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Marketing Sherpa's - Search Marketing Benchmark Report 2009-10

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

You don't know where to begin with your organic search optimization efforts for your website? See: 11 Steps to Successful Search Engine Optimization and Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, two articles by Carsten Cumbrowski here at that were written specifically for people like you. The articles below are also helpful to get you started.

SEO - Where to Begin? a video introduction to the basics of search engine optimization by
Guide to Learning Search Engine Optimization - Article by Aaron Wall for
What Is Search Engine Optimization? by Jennifer Laycock, Editor at Search Engine Guide
Introducing SEO - Article by Dave Child, 12/5/2003.
SEO 101 article by Michael Bluejay at
The Basics of Search Engine Optimization by Philipp Lenssen, 01/2007 Google Blogoscope
Guide to Search Engine Optimization By C. J. Newton, January 25, 2007 at
Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization by Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz (Word Doc, OpenOffice Text)
This begnners guide (V1.0) is looking at SEO from a more technical, webmaster perspective and how users will perseive things at the search engines and your website.

Rand Fishkin is currently rewriting the SEOMoz SEO Beginner's Guide (V2.0) step by step. The final guide will have nine parts plus an apendix. Here are the pieces he published so far. Search Engine Optimization Tutorials at SEM basics, SEO 101, Google ranking, web design best practices, keyword research, on-site factors optimization and linkbuilding
Search Engine Optimization - Step by step guide by SEO veteran Bruce Clay.

Free SEO Course Offering Expert Training - Overestimating Domain Authority by Tetsuto Yabuki (aka Halfdeck) from

Training and Certification as Search Engine Marketer
Are you new to search engine optimization or seacrch marketing and paid search? Are you interested in a career in this industry? You can get professional training and certification and call yourself a search engine marketer very soon. There are a number of choices from real life seminars, online training sessions and self-paste speed, do-it-yourself learning kits to do it in the evening or weekends after your current day job.
Read more....

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SEO Self Diagnostic of your Site

Search Engine Optimization Self Diagnostic Diagnostics is an online tool that is helping you self-diagnose your website and to determine yourself, if there are potential problems with it.

Only Free Tools Used
The site uses only tools that are freely awailable and provided by the search engines themselves and explains how to understand each of the checks that are part of the self diagnostic check-list.

Explainations and Troubleshouting Guides
The site also provides a number of helpful articles and guides to troubleshout specific problems a website might has, from duplicate content problems, site navigation, penalties, bad neighborhood association, bulk update related problems and much more.

Further Resources
It does not only point out possible issues, but also provides resolutions for them and a list of resources that allow you to go into a subject in greater detail, if necessary.

A basic technical understanding and HTML knowledge is required!

Start Self-Diagnostic

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Search Engine Optimization Blogs and News Portals

SEO Blogger Communities

Search Engine Journal - SEO blog/news with several editors with Chief Edior Loren Baker
Search Engine Roundtable by Barry Schwartz. Search engine marketing news portal at
Google Blogoscope - SEO blog and forums by Philipp Lenssen at search engine marketing and optimization news, resources and blog by Third Door Media (Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman, Barry Schwartz and a large number of other writers) - search marketing news portal, blog and video blog (vlog)
SEW Blog SEO, SEM, Contextual Advertising, Search Engine News at
Search Engine Guide by Jennifer Laycock. Search Engine News, Articles, Blog and Directory
Search Marketing Gurus - SEM blog by Liana "Li" Evans and the writers Greg Meyers, Alex Cohen, Karl Ribas and Michael Abolafia.
YOUmoz - the user generated SEO blog created by SEOmoz readers at
Search Engine News at by Planet Ocean Communications Inc. with experienced SEOs like John Heard and others. The site is a paid member based service, but some of the content is accessible for free.

Competitive Intelligence and Competitor Analysis Resources, Tools and Services for Organic and Paid PPC Search Activities, Traffic, Keyword Bidding, Ranking and more. Also see my list of Keyword Research tools.
For Domain Name research visit my Domain Research Resources Page which provides Domain Typo Suggestions and Domain Name Analyser Tools.

