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Resources for Non-MS SQL Server DBMS Solutions

Table of Contents

  1. Non-MS SQL Server DBMS Solutions and Resources
  2. MySQL Server
  3. PostgreSQL

Non-MS SQL Server DBMS Solutions and Resources

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DB2 - IBM's premiere database management system
EMPRESS Embedded Database for Unix, Linux and Windows
Informix Dynamic Server - product of the IBM data servers family
Ingres - Business Open Source Database for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and OpenVMS
Interbase from Borland and Borland InterBase OpenSource.
Oracle Database. Current Version is Oracle Database 10g
Progress DataDirect, EasyAsk, DataXtend, and ObjectStore data management solutions
Supra DBMS Server by Cincom
ACS Sybase SQL Servers / NCSU Sybase from North Carolina State University - The knowledge Center for Oracle Professionals

Catalog of Free Database Systems (FTP)

mSQL - Mini SQL by Hughes Technologies
GNU SQL Server free relatational database management system. SQL89 compatible (and some SQL92)
Mariposa - Distributed Database Management System. Research project at the University of California at Berkeley

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MySQL Server

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MySQL Server - Homepage, Downloads, Support
MySQL Documentation
MySQL Basics -- A Helpful MySQL Tutorial by The Analysis and Solutions Company
Setting Up a MySQL Based Website - Part I (on Linux) - Tutorial at
mySQL at - MySQL Help, MySQL Tutorials, MySQL Programming, MySQL Tricks

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Return to SQL Server Resources Home - Home of PostgreSQL (formerly Postgres95)
PostgreSQL, Inc. at - PostgreSQL Support
PostgreSQL FAQ
PostgreSQL User Manual at and Manuals for Download
PostgreSQL Tutorial at
PostgreSQL Technical documentation
PostgreSQL Books List at
Optimizing Postgresql Article by Ericson Smith at

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