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Email Marketing Resources

Guides and Tips to Email Marketing and Email Analytics

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Free eBooks to Email Marketing

See also: Legal Resources, Laws and Regulations that affect internet marketers, anti spam laws like CAN-SPAM, Trademarks laws and guides, Copyright, fair-use, DMCA and more.

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Landing Page Optimization and Conversion Improvement

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  • Landing Page Optimization Tested - How To Create "Sticky" Landing Pages, a case study on how to increase performance of landing pages that was conducted by
  • Optimizing Landing Pages 2006 - How making changes to a few key elements can increase landing page conversions by 40% or more. Two part study conducted by Also see Part 2.
  • How to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate - an Interview with Stefan Tornquist, Metrics Editor, MarketingSherpa, Inc. at
  • Long Copy vs. Short Copy Tested - a study conducted by What impact can the length of your sales copy have upon your website's conversion ratio? What are the advantages of long copy and short copy? What are the ten key guidelines to keep in mind when evaluating your site copy?


Tools and Services

Google's Website Optimizer - Free multivariate testing tool provided by Google to optimize landing pages for PPC traffic. What converts well for PPC should help convert Email too, even though the one is "pull" and the other "push" marketing.
Split Test Accelerator - Split testing tool for landing page improvement - Multivariate testing service to optimize the conversion of your website. - A/B Split tests, multivariate tests, Ad Network tests, landing page tests and cross-selling tests by marketing professionals.
FutureNow, Inc. - persuation and conversion consulting by the brothers Eisenberg plus tons of related resources available free or for purchase.
ClickPath - Track your email campaigns online and offline conversion with ClickPaths patent pending tracking technology that can track a sale back to an email newsletter, even if the customer decides to call your toll-free number to make the purchase over the phone rather than online.


Multi Channel Merchant a print and web publication for multi channel direct marketers.
Direct Magazine - provides marketing professionals with a superior level of business intelligence about direct marketing, through complete case studies of successful strategies and original research on critical marketplace issues.

See also my list of Internet Marketing Blogs to various topics, such as web analytics, copywriting, email marketing, search, social media, internet law, performance marketing and online advertising.

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Email Marketing Training and Certification

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Sign up for the Free Internet Marketing Newsletter by Marketing Experiments. Your free subscription will give you full access to two interactive web clinics per month plus bi-monthly research briefs.

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Email Marketing Solutions and Services

Enterprise Email Marketing Solutions

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Epsilon Interactive now owner of DartMail formerly a service by DoubleClick US, also owns Abacus Email Services which was part of Abacus Database Marketing Services, which was fully integrated into the Epsilon line of direct marketing services
CheetahMail - Email Marketing Service and Web Site Analytics (SiteClarity) - CheetahMail is an Experian Company. The cost for the solution are usually $5,000+ per month.
GetResponse Turn-key email marketing service, autoresponders, conversion tracking by Implix
SilverPOP provides complete, cost-effective permission email marketing solutions. Customers have the choice between ASP (Application Services Provider) or Full Service. CPM $0.02-$0.12 per Email.
EmailLabs - High Performance Email Marketing Software, Solutions and Services. Cost around $500 per month.
Yesmail by Donnelly Marketing - From full service e-mail solutions to self-service ASP to hybrid models, no matter what your e-mail marketing needs are, Yesmail offers a complete portfolio of services to satisfy those needs. The fee (CPM) is about $0.25 per email.
StormPost by Datran Media (aquired from SkyList) who also offers a customer management solution called adLoyalty and an affiliate marketing network called NetMargin. The Datran Media solution costs about $25,000 for the software licence or $2,500 to $10,000 per month for the hosted ASP version.
Bronto Software at, contact lists, newsletters, surveys and other email communication. Management via easy to use and cross browser compatible user interface. Special feature. Option to upload images used in the email to Bronto who partnered with Akamai to enable fast and reliable image and file delivery to receiptients world wide. Cost: > $1,000 per month.
e-Dialog at is an enterprise email marketing solution provider for medium and large companies. Fee is $8,000 per month and up, depending on volume and level of service needed.
Campaigner and CampaignerPro Email marketing solutions by GOT Corporation. API interface for CRM integration, integration, Returnpath support. - Enterprise email list management and email delivery service. Features include: dedicated IPs & domains, fast delivery, image hosting, extreme targeting and tracking, advanced personalization, real-time data import and more. The cost for the solution starts at $450 per month.
Acxiom Digital's digital marketing platform IMPACT™ includes an enterprise email marketing campaign mangement solution that consists of two major modules, Campaign Manager and Analytics Workstation. Acxiom's solution is designed for cross channel marketing. The company acquired one of the leading email marketing service providers, Digital Impact in 2006 and integrated their solution into its own platform.