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SEO Blogs by Individuals and SEO Companies - Daily SEO news blog owned and operated by Rand Fishkin who has an impeccable reputation in the SEO comunity as a fair and intelligent white hat SEO. SEOMoz specializes in social media optimization and link-bait. His site offers in addition to the blog also a number of SEO tools and other resources.
SEO Book Blog by Aaron and Giovanna Wall. Aaron is the author of the excellent SEO e-Book called, "SEO Book" and frequent speaker at search and other internet marketing related conferences.
SEO by the Sea is the personal SEO Blog by Bill Slawski who is working for Converseon, Editor at Search Engine Land and an authority on search engine patents. He is also a frequent speaker at SEO events to this subject.
David Naylor's professional SEO blog in the United Kingdom. He owns the SEO firm Bronco Internet, is speaker at many industry conferences and is also partner of the educational event series SEO Days. He is co-host of the popular radio show and podcast "Strikepoint" on and known as "recovering" black hat SEO.
Wolf Howl is the name of Michael Gray's aka Graywolf SEO blog. He owns the SEO firm Atlas Web Service and is specialized in SMO, link-bait and blog consulting.
TopRank Blog by social media optimization expert Lee Odden, CEO and owner of TopRank Online Marketing.
The Daily SearchCast Blog and radio show podcast. 30 minutes search marketing news, every week from Monday to Thursday at, brought to you by the "Father of SEO", Danny Sullivan (SEL) SEW provides search engine news, a blog and SEO resources
Stunt Dubl - Gettin' Hit by Traffic ...Not Cars - SEO Blog by Todd Malicoat
SEO Hotline by Ahmed Bilal to teach webmasters and internet marketers some SEO/SEM
Bruce Clay Blog by the staff of the veteran SEO firm Bruce Clay, Inc.

The "inoffical" Search Engine Bloggers , the offical search engine blogs can be found together with the Search Engine Guidelines for Webmasters and SEO and tips for webmasters who's site was banned and removed from the Google search index.

Half's SEO Notebook at is a SEO blog by Tetsuto Yabuki aka Halfdeck.
SEO Black Hat is a black hat SEO blog and private black hat SEO forum
SearchRank Blog - SEO blog by David Wallace, founder and CEO of SearchRank is the SEO and internet marketing blog by Cristian Mezei
SEO Buzz Box Blog by Aaron Pratt about search engine optimization and advanced wizardry is a blog by Patrick Gavin and Andy Hagans about link building and link-bait.
SEOFastStart Blog by Dan Thies from SEO Research Labs, Author of the "Search Engine Marketing Kit".
Cre8asite Blog is the usability and SEO blog by usability expert and consultant Kim Krause Berg who also runs the Cre8asite forums.
SiteProNews Blog by the SiteProNews editors Jim Hedger and Kim Roach by Tara Calishain
Stone Temple Consulting Blog - "Rambling about SEO" by Eric Enge aka "Stonecold"
SEO Egghead by Jaimie Sirovich, author of search engine optimization with PHP.
Irishwonder's Black Hat SEO Blog at and Syndk8 Forums
SEOPitfall Blog by Stephen Pitts, in-house SEO for a travel company.
Yack Yack is a British search marketing blog by Robert Watts
Hawaii SEO Blog by Dave Zuls of Hawaii Online Advertising (No, not ranking #1 for "Aloha")
Eric Ward aka "Link Moses" - white hat link building seo blog is the personal blog of Danny Sullivan, co-owner of Third Door Media, which owns, Search Marketing Expo among other search marketing related sites and projects.
Greg Bosers SEO blog aka Webguerrilla (which is also the name of his SEO company) is a renowned search engine marketing consultant and gray hat SEO.
GoodROI aka Greg Niland, host of the Webmasterradio show "Good Karma".
Wiep Knol SEO Blog at Wiep is specialized in link building and social media optimization.
SEO Scoop is the search related blog by Donna Fontenot
Mr.SEO SEO Blog by Joe Balestrino who also hosts a podcast about SEO (no, not Johnson!) - a "different" SEO Blog by John Andrews
Weekly SEO News by Axandra, the makers of Internet Business Promoter (IBP) and AxROI.
Search Engine Blog - Peter De Vanzo's SEO blog at
SEO Speedwagon SEO Blog by Intrapromote Services
Unofficial SEO Blog provides search engine information, much before it's official. By Navneet Kaushal, Jerry West, Om Prakash Routray and "Caren" is the anti search engine spam blog by Ann Elisabeth Nordbo

Not sure if your site was banned? What is the "Google Sandbox Effect"? To find out the answers to those questions and learn what to do, check my resource Search Engine Ban, Google Sandbox Effect, Poor SEO and Reinclusion Request.

