking software
Interneka Affiliate Software - Start your own affiliate program for as low as $149.00!
Leadhound Network - affiliate program software. Their affiliate network "" uses the solution - Ad Network/Lead Management Solution by Burstabit Media, Inc. LinkTrust also powers Burstabit Media's own network called from
MyAffiliateProgram (MyAP) by Inuvo, Inc. (formerly known as Kowabunga Technologies). MyAP packages: Feather Weight, MYAP Lite, MYAP Pro, Enterprise Package. Get a Free eBook with your sign-up! Details: Pricing / Tour / Special Offers
OSIAffiliate - Hosted affiliate program management solution which supports the management of multiple affiliate programs from one account.
Post Affiliate Pro is a low cost (< $100) affiliate program management platform based on PHP that was created by who also developed other in-house solutions such as membership management and customer support management software.

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Affiliate Tracking Source Code

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Agents of Fortune is a PHP script for affiliate tracking that is being sold by the eBay seller eHostUs for $0.99. It seems to have a considerable amount of features already and probably a good basis for building your tracking solution in-house.

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Network Technology Platforms (To Create Your Own Network)

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DirectTrack by Direct Response Technologies provides a CPA network platform, which is widely used by a number of successful CPA networks on the internet today. by Inuvo, Inc. (formerly known as Kowabunga Technologies) who also create MyAp (MyAffiliateProgram) and the open affiliate network Kolimbo provides the technology platform to create your own branded CPA network.

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