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Affiliate Network List with Networks for North America

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Affiliate Networks for North America

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"For North America" does not necessarily mean based in North America, although the majority of the networks listed here are based in the United States or Canada. However, there are also networks who have their business location in Europe, the Middle East or Asia, but are targeting and giving heavy focus to business operations to and from the United States and/or Canada.

The location of the networks business should in most cases be irrelevant, since the nature of this business is virtual and occurring on the Internet entirely, but it might be relevant for some advertisers for legal purposes, when it comes to the details in agreements and contracts about the Governing Law.

The "Big Four Three"

Commission Junction (CJ) / BeFree (BF) - are ValueClick, Inc. companies. CJ is one of the largest affiliate networks in the United States and also has precences in Europe (UK, Germany, Sweden and France) and Japan.
Linkshare (LS) a Rakuten, Inc. company. LinkShare is one of the biggest and oldest networks in the United States, founded in 1996, and accessible via and (for business to business affiliate programs). It expanded its business to outside the United States and offers its services also in Japan and the United Kingdom, with its own sites and offices in each of the additional countries and geographical regions.
Google Affiliate Network formerly known as Performics (PF) by DoubleClick, Inc. at was re-branded under the Google name after the acquisition of DoubleClick was finalized in Summer 2008. The Google Affiliate Network/Performics is the smallest of the "Big Three" networks, but has nevertheless many big brands as customers who are using the ConnectCommerce platform.

Other U.S. and Canadian Affiliate Networks

AvantLink is a smaller affiliate network with top product datafeed capabilities and options as well as APIs for publishers. US bigger player in the UK affiliate market space, now expanding to the United States
ClickBank is a very old and large affiliate network, which is very popular with eBook publishers.
Kolimbo by Inuvo, Inc. (formerly known as Kowabunga Technologies) is an open network platform for advertisers who are using the MyAffiliateProgram (MyAp) affiliate tracking and management platform.
Pepperjam Network is an affiliate network that was founded by Kris Jones, a cross internet marketing channel industry veteran in 2007, designed from scratch, with the needs of the affiliates and affiliate managers in mind, using their own years of experience as an affiliate, OPM and agency to create an efficient and practical affiliate network platform.
ShareASale (SAS) is a fast growing and popular network known for its honesty and transparency. It's founder and CEO Brian Littleton won two Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards for his commitment to the industry as a whole, beyond the interest of his own network.

He won the Affiliate Marketing Advocate Award in 2007 and in 2008 the Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend Award for his honesty, integrity and for the sacrifice of short term profit in exchange for enableing long term and trusted business relationships between publishers and advertisers.

Share Results at is an upstart affiliate network located in Canada. is a large European network with headquarter in Berlin, Germany, which is also available for US advertisers since November 2005.

Small And/Or Specialized Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Bot Affiliate Network based in Malaysia/Asia. New Network with unknown reputation. You know them?
Affiliate Fuel - Full Service Advertising Network (Strong in Online Education and Degrees)
Affiliate Future US - UK Affiliate Network now also active in the United States
Affiliopolis is a new performance-based online advertising and marketing company with a network of dynamic advertisers and web publishers.
ClickXChange is an old affiliate network that declined over the years but is trying to make a come back
ClixGalore is another medium size network for small to medium size advertiser websites.
CommissionSoup a division of CreditSoup, Inc., is another medium size network. The company was founded in 2000. The network is strong in the finance sector and has many offers for that particluar space, such as credit cards and rewards cards.
DarkBlue is a medium size affiliate network, largely for CPA offers.
FloppyBank old but small affiliate network - Affiliate Network for CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS, and CPM campaigns
LinkConnector Network is an affiliate and CPA network that offers in addition to the standard services of a network features and services like "Naked Link Technology" for search engine optimization purposes as well as advanced events tracking like Pay-Per-Go and Pay-Per-Call referral tracking. - Affiliate/Advertising Network by Burstabit Media, Inc. who also offer a stand-alone Ad Network/Lead Management Solution for merchants or CPA and Advertising Networks. - is a young affiliate network, launched in 2008 and created by the full service internet marketing agency Money3Marketing. Money3Marketing is based in Israel, but is targeting the North American and European market. Merchants on the network include companies from Israel, but also Europe and the United States. - Small Affiliate Network is an online marketplace to sell any product, service or membership directly and have affiliates to promote it. PayPal is fully integrated into the platform. StormPay is also supported as payment service.
Traffic System - Affiliate Marketing Network powered by PrimeQ's Tracking Revenues and Acquiring Campaigns™ (TRAC) technology
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North America
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