WordTracker Keyword Tool - Free Trial is the home of the personal blog by the SEO Rockstar Todd "Mad Oilman" Friesen, who works for Range SEO as consultant. Carolyn Shelby's personal blog about search marketing, web design and copywriting.
Solo SEO Blog by Michael D Jensen of SoloSEO Tools for Webmasters
Conversations Monetized Blog by Garrett French at
Fresh Egg Blog by Ammon Johns aka Black Knight and Lee Colbran
SEO Theory Blog by Michael Martinez, Director of Search Strategies at 1st Query
Pdxtc Blog by Scott Hendison, an internet marketing consultant and search engine expert from Portland, Oregon.
Out of my Gord SEO blog by Gord Hotchkiss advanced search engine marketing tips to succeed online by Hamlet Batista :). by Jayvee Fernandez provides the news of search.
Small Business SEM by Matt McGee. Because not everyone can throw thousands of dollars at the "How do we market ourselves online?" question at - poorly illustrated SEO insights sprinkled with fart jokes by Patrick Sexton.
SEO Disco by Kid Disco aka CK Chung
SEO Loser - a not so serious Blog about SEO by an anonymous Webmaster
SEOWife - Married to an SEO guy; hence seowife.

Seemingly inactive blogs where moved here.
Not enough blogs? Okay, check out Lee Odden's "Biglist" of internet marketing related blogs.

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SEO/SEM Tradeshow & Conference Blogs

SMX RSS Feed Search Marketing Expo - SMX the New SEO/SEM Event by Danny Sullivan / Calafia Consulting and His new projects after he left
SES RSS Feed Search Engine Strategies Blog (SES Blog) - Blog of the largest SEO/SEM Conference which is helt several times per year all over the world.
PubCon RSS Feed PubCon Blog - The WebmasterWorld PubCon Conference Blog by WebmasterWorld Forums.
FASTforward RSS Feed FASTforward Blog for the "FAST forward" Conference and Expo - the largest conference on the "search-powered" enterprise is sponsored by FAST.
SEO Days SEO Days - Small UK SEO Workshops hosted by Dave Naylor,Greg Boser & Jennifer Slegg
SEO Class SEO Class - Small and hands on SEO Workshops with the SEO industry experts and marketers Rae Hoffman, Todd Malicoat, Greg Niland and Michael Gray

AD:Tech Blog RSS Feed AD:Tech Blog AD:Tech: the premiere worldwide conference and expo for interactive marketing.

See further resources like SEO Books and Magazines, Podcasts, Videos and Internet Radio. Also SEO Training and Certification as well as Industry Events and Headline News.

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Search Engine Optimization Glossaries

The Search Engine Marketing Glossary by Aaron Wall at
EnClick SEO and Internet Marketing Glossary, which is primarily about SEO and paid search, but also covering some terms from other internet marketing subject, such as affiliate marketing.
SEO/SEM GLossary provided by Apogee Search.
Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon at UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops A complete guide to search engine terminology
SEO Glossary of Terms - SEO Acronyms - SEO Abbreviations by
SEO Glossary -The Search Engine Term Wiki by NetConcepts
Modern Information Retrieval Glossary from the textbook "Modern Information Retrieval" by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto. It's comprehensive, but highly academically oriented, though offering the additional bonus of links to other companion resources for the textbook.
Jargon Explained by Dave Child at
Search Engine Marketing jargon buster - Glossary by the net egg

... find more definitions and glossaries via Google definition search for "SEO"

See also
Affiliate Marketing Glossaries, Internet Marketing Glossaries and SEM/Paid Search Glossaries

Find additional resources to SEO, such as other resources websites, newsletters, ezines and article databases for self-learning here at

GoLexa SEO Search Tool

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