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Pay-Per-Click Search Engines: Free Advertising Money for New Customers

Almost every Pay-Per-Click Search Engine or PPC Service makes it easy for new Advertisers to get started with their service. Some offer public discounts to everybody who visits their Site, but most offer promotional coupons and links that are not available if you visit their site directly which are only available to partners, for special ocasions or specific people.

Have a look at the grid below to see the available offers for the individual search engines at a glance. Most of those offers are not available to the general visitor of the search engine's website. Sign up and put the free Advertising Dollars to good use. Enjoy!

PPC - Free Credits* Grid - The Offers for each Pay per Click Search Engine
* Discounts are only available to new customers
Service Free**
Promo Code Expiration
Yahoo! Search Marketing $25 - USCJ16 n/a
Yahoo! Search Marketing $100 $30 US2237 n/a
Yahoo! Search Marketing UK £50 - GB0283 n/a $50 $25 cumski n/a
Google AdWords $50 n/a use link n/a $50 n/a use link n/a
Enhance Interactive (formerly ah-ha) $25 - use link n/a
Bidvertizer $20 - use link n/a
Search 123 $20 $50 use link n/a
AMPKeywords $25 $25 new25 n/a
ABC Search $100 $100 use link n/a
Text-Link-Ads $100 $125 STARTER KIT n/a $50 $100 use link n/a
Miva Ad Center $50 $100 click here
then here

** For new customers only. Other restrictions may apply, such as a required minimum deposit. Credits are not in all cases available to use instantly. Read the terms and conditions of each provider for the exact details. For some promotions were no expiration dates provided and the promo code might not be honored by the service. Please contact me, if this happens, because I can't test the coupons myself (I have accounts already).

The big International Search Engines and their PPC Services

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Google AdWords - Pay-Per-Click Marketing at

Google AdWords Secret 1: Insert the Keyword Phrase entered by the User dynamically into the Title or Ad Copy?

Use: {Keyword:$} (case sensitive, replace $ with default Phrase, used if entered Keyword Phrase is too long}. Use "keyword" instead of "Keyword" to make the keyword/phrase all lower-case or "KeyWord" to capitalize all the words in the phrase.

Google AdWords Secret 2: How to contact Google AdWords Support via Phone.
Call: 1-866-246 6453 . This phone number is not public (can't be found at

Google Grants In-kind advertising for 501(c)(3)non-profit organizations that are seeking to inform and engage their constituents online. Receive at least three months of free AdWords/in-kind advertising if your organization is being awarded a Google Grant

Microsoft AdCenter - Microsoft's PPC Service for Microsoft Live & MSN Search.
Yahoo! Search Marketing or YSM, the PPC advertising platform for Yahoo! Search. YSM 2 was introduced in 2007 to replace Yahoo!'s old PPC platform that was based on Overture's technology (formerly known as

$25 in free clicks for YSM Coupon Code: USCJ16 Sponsored Listings - the PPC Service for the (Ask Jeeves) Search Engine

Being a Local Advertiser? - Find Information to Regional/Geo/IP Targeting, Services like Yahoo! Local Search, Background Information and more.

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Other US Pay-Per-Click Search Engines and Services

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Miva formerly FindWhat PPC Advertising, Pay-per-call, AdRevenue Xpress

Miva Bonus for new Customers. Please do me a favor, click this link first, then click here and get $50 free (with $100 deposit) instead of $5 (no minimum deposit)

Search123 - PPC Engine since 2000 - Extend your reach.

Search123 Bonus Get $20 free with $50 deposit - Search Engine by Interchange Corporation enables advertisers to reach highly-targeted consumers. - Keyword Targeted, Context Target, Behavior Target and Local Target Advertising solutions provide customized tools for Webmasters to generate revenue with their Websites. See the bonus offer below and remember that Findology has a low $0.03 per click minimum.

Findology Bonus Get $50 free with $25 deposit. Enter Coupon Code: cumski during signup. - a leading pay per click advertising and affiliate network since 1999 - bids start as low as $0.01.
234x60 PPC Banner Enhance Interactive (formerly Ah-ha) PPC Search Engine delivering more clicks for less money. Pay only $0.03 per-click minimum.

Enhance Interactive Bonus Get $25 in Free Pay-Per-Click Advertising PPC seach with bid prices as low as a nickel (five cents). 80 million searches daily, fraud protected traffic and exclusive distribution channels.

ABCSearch Bonus Get up to $100 in free traffic. ABCSearch matches your initial deposit for up-to $100.

