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Link Building Strategy

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How Linkable is Your Blog Post is an interactive questionaire with detailed explainations provided by Google Blogoscope to determine how "linkable" your blog post(s) is(are).
101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website by Aaron Wall and Any Hagans
66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 by Brandon Hopkins
Link Value Factors - 40 factors evaluated and ranked by 17 SEO experts, published by Wiep Knol
Five Link Development Experts: A Group Interview, conducted by Rae Hoffman from, published in March 2007. Following link building experts took part: Eric Ward (Link Moses), Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz, Roger Montti (Martinibuster), Todd Malicoat from Stuntdubl and Rae Hoffman (Suggarrae) herself.
11 Experts on Link Development Speak Out from January, 2008 is the sequel to the previous post by Rae Hoffman at

Long List of Link Searches by Rand Fishkin - He demonstrates based on a real example the process of searching (and finding) high quality link acquisition targets.

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Tools and Services to improve Link Popularity / Link Building

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ARELIS Link Building and Monitoring Software by Axandra - Free Demo Download + free link popularity eBook - Buy Text Links (you can buy links for this site)
Manage links with; editor-based link data management application service. 30 Days Free Trial.
GoLexa Search Tool - The Search Tool with Complete Page Analysis for each Result and much more
Link Authority Tool is a free authority link checker and hub finder tool by Suma Tools that helps to find authority hubs that might be potential link sources for you.

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Ranking Analysis Tools

Return to Search Engine Optimization Resources Home detecting search keywords for which a site is ranked high.
Keyword Ranking Monitor Search Engine Keyword Tracker & Keyword Ranking Tool by Digital Point
AB Ranking Tool (DE) - German Ranking Tool for German Search Engines. by Velocityscape. Determine top ranking Keywords & Phrases for any Website at (Beta) by Velocityscap. The sequel to loaded with new features and packed with over twenty times more data - Your Ranking in Google for a Keyword (scans up to pos. 1,000, Google API Key required)
   -  Mass Domain Search for parallel check of up to 10 domains
   -  Mass Keyword Search for parallel check of up to 10 keywords monitor organic rankings in Google for 10 keywords/urls and 1 months free or 75 keywords/urls and 6 months of data for $9 per month.
Yahoo! Site Explorer - Site Explorer allows you to explore all the web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search
Cool SEO Tool by WeBuildPages Check Yahoo! Rank and MSN Rank, Indexed Pages in Google and Yahoo!, Back Links, All-In anchor rank, Domain Age, Phrase Count.
Special Google Search - shows Ranking in front of results but not as much information as original Google SERPs.
Keyword Verification by Market Leap. KV checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a specific keyword. - egoSurf finds your blogs or website ranking in google and provides an egoScore

Search Engine Saturation by Market Leap. Tool to determine the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain.

List of Google Datacenters - IP's and Hostname of the many Google Datacenters
Scroogle Tool to compare ranking of a page for a key phrase at over 20 Google Datacenters
Yahoo Results Scraper at; includes Yahoogle feature to see the same sites rank in Google.
Google Dance query Google's 3 main web servers.

Note: There are no monthly Google Dances anymore. Google is now constantly "dancing", but you can still use this tool to check for differences in Ranking at the different main Google Datacenters.

If you are more interested in the traffic, ranking and search activities of your competition, check the Competitive Intelligence tools, services and resources.
If you want to do intensive keyword research for your paid search or SEO campaign or if you are a webmaster that monetizes his websites via contextual advertising like Google AdSense or Yahoo! Publisher Program, check the extensive Keyword Research Resources at

Alexa Website Statistics - Traffic Analysis and Ranking based on Alexa Toolbar Stats
Alexa Rank Comparison Tool get Traffic History Graph for any Site

Page Strength Tool - A Search Engine Optimization Metric by Matt Inman and Rand Fishkin

Free Monitor for Google Windows Desktop Tool by Free Download.
Accurate Monitor for Search Engines Desktop SE Monitor Software available at Uses Google and Yahoo API, Tracks organic and PPC Results. $100-$150 License. 30 Days free trial available.
Web Ranking by ApexPacific; Search Engine Ranking and Web Site Position tool
FastSearch - Surveillance and Enforcement Services (among much more Search Releated Services) - See Google Data Center SERPs ( and how they look for users from different countries.

Also check the complete SEO Software Packages that include Ranking Analysis, Linking Campaign, Keyword Research Tools and more. The SEO Browser Plugins and Extensions for Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox are also noteworthy.