Total Internet Marketing & Web Promotion Solutions

Small and Mid-size Email Marketing Solutions

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LogoDescription - Unlimited Autoresponders, Follow Ups, Newsletters, and Toll-Free Expert Customer Service with 8+ Years of Experience. Their service starts at $19/month for up to 500 subscribers.
Savicom Email Marketing - Do you want to build your own Opt In mailing list for your web site? Savicom is the solution for you. SC offers database tools and automated CANSPAM compliance tools to create custom e-mails on the fly and be CANSPAM compliant. A wide range of pricing options are available, giving you the extra bit of flexibility and cost-efficiency you need. Starting at $19+/Month.
IntelliContact (iContact) email list management software. Start sending personalized email newsletters to your prospects and customers today. 15 day free trial.
Vertical Response - Self-Service Direct Marketing with easy to use Interface. CPM $0.15/EMail and less.
Constant Contact® - Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing®. Web-based email marketing service. 60 Days free Trial. Cost: $15+/month.
Net Atlantic - is a Lyris powered email service offering user-friendly tools to create, send and track email campaigns. Cost per subscriber/month start between $0.10 and $0.25 and gets cheaper with higher subscriber numbers. Frequency of mailers is only limited by bandwidth available per month and additional fees are due if the set monthly limit is exceeded. Setup fees are $35 and a 15 days free trial is available too.
eWay Direct - full- service ESP (E-Messaging Service Provider). Products: Direct|Connect, Direct|Delivery and Indirect|Campaigner. - E-mail services and list management as well as E-mail analytics. The solution consists of a suite of three products, List Builder, eShop (eMail templates) and AccuTrak (analytics). Starting at $18 per month. is a list broker and service provider who uses Lyris List Manager as basis and integrates with MS SQL Server and other database platforms. Cost to manage your emails campaings via Delivra is $60+ per month. interactive database marketing system to create online coupon programs, advertising email campaigns and surveys. Provides multi-faceted reports, list management, hosting and delivery tracking for about $0.01 per Email. by Viper Logic Corp. Manage email campaigns and lists, design emails, import emails, track your campaigns. Starts at $19.95 per month. Free 30 days trial is available.
Dundee Mail List Services is a list hosting provider with focus on smaller lists and the cost effective management of then. The service starts at about $40 per month, but additional and premium serivces are also available. Dundees email list services are based on Lyris email list management software.

Increase your Landing Pages conversion by up to 55%, instantly!

Marketing Sherpa's - Landing Page Handbook 2nd Ed. 

New and Improved Second Edition Now Available!
Ecommerce landing pages convert on average 2% of their receiving traffic. If you convert better than that great, but there is still room for improvement. If you convert less, there is definitely the need for improvement. Do you want to increase conversion of your landing pages by up to 55%?

The Landing Page Handbook is a step-by-step Guide with Data & Design Guidelines, over 110 real-life campaign samples that can serve as template for you and over a dozen Eyetracking Study heatmaps that show you how human eyes actually "see" (and not see) landing pages. It comes with over 50 useful stats & data charts and has over 50% more content overall than the 1st edition of the handbook.

Marketing Sherpa's - Landing Page Handbook 2nd Ed. The Handbook is designed to optimize the following types of campaigns:
  • B2B lead-generation campaigns
  • Paid Search (PPC) and Organic Search (SEO) Marketing Campaigns
  • Online display ads, Television and radio campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns

The price tag of $497 for this Guide is not low compared to general main-steam books that are available at your favorite book store, but the content of this book is not main-stream.

It does not just vaguely explain what you could do, but specific and very clear real-life proven steps you just have to follow as presented and you will see the results instantly.

You might recoup the cost for the book in virtually no-time whatsoever, and the increased sales could continue and pay for the book multiples times.

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Email Marketing Desktop and Server Software

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EchoMail email marketing solutions, EchoMail Direct for direct marketers and EchoMail Business Intelligence for web analytics and tracking of in-bound and out-bound email. Pricing is based on number of users and cost $10,000 and up based on the solution. Price can be as high as $2,000,000.
Arial Software at - campaign enterprise software, including "Fusion" and "Array" for large personalized email campaigns. Cost about $20,000 for the enterprise version. For medium size company offer the company "Email Marketing Director" (about $1,000)
Dynamic Mail Communicator - a Automated direct email marketing & bulk email marketing software by Apex Pacific. Supports mutlile SMTP settings, stores mailing lists, catch bounces, optional tracking features and more.
Lyris ListManager - software for creating, sending, and tracking highly effective email campaigns and newsletters. Additional Services offered by Lyris are EmailAdvisor, ListHosting, MailShield, MailEngine and MTA Monitor. Cost $60+

Mailloop by the Internet Marketing Center is a business automation software (email newsletters and autoresponders) Effective Email Marketing and Newsletter Software for Opt-in Mailing List.

