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SEO and SEM Desktop Software & Online All-Around Tools, SEO Browser Toolbars and Firefox Plugins

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Complete SEO/SEM Desktop Software Packages with build-in sets of Tools

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Trellian SEO Toolkit Website Optimization and Analysis Software
Internet Business Promoter (IBP) by Axandra - Free Demo Download - IBP allows webmasters to analyse their webpages for on-page factors to optimize, provides ranking reports for your targeted keyword phrases and other reporting features and supporting tools.
Web CEO SEO Software "Web CEO": 12 SEO Tools in One Powerful SEO Suite (Free and Commercial Versions are available, also the use of supplemental / optional free and commercial services used by Web CEO)
SEO Elite - Complete SEO Software to improve your on-site and off-site factors, plus determine your competitor's entire linking strategy in minutes.
Bruce Clay SEO Tools - Professional Tools by SEO Veteran Bruce Clay, Inc. SEOToolSet™, Dynamic Site Mapping™, LinkMaps™ and PathMaps™
Search Engine Power Pack by NetMechanics costs about $100 per site/year (recurring) and lets you analyze and optimize yoru site code, check your rankings and perform some keyword research activities, amoung others.
Ranking Toolbox Standard and Ranking Toolbox Professional by AceBIT in partnership with "Hello Engines!" costs only $89.00 (Standard, one-time) ro $149 (PRO, one-time) and also has a free demo/trial version available for download for each of the two versions, the Standard and the Professional edition. The Standard edition is meant for single websites and the PRO version if you have more than just one site to manage and optimize.
Hello Engines Professional has all the features that the Ranking Toolbox Pro has, plus a bunch of additional tools for keyword research and link partner search. Hello Engines Pro is only slightly more expensive as the Ranking Toolbox Pro, it costs $199 or $50 more than Ranking Toolbox Pro.
SEO Studio by Trend Metrix Software is a Windows desktop tool that lets you check your website rankings, monitor your competitors sites, do keyword research, find potential linking partners, provides tips and suggestions for improvements of your on-site ranking factors and more. There is a basic and free version available with restrictions like the inability to import or export any data or the limit to only 2 keywords for your site to run checks and optimization tools. The cheapest paid version is only $79.00, which already removes a number of the most annoying restrictions of the free version, such as the keyword limit for your keyword research and CI. You can compare the different pricing and individual features of the free and differnt paid versions of the software here

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SEM/PPC Desktop Software Packages and Tools

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AdWords Editor - Google Adwords account management application for Windows
AdWords Dominator - the world's first desktop Google Adwords api management software.
Marketing ROI Optimizer (AxROI) by Axandra

PerformanceClicks™ - from Network Solutions. Paid search advertising on search engines is a fantastic way to drive visitors to your Web site. Let Network Solutions create and manage your online advertising with guaranteed results.

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Web based Multi-Feature SEO/SEM All-in-One Tools

The swiss army knifes of Web based Search Engine Optimization Tools.

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SoloSEO - Commerical web based application for SEO Project Management, Keyword Management, Content Tracking, Link Building. Do-It-Yourself SEO for less than $30 per month. A Free Trial is available.
LotusJump - Is a self-service online SEO tools for webmasters who do not have the money to hire a professional SEO firm to do the search engine optimization for them. The tool guides the user step by step through the necessary actions to take to improve on search engine visibilty and ranking. The service costs $49 per month and a free 14 days trial to test it out is available as well.
SEOEng is a web based tool and service that analyses your website pages from a SEO point of view and provides insights about the linking structure and PageRank distribution throughout the site. One of the best-kept secrets to SEO is that significant results can be achieved by changing the internal linking of your website, a factor to higher search engine rankings that you actually control entirely yourself. - See your Website like a Search Engine sees it and a lot of build in SEO tools like link analyser, back link checker, W3C Validity and more.
GoLexa SEO Search Tool - Keyword Research, Ranking and Linking Analysis and Link Building; basically for pretty much everything that is part of a typical SEO Campaign.
SiteInfo - Site Information Tool. Provides a list of general information about a site like whois information, pagerank, keywords, response headers, thumbnail shot and deep links to search engine tools like yahoo search explorer and much more.
SEO Page Analyzer Tool that checks one page at a time for proper use of the Title Tag, Keywords and Description Meta Tags, number of links, keyword relevance and use of anchor texts and alt tags throughout the page. Each check and its results are explained in detail. Actionable suggestions are provided as well.

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SEO and SEM Browser Toolbars / Browser Extensions

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Cross Browser Extentions

RankQuest SEO Browser Toolbar - Free Toolbar for Firefox, IE, Mozilla and Flock Browsers
SEOQuake has tons of features that also can be customized. SEOQuake alters Google search results pages to show additional (configurable) information to the pages and sites returned in the SERPs. Features: Pagelinks (gives an idea on deeplinks), Domain links (domain link power), Indexed Pages, Add-ins: Gov Links, Stumbleupon, Digg, Google Trends Data, and more, sortable search engine results pages (SERPS), export feature to CSV.

MS Internet Explorer Toolbars

Google Toolbar - Browser Toolbar for IE6. Firefox and IE7 Beta Versions are also available.
Alexa Toolbar - Browser Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer V6.00+
SEOToolBar (Beta) the SEOToolSet™ Browser Toolbar by the SEO professionals of Bruce Clay, Inc. (MS IE only)
Toolbar Browser by Trellian, Popularity Index (PI Rank), Google PR ™ and Alexa Rank ™, RSS feeds, Fully programmable with XML support, Pay Per Click engine meta search toolbar, Links and Favorites Manager, SEO Tools and more.
SEOInc. SEO Toolbar provides ranking information and site data, such as keyword density and HTML validation and a site analyzer.
SEO Google Toolbar Buttons for MS Internet Explorer. Collected by Aaron Wall from

Mozilla Firefox Extensions

SEO for Firefox (Beta) - Extension for Mozilla Firefox Browsers by SEO Book is a multi-purpose SEO tool used by professional SEO's themselves.
Search Status for Firefox - Extension for Mozilla Firefox Browsers by
Niche Watch Tool for Firefox - Extension for Mozilla Firefox Browsers by Mong of for keyword research purposes
SEOpen for Firefox SEO Tools, including google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, PageRank check, http header viewer, and more. All features are available via right-click on the web page, or by using the included toolbar.
Trellian SEO Toolbar Extension for Mozilla Firefox. Popular PPC Engines site, Web SEO and search engine tools, Online keyword research tools, Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking and Popularity Index, Spider Simulator & more.
Rank Checker Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox by SEOBook is a small browser plug-in/tool to check your rankings in the major search engines for specified keyword phrases.
LinkDiagnosis for Mozilla Firefox is a free back-links analysis and evaluation tool for back-links to your own website or the ones of your competitor. It reports page rank, anchor text and no-follow information for each found back-link. Reporting data can be downloaded in CSV format for further processing in a spreadsheet application or database app. A web based version of the tool can be found at

WordTracker Keyword Tool - Free Trial

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