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Geo Targeting Information and Resources for SEO and SEM/PPC

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Local Search - Online Yellowpages and Local Search Engines

Local Search Services

Google Maps - Local Search beyond Driving Directions. Get your Business listed at Google Local Search here. Google Local Search is part of Google Maps and Google StreetView and results are also used for localized searches at as part of Google's new "Universal Search" feature.
Yahoo! Local - The Local Search Engines from Yahoo! Get listed here

Yahoo! Enhanced Local Listing (Geo Targeted Ads), the affordable, effective way to promote your business to qualified prospects in your area.
Live Search Maps, formerly known as Live/MSN Local Search, Microsoft's Local Search Engine, Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D. Get listed via Localeze here True Local is a search engine that is specialized in local search of businesses. It's business directory contains over 14 million entries for the United States and Canada alone. Get listed here or here is also a business directory and local search engines who operates next to it's main property the mobile search engines LocalConnect, Local Mobile and SMS Local. For listing options at check here is one of the oldest local search engines on the Internet. It is owned by IAC today, who also owns the general search engine Local Search is also powered by the content of CitySearch. CitySearch is primarily focused on local recreation and fun, such as, shopping, fine dining, night clubs, bars and movie entertainment. You can enroll your business to be listed at CitySearch and Ask Local via this form.

Specialized Local Search Engines and Directories

Judy's Book - What's on sale near you? Coupons, Sales and Deals in your neighborhood.
Insider Pages - The Inside Scoop on Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Dentists, Preschools, Spas, and More. - Restaurant and Hotel Reviews by real people, actual customers and patrons of the local establishments.

Important Data Providers for Local SE and Yellowpages

LogoDescription - Data Provider for SBC SmartPages, AOL Yellowpages, Yahoo Yellow Pages and more. Register
Acxiom - Provides Data to Verizon SuperPages, MSN Yellow Pages, InfoSpace and others. Get Listed enables a business to create a Master Business Profile™, which can then be distributed to a large number of local search and yellow pages website across the Internet. If you make a change to your master profile, that change will also be distributed to the various YP providers automatically. Register your business here.

Online Yellowpages

LogoDescription - Get your business listed here - Get listed with here is another popular online yellowpages sites, but it gets its data provided by Acxiom (see listings a paragraph above for details and submission URL).

The Who is Who of Data Providers and Online Yellow Pages & Local Search Engines

Search ServiceData Provider
Google LocalInfoUSA
Yahoo! LocalInfoUSA
IYP ServiceData Provider
Yahoo Yellow PagesInfoUSA
Lycos Yellow PagesAcxiom
Verizon SuperPagesAcxiom
SBC SmartPagesInfoUSA
Bell South Real PagesAcxiom
Dogpile Yellow PagesAcxiom
WebCrawler Yellow PagesAcxiom
MSN Yellow PagesAcxiom
A9 Yellow PagesAcxiom
AOL Yellow PagesInfoUSA
Excite Yellow PagesAcxiom

Data provided by Brad Geddes from Details as of November, 2005, but I updated providers where I noticed a change or was made aware of it.

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Blogs and Other Resources to Local Search

  GEOLocal Blog
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Geo/IP and Customer Targeting in PPC

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Google AdWords and MS AdCenter have build-in Support of Regional Targeting within their Standard Services. Yahoo!'s new launched "Panama" Search Marketing Platform now supports Geo-Targeting as well.
(List of PPC Search Engines).

Google Trends (see Keyword Research Tools) is also a very helpful tool to gain insight about targeted keywords and phrases and the top cities, regions and languages in which they are used in searches.

GEO Targeting or IP Targeting is the new frontier of PPC search marketing. It is supported since early 2006 by MSN/Microsoft AdCenter, mid 2006 by Google AdWords and end of the year 2006 by Yahoo!'s new PPC Search Marketing Platform dubbed "Panama".

(Note of the side: The re-launch of Yahoo! Search Marketing at the end of 2006 (Panama Update) introduced the most comprehensive changes to its PPC services since it's acquisition of Overture at the end of 2003.)

IP Targeting itself is nothing new for Internet marketing in general. It has been used for years to provide different content dynamically to website visitors depending on their location.

You can find a list of Geo-IP Databases from different providers further down below on this page

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The IP and TCP Internet Protocols - TCP/IP

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IP stands for "Internet Protocol" and is the communication protocol used for ALL communication on today's Internet. There wouldn't be an Internet as we know it today without IP. It is actually the Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) which is in use today. See this excellent article at Wikipedia about IPv4 if you would like to learn more about the history and technical background of IPv4.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the upper layer protocol and guarantees reliable and in-order delivery of sender-to-receiver data. TCP, like IP, is part of the Internet protocol suite. It is usually referred to as TCP/IP when someone is talking about the Internet Communication Protocol, because the two protocols always work in conjunction with each other when two entities on the Internet communicate or exchange data with each other.

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GEO Targeting, IP Analysis for Webmasters

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IP2Location™ is an award-winning solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location ie. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name using a proprietary ip address lookup database and technology without invading Internet user's privacy.
In addition to IP Targeting Solutions offers Hexasoft Development also the FraudLabs Credit Card Fraud Prevention System and Web Serivces.
GeoIP® Products by MaxMind®. Offers purchase and monthly update subscription for Country Database, Region, City, Metro Code/Zip Code, Organization (corporate networks/ISP for home users), ISP, Netspeed (estimates of connection speeds Dial-up, Cable/DSL and Corporate/T1 Speeds), Domain Name Databases are available and can be purchased and subscribed to individually.
IP Address Toolkit by IToolPad - Effective IP Address Lookup and Management. Use IP Address Toolkit to obtain qualitative information about your web visitors, target the right customers and analyze the traffic patterns.
ZipCode World provides comprehensive databases based on zip codes, geographical information like latitude, longitude and elevation, FIPS code, time zone and daylight savings flag. The Gold version also includes statistical data of the population. The databases do not include IP information, which makes it only interesting as supplemental source for advanced local targeting. You cannot use their databases for IP delivery!

For Webmasters that are interested in IP Delivery based on Search Engine Spiders and not actual Users, check out my Webmaster Technical Tools Resources.

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