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Support and Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities
sponsorship opportunities

You can support my efforts!

I explain in my Editorial Note in much detail what is, why I am doing this and what type of content I provide for what purpose.

Link to Sponsorship Opportunities Tip Me $10.00 via PayPal

Here is the short version of what is to give you an overview.

The site is not aimed to make a living for me. I make my money as an affiliate with other sites and paid search. I also do some consulting work and have other projects where I am involved to supplement my affiliate income.

As much as I love doing what I do with and also my blogging (what I also do without getting paid), are there still bills to pay at the end of the day. Nothing is entirely free in this world and a bill needs to be paid someday by somebody eventually. I don't want to sacrifice the free access to all the resources and the quality and freshness of the content because the site becomes too much of a financial burden for me.

The site should be able to sustain itself and even a bit more than that. Extra money generated is usually used to support other good and helpful projects in the internet marketing industry that struggle with financial shortages. Some of those projects only need to get some financial aid initially until they are also able to sustain themselves, just like this site.

There are different ways how you can support my efforts. One type of support would only require an action on your part that cost you nothing, such as linking to Other help could be in form of advertising and sponsorship that exposes your company and services to the audience of this site in return for a small amount of money that will be used to cover the operational cost of or to support other projects.

The choice is yours. Any other method of support, including things I did not even think of are all welcome and appreciated.

Spread the Word via Linking to

You can also help me by putting up a link to on your Blog or Website or by mentioning this site in a blog post, forum post or blog comment.

spread the word

I created a number of Banners, Buttons and other Creatives for the site. Feel free to pick and use the one you like. I would really appreciate it.

If you like the resources I provide for free and want to help me that I can keep them free and updated, simply spread the word about!

Beyond Linking
You are not limited to linking to this site. You could also let friends and collegues know about it via email, phone or in conversations in the real world.

You could also hand out flyers, run around with a transparent in downtown in your local town or city, call up everybody you know, wear a promotional t-shirt, tatoo yourself at a senisble are of your body and show it off at the next ball game or...

Okay, I am just kidding, but I think you got the general idea.

Financial Support via Sponsorship

You can also do more via an official sponsorship. There are several options available from site-wide and section-wide sponsorships to sponsorships of individual pages.


There are also multiple types of sponsorship, such as a prominent full size creative at the top of the page, a tower-size creative in the sidebar and text-links at the very top of the page (also in the sidebar) for maximum exposure.

Media Kit for Advertisers
To see all the available options in detail, check out my sponsorship and advertising media kit in PDF format: Sponsorship and Advertising Options at or see details about Ad Formats, Ad Locations and Pricing online.

I also highly recommend to read my Tips for Potential Sponsors of

Sponsor Requirements
Sponsorships with exposure on the site are only for companies and individuals who provide products or services that are relevant for the pages or sections they want to sponsor. The sponsorships should be valuable content itself and useful for visitors to the site.

A Win-Win Situation
This is also in your own interest, because it makes sure that the people who see your sponsorship ad are highly targeted. There is a much greater chance for an actual conversion and direct referred business to you or the exposure of your brand to somebody who is an influencer of opinions or buying decisions. The sponsorship should not only benefit, but also yourself, the sponsor. It will be a win-win situation for everybody, for you, for me and for my visitors.

If you are interested in a particular sponsorship, have any questions regarding the types of sponsorships or want to discuss the subject with me in general, do not hesitate and contact me.

Financial Support via Cash Donations/Virtual Tip Jar

If linking and spreading the word is not enough for you or not an option and sponsorship on the website is also not possible, because your business is not related to internet marketing or there are no sponsorship spots left on the site, you might want to make a financial contribution via a one-time donation.

make a donation

More Like a Tip Than a Donation
Consider it a "tip" for the good service like the one you give to a waitress, taxi driver, bell boy or concierge at the hotel. It's the same idea. You tip them, if they did a good job and the amount you tip depends on the level and quality of service they provided to you. Think about the service this website provided to you and ... you get the idea.

The easiest way to make a donation or send me a "tip" would be by using PayPal. I provided some possible options below, but you are by all means not limited just to those.

One-Time Donation
Amount $   
- Or -
Recurring Donation (Subscription): 
Recurring Amount $ Monthly or Annualy   

If you don't want to use PayPal, no problem. You can also send a check instead. You can find my address and other contact information at my contact page.

Beyond Cold Hard Cash
Feel free to use any means you like, send as much as you want and as often as you see appropriate. It does also not have to be just cash. I take kudos, gifts and free gadgets as well, such as gift cards, comp tickets, sample goods, chocolate, cookies, free e-books, you name it. Anything that makes sense and benefits the site in one way or another*.
*Note : That includes making the editor happy

Thank you very much for your support! I truely appreciate it.