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PageRank™ Tools

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Website Google PageRank Overlay - Browse any website and view the Google PR of all the links at once.
PageRank Search search Google and display the PageRank™ next to each resulting answer
PageRank Lookup check Google PageRank™ for a list of URLs
PageRank Updates by RSS - RSS that only updates when PageRank updates
Future PageRank query Google's various data-centers to check for any changes in PageRank™

PageRank Display On Your Website

My PageRank Google PageRank™, backlinks and link popularity tools. Add a PageRank™ and/or backlinks icon to your own website. Additional tools include a sitemap generator and broken link checker. Check the PageRank™ for any URL or add a PR icon to your website that shows the current PageRank™ of the loaded page in a nice graphical format.

Google PageRank Prediction Tool
here at Check 10 URLs at once. Free!

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Back Links/Outbound Links Analysis

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Backlinks anchor text analyzer - by - Free and web based
Site Link Analyzer find outbound links and their associated anchor text
PageRank Checker For Your Backlinks by Smart Page Rank, shows back links to your website and the PageRank of the linking page, the anchor text used for the links and if the link is nofollow'ed or not.
Deep Link Calculator incoming back-links to a specific page within the website vs Homepage
Back Link Analyzer 2.0 Desktop Tool for Windows (Google API Key for Google Back Links Analysis is required)
Link Harvester by SEO Book (Web Version). PHP Source Code is available.
Wikipedia Linksearch - Find all links to your domain within Wikipedia.
C Class Backlink Analyzer by The online tool investigates the links pointing to a website (backlinks), and groups them according to the C-Class IP addresses they come from.
Internet (SEO) Marketing Tool by WeBuildPages that generates a detailed report on many search engine-related factors for the provided URL (page). It shows also one way links and some stats for them. You require a Google API key (mandatory input) and have to provide it to the tool, due to the extensive checks it performs.
Bad Neighborhood Text Link Checker Tool that checks outbound links for a provided URL and scans the destination pages for partial words in anchortext of their links that are usually associayed with bad neighborhood sites. IT checks how many links are on the destination page (detect potential link farms), indicates server side redirects and if a large percentage of inbound links to that page come from blogs compared to other sites. The results are meant to be used for guideance and not absolute.
TouchGraph Google Browser reveals the network of connectivity between websites, as reported by Google's database of related sites in a graphical format (Java App). They also provide a tool for and to visualize relationships and linking patterns. is an online tool (Firefox extension is also available) to research backlinks and their quality to your or your competitors web pages. is a online tool for backlink and domain analysis. It also has a Firefox plugin available.

Link Popularity Query all the major search engines and then return the total link count for each the PageRank Search Engine. Link Popularity, Google and Yahoo! Position Search, Keywords and PR Checker.
Link popularity check by Market Leap is one of the best ways to quantifiably and independently measure your website's online awareness and overall visibility.

Notes to Link Verification and Ranking Checks on Search Engines

Most search engines support the "link:" command (enter "link:" in the search box), which returns back links to a specific page. The back link count that is being returned is often only an estimation, also are most search engines not return all the links to the page that is known to them. Links that are irrelevant for ranking and nofollow links are often excluded.

Google and Yahoo have special Webmaster Portals, where information are being made available to the website owner. More accurate back links data for example. Google even provides very detailed data abound internal links and back links to pages of your website with anchor text and source, for download.

The file format of these downloads is CSV and in at least one case is Google using delimiters within the delimited file again. I created a flexible converter tool for the Google Webmaster Central Downloads, which is also available as API for automation.

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Link and Banner Exchange Tools and Services

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Be careful with this kind of link building, because it could hurt your ranking in the search engine instead of helping you. Don't use the tools and services below, if you have a new site. I suggest to use other methods to build inbound links to your site instead. The services below might make sense for sites that are a bit older and existing inbound links that were developed naturaly over time. In this cases could the tools and services may be add some benefits to your overall link building efforts.

Link Appeal - calculate the desirability to have your link on a specific URL. Factors include PageRank, Number of outbound Links, # of Links to HTML Ratio.
Link Price Calculator - determine the approximate amount you should be paying (or charging) per month for a text link on a specific URL.

Web Site Link Visibility from Network Solutions. Build Links to Your Web Site and Improve Your Search Ranking!
FreeHits2000 - Link and Banner Exchange Network
Co-op Advertising Network - Free Ad Network by Digital Point.
Link Capture - Build a Stroong Network of Link Partners
Dynamic Link Promoter by ApexPacific - maintain your reciprocal links
Microsoft LinkExchange - Surfpoint Directory at

You should also check my Press Release Newswire Services and Resources, because Press Releases are a great way to get quality inbound links in addition to the benefit that you let people know about new and exciting stuff that happens with your business, which they might would not know about otherwise.

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