Open Source

OpenEMM industrial-strength enterprise software for professional e-mail newsletters and e-mail marketing, but the enterprise strength does not come with an enterprise price tag, because it is free. The website and documentation is unlike most open source projects. Everything is much more designed like a professional product that is geared towards professionals, not geeks.

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Email Marketing Special Tools and Services

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LogoDescription - Blast Wizard for automated Email marketing. Features EBM, an intelligent tool that analyses bounced emails and determines if chances if a success for delivery during a second attempt are good or unlikely. In case of the latter would the solution send the info about the bounce back to the advertiser to decide what to do (e.g. opt-out the email). by Digital River -eMarketing suite email deliverability management and analytics services ($500+). Also available a revenue share model as alternative. Data on email deliverability, bounces and emails received (versus caught by ISP spam filters). Blue Hornet is a Partner of PivotalVeracity.
Dynamic Email Validator can verify and clean up mailing list and avoiding Bounce-back / Undelivered emails from your mail box.
StrongMail - email delivery software and email services like a Delivery Audit
Bruce Clay, Inc. Email Marketing Tools - a collection of numerous helpful tools at

eCOA - eMail Change of Address Services

eMail Change of Address - eCOA by ReturnPath (patented)- Changed your Email? Keep your Contacts - a fully permission-based way for businesses to track down customers new email addresses while also allowing consumers to search for friends and families new email addresses free of charge.
eMail Change of Address Service for Advertisers by Experian

Compliance Monitoring and Unsubscriber Management

LogoDescription - CAN-SPAM compliance monitoring service to make sure that your partners are in compliance. Gain control rather than act when it is already too late. - manage your supression/unsubscriber list across all your commercial email channels, including across affiliate partner emails. - "Do Not Email" Opt-out management solution for multichannel advertisers by DirectTrack to ensure that you remain CAN-SPAM compliant.

Email Template Design Services

LogoDescription offers email design and copywriting services to marketers and merchants wo do not have the resources in-house. Rate is about $100/hour, minimum order is $150.

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Other Email Marketing Provider Lists and Directories

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In case that you did not find the right email marketing services provider listed on my site, check out the following lists and directories of vendors, services and solution providers for email list management and marketing.

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Books and Guides to Email Marketing

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Here is a selection of Books to Email Marketing and Email Marketing Analytics, Metrics and how to archieve Sales and Marketing Goals with the help of Email.

E-Mail Marketing
I own this myself
E-Mail Marketing - Using Email to Reach Your Target Audience
and Build Customer Relationships
by Jim Sterne and Anthony Priore

Buy E-Mail Marketing
Advanced Email Marketing
I own this myself
Advanced Email Marketing
Using Email to achieve Sales
and Marketing Goals. The book
also includes some Email
Analytics Metrics,
written by Jim Sterne

buy Advanced Email Marketing
Sign Me Up! Sign Me Up! - A marketer's guide
to creating email newsletters
that build relationships and
boost sales. Written by Return Path Books: Matt Blumberg, Michael Mayor, Stephanie A. Miller and
Tami Monahan Forman

Buy Sign Me Up!

Email Marketing Guide
I own this myself
Email Marketing Benchmark Guide
Real life open-rate, click through,
conversion, list size, and budgeting
numbers and figures for email
marketers and analysts. Freebies:
An Intro (mp3 audio) by Editorial
Director Stefan Tornquist and this 27 pages excerpt

Email Marketing Guide

Landing Page Handbook 2nd Edition
I own this myself
Landing Page Handbook New and extended 2nd Edition. The Handbook to improve your landing page conversion rate up to 55%.

buy Landing Page Handbook 2nd Edition

Best Practices in Email Marketing Handbook
by MarketingSherpa, includes 80 SherpaTips, 150+ creative samples, 86 email Case Studies and 8 Email Marketing Audit Checklists. Increase your click rates by up to 55%, Improve conversions by up to 158%.

Download the free executive Summary (pdf)

buy Best Practices in Email Marketing Handbook
Actionable Insights into E-Mail Marketing Actionable Insights into
E-Mail Marketing

by Direct Marketing

buy Actionable Insights into E-Mail Marketing
Best Practices in Marketing with Email Newsletters Best Practices in Marketing with Email Newsletters

buy Best Practices in Marketing with Email Newsletters
I own this myself
Our Last Best Chance to Defeat Spammers, Scammers & Hackers
by Danny Goodman

buy SPAM WARSI wrote a review for this book. Read it!
How to Get Your Permission Email Past Filters How to Get Your Permission Email Past Filters by MarketingSherpa
includes the Handbook, 2 Audio CDs and Transcript of CDs

buy How to Get Your Permission Email Past Filters

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