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AvantLink Product Data API Introduction


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The relatively small and not so well known affiliate network with the name AvantLink launched quietly and without much fanfare, their new tools for affiliate publisher called the "AvantLink API Module" (Beta). AvantLink soft-launched their API in beta on June 13, 2007 already, that is over one month ago.

Here is a quote from David Clark, the CTO:

"Our API is platform-independent," says AvantLink CTO David Clark. "We've opened up our system to the Affiliates rather than locking them into a "boxed" feature set. For instance, if an Affiliate doesn't like the formatting of our Product Display Builder tool, they could essentially construct their own via the API." he adds.

The underdog of the affiliate networks was always very technical focused and provided great tools to their publishers to make their lives easier. It makes it easier by allowing them to automate the repetitive processes, focus on things like figuring out new ways to promote a merchant or actually work only four hours per week, and still make a five-figure income every month (a hidden reference to the best-selling book by Timothy Ferris).

The Highlights

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The API provides an advanced interface to access reporting, product and ad campaign data with multiple filter- and output options.

The API provides flexible access to the Affiliate Reports and RSS, Campaign Links, Product Price Checker and Product Search; Merchant and Merchant Parent Reports and RSS and last but not least APIs for the Admin Report and the Deal of the Day feature.

AvantLink kept the API simple and does not use any of the fancy XML and Web Services technology such as SOAP, REST or XML-RPC; although XML is one of the possible output formats if you prefer to work with XML data rather than CSV documents, tab delimited data or HTML.

Requests are being made via simple HTTP (it is in other words just a link that has all the parameters and your account credentials embedded), that even intermediate programmers will be able to handle it.

None technical folks will appreciate the easy and much faster access to important information to pull data quickly in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel too. AvantLink even provides some sample source codes to get you going quickly.

The Tools

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The AvantLink API is a useful additions to their existing set of tools for publishers, such as:

  • Datafeed Manager
  • Product Display Builder Tool
  • Custom Link Builder Tool
  • Dynamic Coupon Feed
  • Coupon Feed Syndication Tool
  • Deal Of The Day Tool
... See AvantLink Tool Center.

AvantLink has today about 50 merchants in their network, including several well-known brands, such as, Outdoors, Moosejaw, Backcountry Outlet, and It's may be worthwhile for you to have a look at their offerings, for affiliates but also merchants who would like to work with vendor who understands the needs of affiliates and provides to them what they want and need.

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