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A great source of information and other resources are online forums. There are forums about everything, just as there are also User groups (the predecessor of modern online forums) about every subject on planet earth.

Since there are so many forums out there, is it sometimes hard to find the ones that are most appropriate for your needs. Here is a list of forums that are geared towards SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search marketing/paid search) in general. Compiled for you that you do not have to.

John Carcut made a great post at about SEO Forums during the age of Web 2.0 and Blogs and also shows interesting statistics for the leading SEO forums that still exist today.

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Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Forums

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WMW Forums RSS Web Master World - SEO Forum - Search Engine Optimization Forums run by Brett Tabke.
SEW Forums RSS Search Engine Watch - Search Engine Marketing Forums and Resources.
HR Forums RSS SEO Forum by Jill Whalen, Scottie Claiborne and Alan Perkins
DP Forums RSS Digital Point Webmaster Forum - a Affiliate Marketing, SEO/SEM Forums by Shawn Hogan
Blogoscope Forums RSS Google Blogoscope Forum - The SEO Forum of the Technorati Top 100 Blog
RSS Cre8asiteForums Forums, Blog, Articles and more by Kim Krause
RSS Forums at Search Engine Roundtable - SEO forums at the search marketing news portal at
  Search Engine Forums (SEF) - Jim World SEO Webmaster Forum
RSS SEO Chat Forums owned and operated by DevShed
RSS Forums - SEO Best Practices Search Engine Forums
RSS Web Workshop SEO Forum - The "SEO Forum" is for the free and open discussion of all search engine optimization techniques, methods and issues
RSS iWebTool Forums for Webmasters. SEO, SEM, Web Development and Internet Marketing.
RSS Syndk8 Black Hat SEO Forum
RSS v7 Network Webmaster Forums - Part of the v7n Community
RSS Site Point Forum - Old Webmaster Forums and Resources at SitePoint
RSS SEORefugee Forums - a small SEO forum and blog that does not take everything very much seriously.
General RSS
Site Management Forum RSS
Site Management Forums at DaniWeb, the IT discussion community
RSS Webmaster Key - Discussion Forums - Web design, hosting, and promotion forums.
RSS Ozzu - Webmaster discussion on numerous topics including Website design, programming, scripting, hosting, server administration, search engines, and operating.
  DevStart Forums by PromotionWorld who also operates Domain Informer, Small Business Informer, Web Know How, HostReview, CGIDir, JavaScriptSearch and HTML Primer.
RSS - Blog/Forum News Posting and Discussion Hybrid SIte
  SearchGuild SEO Forums that was founded by Chris Riding and sold to SEONews in 2007. The forum is currently offline and will soon be relaunched at

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October 15, 2009
BlogWorld Expo 2009BlogWorld Expo 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-15 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-18 ;Location: Las Vegas, NV