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JavaScript Resources - JavaScript Standard ECMAScript by TC39

Table of Contents

Official Specifications and References

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Javascript Reference at mozilla developer center
JavaScript standard ECMAScript by the TC39 committee of the ECMA standards organization at

Core JavaScript Guide 1.5 Chapter 4 - Regular Expressions for Javascript 1.1 and earlier. (Complete Guide)

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Tutorials, Workshops and Resources to JavaScript

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Unobtrusive Javascript Tutorial by Christian Heilmann. Available in english and german language.
Unobtrusive Javascriptt PDF Version of the Unobtrusive Javascript Tutorial
Scripting Articles at Web Developer Resources
ppk on JavaScript - a whole book to Javascript, DOM and CSS available online for free. The book was written by Peter-Paul Koch (2006). ISBN 0321423305

Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax - Sample Code and more
Javascript Tutorial created by Mark "Tarquin" Wilton-Jones
Automatic Page Events in Javascript. A tutorial by Will Bontrager
Building Modules in Javascript and Ajax toolkits
Module Workshops - Tutorials for building CSS, JS and XML (AJAX) modules, from easy to crazy.

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Online Tools, Frameworks and Toolkits

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Overview of the Prototype Javascript Library and Prototype Framework Homepage including Downloads, API Docs, Tutorials, Blog, Developers forum and more. - web 2.0 javascript libary
Cross-Browser DHTML - Code Generator for Setting CSS1 Properties from JavaScript
JSDoc - JavaScript Documentation Tool. JSDOC Full Online Documentation and Reference.
DOJO Toolkit an Overview and Introduction to Building Modules based on DOJO

JavascriptCompressor - converts your code into a self-decoding function to compress and protect your JS Code
Greasemonkey Firefox extension to add bits of "user scripts" to any web page to change its behavior

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JavaScript and Document Object Model (DOM) Books

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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide JavaScript
The Definitive Guide

by David Flanagan

buy JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
by Danny Goodman

buy JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
JavaScript JavaScript : The Complete Reference, Second Edition
by Thomas Powell, Fritz Schneider

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DOM Scripting DOM Scripting - Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model
by Jeremy Keith

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