Looksmart AdCenter - PPC Search Engine. Looksmart owns several vertical market search engines and directories. - Quality Traffic at Value Prices with No Risk. Over 10k Small Biz Advertisers are Driving New Customers for as low as $.01 per click (only $0.01 Minimum Bids) is a vertical PPC search engine targeting qualified buyers who buy products in bulk, usually small to enterprise businesses who are looking for suppliers.

goWholesale is perfect for advertisers are wholesalers, distributors, importers and other business-to-business suppliers. Pay as little as $0.20 per referral. Open an account and deposit $100 today and you will receive $50 in free clicks as a bonus.
Use this link to get the discount. You will not get the discount otherwise.

Your ads will run on the various Liquidity Services Inc. websites, including,, and of course on itself as well.

goWholesale Coupon for New Customers: Get $50 in Free Clicks, with THIS LINK
Conditions: $100 deposit required, New Customers of goWholesale only.

AdKnowledge BidSystem is a PPC service with various traffic sources like email, search, display and social advertising. Advertisers bid on an auction-based system available at Bids start at $0.10 and are based on the price the advertiser is willing to pay. The service is available for advertisers and publishers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.
SearchAnyway Pay per Click Search Engine with a up-to 70% rev-share affiliate program (standard is 60%)
Copernic Media Solutions Publisher Network - Joint venture PPC network by, Copernic and In addition to those search engines and search tools, do also a large number of partner sites show the ads within their search results or branded/co-branded search results provided by the Copernic Media Solutions' Publisher Network to those publishers.
adMarketplace by distributes PPC ads to various partners like Looksmart,, SearchFeed, MarchEx,, Zango, Innovation Interactive and Kontera. If you have an ebay seller account, you can use that ID for your adMarketplace account.

adMarketplace Coupon Use Promo Code: new25 to get $25 free matching advertising! delivers over 50 million queries per day through its network of over 1,000 search and content websites. Costs per click start at $0.05 for their standard search and content network. FinditQuick is a privately held company that was founded in 2000. It also acts as search agency and offers companies PPC management services for their own and for the 1st tier PPC networks.
AdHere by Marchex is a PPC service that is specialized in Local PPC advertising. Their publishing partners include BusinessWeek Online, The Motley Fool, PC World and more.
Lycos InSite™ AdBuyer ( - Discontinued as of November 1, 2006 (-> Sponsored Listings)

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Mobile Search PPC Services

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JumpTap mobile paid search marketplace targets by geography, operator, and handset capabilities, and language.
Google Mobile Ads (Google AdWords) Reach Google's mobile search and content networks, Track impressions, clicks, and conversions. Target by country, language, and mobile carrier. Manage online and mobile AdWords campaigns from one account.

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Link Brokers and Blog Ad Networks

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To get started with Link Buying, check out the Free Linkbuying GuideFree Link Buying Guide, which was provided by TLA.

Get $100 free Text Link Ads or TLA is a text link market place for text link buyers and sellers. See TLA's free Link Buying Guide.

Text Link Ads. Get $100 free Credits with Code: STARTER KIT.

BidVertiser Keyword targeted advertising network

Special offers: Advertisers Get $20 in FREE clicks. Publishers, Monetize your Website or Blog

FeedBurner Ad Network aka FAN. Advertise in Feedburner RSS Feeds. - Advertise on Blogs. BlogAds is one of the oldest advertising networks that specialized on monetization of blog content.
CrispAds - Keyword Targeted ads on Blogs and in RSS Feeds.
Blogexplosion is a Blog Directory that allows (Paid) Blog Advertisements (Banners, Ad's PPC) - RSS marketing solutions provider - Monetize your Blog and News feeds - Ads on your blog that makes sense. A ForgeCorporation Ltd Service based on the OfferForge advertising platform.
Text Link Brokers Paid Links Broker who does not make clients public to prevent possible devalue of a site or penalties from the search engines
LinkAdAge - Small Text Link Broker service - shop for buying links on web sites via auction or exchanging links
Contextual Links by v7 Network - sells links which are embedded within the content and blog entries of their network of independent publishers.

For Contextual Advertising Networks and other Semi-Contextual/PPC or Keyword Targeted Services check my Contextual Advertising and Keyword Targeting Resources and Services Page.

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Non-US Targeted PPC Services and Search Engines

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LogoDescription - wide distribution in the United Kingdom and Europe. Owned by FindWhat
Mirago - UK/Europe - Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Paid Inclusion, Contextual and Trusted Feeds.
Yahoo! Search Marketing UK - Start with £50 credit in your new account and see your company rise to the top of the search results

Get £50 in free clicks if you sign-up with YSM UK today. Use promo code: GB0283

The Comparison Shopping Search Engine Feeds/PPC - Paid Inclusion Resources moved to the Site Maps, Site Feeds, Directories, Submission Tools and Tips, Paid Inclusion Resources Page.

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