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Affiliate Networks and CPA Networks Non-US

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Affiliate and CPA Networks in Europe (alphabetically)

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LogoDescription is an old and established, but only medium size affiliate network from that serves the German speaking countries only. AdButler has no presence outside of Germany.

Their website is only available in German language, no other language version is available, which means that they are not interested in foreign publishers or advertisers who don't speak the language and target the German speaking regions.

AdButler provides via a free desktop based tool for publishers for download to create customized creatives for their own websites that are based on product data feeds, which are provided by numerous of the AdButler advertisers. Technical skills and the understanding of product data feeds is not a requirement for the publisher to be able to use the tool. This is actually pretty remarkable.
Affiliate Future UK is a small UK affiliate network
Affiliate Marketing (UK) is a British affiliate network/CPA network
Affiliate Window is another UK based affiliate network. What is unique about "AWin" is the fact that affiliates have to pay £5 (British) in order to apply to the network.

Affiliates will get credited back the £5, if they are being approved and also get it paid back once they reach the minimum payout amount of £25 for UK affiliates or £100 for non-UK based affiliates. The fee is not refunded if your publisher application is being declined.

Existing publishers swear that it is worth the investment, however, you better be certain with what you are doing first, before you apply and spend the admission fee. is another Germany based affiliate network for Europe founded in 1997 by Dominique Madeleine and Douglas Miller. The network is strong and popular in Germany, but failed to expand internationally so far. is a leading online marketing network by Perfiliate Technologies and owned since 2008 by AOL ( has strong and good business ethics and entered the US market recently, with the goal to repeat their success story once more, but this time here in the United States.
Commission Junction or short CJ is one of the largest networks in the United States. CJ is owned by the Internet advertising behemoth ValueClick and expanded their activities to outside of North America to Europe, including:
DGM or spelled out (what nobody usually does) Deal Group Media are specialists in search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and online advertising. DGM services include dgmSearchLab, dgmPerformance and dgmAdNetwork. They claim, that dgmPerformance was the UK's first affiliate network where I personally have not see any reliable sources that back up this claim.
LinkShare, the old and established US affiliate network, now owned by the Japanese company Rakuten, expanded their business beyond the borders of the United States and Canada. Thy now have branches in other parts of the world as well, including: UK based but international operating performance advertising network
Ocean Affiliates is a UK based CPA network that operates worldwide, but is strongest in its home market in the United Kingdom.
OfferForge ZA is a South African affiliate network created by ForgeBusiness Corporation, which is also a well known OPM (Outsourced Program Management company). ForgeCorporation (the parent) and ForgeBusiness were founded by Jonathan Miller, who is also the CEO for the individual entities. Forge also has an advertising network, which is called BlogKits.

Their experience with managing different programs on different netwoks lead to the creation of their tracking and reporting platform ForgeInsight, which allows tracking and management of campaigns across multiple different networks (CPA or classic affiliate networks).

Forge has physical office locations in South Africa, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom and employs specialists and support staff around the globe. or OMGNetwork by OMG - Online Media Group is another smaller UK based affiliate marketing network.
Paid on Results is also an UK affiliate marketing network
Smart Quotes UK CPA network specialized in lenders for loans and credit cards
Trade Doubler UK is a privately owned (primarily Swedish) and leading European provider of online marketing and sales solutions. AOL offered $900 million for the company in early 2007, but the main shareholder demanded more, which AOL refused. The deal did not go through and AOL turned around and acquired the network in the same year instead.
Traffic System UK from PrimeQ is a CPA network, which is powered by DirectTrack from Direct Response Technologies is yet another UK affiliate network, which is owned by Ad Pepper Media International.
Zanox is a large affiliate network from Europe, founded in Berlin, Germany and now owned by the German media giant Axel Springer Group. Zanox operates internationally and has several country specific sites for multiple regions, which are also written in the local language of that target region. Here is a list of the various Zanox sites around the globe.

Zanox.TV (Beta) is available in English language only and about the monetization of video content on the Internet.

Shop @ Zanox.xx is the Zanox product market place available at shop.zanox.xx where xx stands for the available country level domains: DE, AT, CH, IT, UK, SE, NL, ES, FR, CN, US and PL. Shop @ Zanox is basically a price comparison shopping engine where Zanox merchants can import their product feeds into, completely automated. See for example the US version of shop @ Zanox.

Club @ Zanox is for advertisers who want to leverage the retention value of coupon and cash-back/incentive/loyalty sites. While coupons creatives can be created by any advertisers, does club @ zanox provide some special features that cater to advertisers who want to create special deals and agreements with the individual coupon or loyalty site.

Look @ SEM is for advertisers who encourage and support paid search affiliates who do pay-per-click advertising on behalf of the advertisers on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN, Ask and others. The "Look@" platform provides special tracking features that allows accepted affiliates to see the actual ROI and conversion of their PPC ads down to the keyword level. Part of Look @ SEM is also Look @ Landingpages, which is currently in closed beta that allows search affiliates to track and improve their own landing pages.

Mail @ payTip and Fundrasing @ Zanox are additional specialized modules for the advertisers who embrace the power of personal recommendations or in case of Fundrasing @ are a non-profit organization who would like to increase the amount of donations and funds raised for their cause by applying the power of affiliate marketing to their effords.

The Zanox Global Alliance Partner (GAP) model provides a two-tier tracking platform that allows cross-channel tracking and reporting across multiple other third party networks (e.g. CPA Networks or Advertising Networks) as well as campaigns hosted by other affiliate networks.

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