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HTML, DHTML, XHTML and DOM Resources

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References and Tutorials

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HTML & XHTML - The Complete Reference by Thomas Powell (including CSS 1+2 Reference) published by McGraw-Hill Osborne, for free and online.
HTML Quick Reference by Coolnerds
HTML Tutorial by
W3Schools - Web-building tutorials, from basic HTML & XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia & WAP
HTML Code Tutorials at online playground of Dave Child and home of the "Cheat Sheets". - The ultimate html resource since 1992 (when the first web browser came out)

Standard HTML Colors - Chart and Color Mixer Tool
HTML Color Names - table of color names that are supported by most browsers.

Modularise Web design with DHTML behaviours by Jean-Luc David,
HTML Components Componentizing Web Applications - W3C NOTE
Using HTML Components to Implement DHTML Behaviors in Script - MSDN Article
About the WebService Behavior at MSDN DHTML Behavior Resources

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Official Specifications and References

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HTML 4.0, HTML 3.2, and CSS References downloads in various formats at, a WDG Site.
HTML 4.01 Specification by the W3C
XHTML™ 1.0 - The Extensible HyperText Markup Language - A Reformulation of HTML 4 in XML 1.0
XHTML™ 1.1 Specifications - Module-based XHTML

DOM Specifications at W3C - DOM stand for Document Object Model
Gecko DOM Reference at
IE DHTML Reference Internet Explorer HTML and DHTML Reference at MSDN

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Development Tools

Return to Website Development, APIs and Web Services Resources Home - Free Tool to see Web Page for different browsers - Cross-Browser Screen Captures and Instant Remote Access - Instantly See Your Pages in Any Browser on Any Operating System
The Safari Screenshot Generator - Free Online Tool to see your website on a Mac - enter the URL of the website of which you want to take a screenshot, choose the browser in which to load that site and hit "generate screenshot", simple as that.

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer lets you "turn" of one "newer" html feature after another and then check how your site looks like Perl Source Code of the Tool
Lynx Viewer - Old Lynx Text Browser Simulator. Perl Source Code and the Lynx Browser for download itself.
MSN TV Viewer directly provided by Microsoft to see how your site looks like on MSN TV. Available for Windows and Mac at the MSN TV Developers Website.
Palm OS Simulator - directly from Actually meant for developers of Apps for the Palm, but also great for Web Developers to see how their site looks like on a Palm Handheld.

Instant Source - Internet Explorer Plug-in by BlazingTools to Access the Source of a Web Page (or Parts of it), original code or code of the pages current state. Download the free 21 Days trial version.
DomInspector - Firefox GreaseMonkey Script or Web Overlay Tool to analyse the DOM Structure of any Web Document
ViewHTML Online Tool to get the original Source Code of any page, detect hidden code and sneaky redirects
Markup Validation Service by W3C - Validate your HTML Code Online
WDG HTML Validator which allows also the validation of multiple URLs in batch mode, html file on your computer or manually pasting HTML code into a form.
Cacheability Query - Online tool to check Web pages to see how caches will handle them.
Web Page Purifier - HTML 2.0, 2.0+tables, 3.2, 4.0 transitional, 4.0 strict and webtv 1.1 support.

HTML-Kit by Chami Code Editor for Windows/Linux with hundreds of Extensions. Free + Pro-Version available.
EditPlus Text and Source Code Editor (Shareware)

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HTML Reference Books

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The Complete Reference (including CSS 1+2 Reference)
by Thomas Powell

HTML - Programer's Reference HTML - Progamer's Reference
by Thomas A. Powell, Dan Whitworth

buy HTML Programer's Reference
Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (2nd Edition) Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (2nd Edition)
by Danny Goodman

buy Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (2nd Edition)

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