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Tools and Helpers for the busy Marketer, Webmaster and/or Server Admin

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The Tools and Resources listed here are very useful, but not directly related to Internet/Affiliate Marketing or Search Engine Marketing/Optimization (SEM/SEO).

The Tools and Resources range from Anti SPAM (Email), Search Engine Alerts, Comparison Tools and Guides to things like a To-Do List Tool and Online Encyclopedia.

I hope that you will find the tools listed below as helpful as I do. I still use or used in the past all of those Tools or Resources myself, which is the reason why I list them here and recommend them to you.

Office/Desktop Tools and Helpers for the busy Marketer

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You can download a free trial version of Ai RoboForm (executable file)

eOffice - Google Apps for your domain offers customized email, instant messaging, document collaboration and calendar services to individuals and organizations. Various editions are available, free of charge or for a monthly fee for added benefits and services. Following editions are available: Standard Edition, Education Edition, Premier Edition.

Browser Customization - showcasing ways of tweaking the web browser - Microsoft's Internet Explorer, to make it look and behave in ways that will enrich the web surfing experience. Themes, toolbars, side bars, buttons, menu extensions, search urls, tips and tricks and more. Also a few tools for Mozilla Firefox are available.

Social Media monitoring and tracking tools to find out and keep track of what people are saying about you, your brand or your products on social media networks and sites like, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Delicious and Blogs.

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Email Related Tools and Services

Anti Spam - Cloudmark Desktop for MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express. Award Winning Spam and Phishing Email Blocker that "learns" from its millions of Users to filter SPAM that pure algoritmic based blockers can't catch. 15 Days free Trial. Also Available: Free Cloudmark Anti-Fraud Toolbar (BETA) for MS Internet Explorer.

Tool - Google GMail Loader (GML) Import your existing email into GMail! - Free Tool for Windows and Linux (GNU Open Source). Additional GMail Features available are: Gmail Helper (Gmail Notifier), Gmail ToDo, GmailFS (GMail Drive), gPopper (POP3 Plugin for Windows Email Clients), GMail File System (map Gmail drive in Windows), Pop Goes the GMail (another POP3 client tool), eMail2Pop (Interfaces with Gmail via POP3 and SMTP) and a lot more... the list is endless. Great stuff. If you like Gmail and Gmail for your Domain (hosted), then you will love this stuff.

EMail Security - MessageGuard™ from Network Solutions. Need to secure your e-mail to meet GBLA requirements? MessageGuard can help! Like a postcard dropped into the corner mailbox, your e-mail message is visible to everyone involved in transporting it from you to its intended recipient. Keeping sensitive information private does not need to be costly or complicated. Simply sign up for MessageGuard and install a plug-in to Outlook® or Outlook Express®. Create your e-mail messages as usual, and click the "Send Secure" button to keep them private! MessageGuard keeps client information secure and helps you meet regulatory requirements for e-mailing sensitive communications.

Note: I did not test MessageGuard myself yet. For comments and opinions about it, please contact me and let me know. I plan to do check it out myself one day. It is one of the many items on my to-do list :). Thanks.

WordTracker Keyword Tool - Free Trial

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Sale/Delivery and Promotion of Your Digital Goods such as an eBook


Service - PayLoadz : Sell Downloads Online - If you want to sell an eBook or other digital goods online and don't want to worry about the delivery and do it all manually, not to mention the processing of payments to allow people to pay for your product and reseller tracking and payment for your affiliate partner who promote your product, have a look at the Payloadz solution.

Here are some of the Payloadz features and benefits:
  • Secure file storage on our servers
  • Automated delivery of your digital goods immediately after payment
  • Sell anywhere online: your own site, our Store, eBay and more.
  • Affiliate Builder, a fully-functioning affiliate tracking and payment system
  • Supports Downloads and CD fulfillment
The account starts free without a monthly fee until you make actual sales. When you start selling (over $100 within 30 days), a monthly base fee will become due and vary based on sales volume of the account.

For every sale is a transaction fee of 15% of the order amount to be paid, which will be deducted from your account before the money is transfered over to your PayPal or other bank account.

Start with either a Free lifetime Basic Account or a Premium Account. First month free for all Premium Accounts.

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Handy Tools and Software for Webmasters

Monitoring - - "Be the First to Know When Your Site is Down". Professional web site monitoring. Get alerted upon a failure via e-mail or pager.

Free Tools - - great collection of tons of free system utiliities for MS Windows. Mostly security and networking related tools, but also tools for troubleshooting hardware problems. Also check out the great collection of links to other related resources.

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Membership, Email List Management / Online Surveys

Note: I have not used the following two products or services myself yet. I came across them online and they seem to be very decent. If you are a user or customer of one of the two products or services or used to be one in the past, please leave me a message with your comments and opinion about them. Thank you.

Memberships - aMember Professional - Powerful and full-featured membership/subscription software for your website. Support for PayPal, BeanStream, 2Checkout, NoChex, VeriSign PayFlow, Authorize.Net, PaySystems, Probilling, Multicards, E-Gold and Clickbank payment systems and more. Free Trial available.

Surveys - WinSurvey Site License for Windows 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME and Windows Server 2003. WinSurvey is a user-friendly tool for creating, analyzing and publishing surveys. WinSurvey has a very easy-to-use interface and is significantly faster than conventional surveys by mail or telephone.

For all this, WinSurvey offers exceptional functions:
  • The Survey Designer creates, changes and formats your questions and answers. Using the Survey Designer, you can see the final outlook of the survey in the web browser or as unformatted text (for emails) in the interactive program.
  • The Results Management module allows you to create a database where you can save the answers of your survey. You can browse the table of answers, view statistics or filter records.
  • The Charts and Analysis module helps you to create graphical presentations for your survey. You may choose between a static or live presentation when publishing your survey.
  • With the Survey Publisher you can publish a survey on the Internet. Files are automatically generated and loaded. A wizard assists you step by step during the publishing process.
  • With the Interview module you can carry out surveys on your way and later import the results in the database.
Take the Solution for a Spin and check for yourself, if WinSurvey is right for you. There is no risk and no pre-registration required. Download the Free Demo of WinSurvey.

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Additional Useful Resources

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