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Introduction to Internet Marketing

If you have a website to do business online such as selling products or services to consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B), Internet marketing must be part of your business plan to ensure success on the Internet.

A professional site cannot do without Internet marketing. The number of competitors already online plus the vast amount of content and information online make it vital for you to get your products or services noticed through all the noise.

Internet marketing consists of various methods. You should employ at least one of them, but I recommend employing all of them. You can find resources to Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization on separate Resource Pages of this site.

On this Resource Site can you find general information and resources related to Internet marketing and marketing methods and activities such as email marketing, copywriting, web analytics and tracking, trademarks and legal issues, customer acquisition, customer retention, CRM, web design, website usability and more.

Landing Page Handbook: How to Raise Conversions   Google Eye Tracking Study

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News Feed via RSS - Stay up-to-date about new Developments in Internet Marketing

It is very important and now also very easy to stay up to date on recent events and developments in internet marketing. See current news here. You can subscribe to the news via Email or RSS.

Just sign up for my Aggregated Internet Marketing News (RSS Feed).Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Aggregated News

I have collected the most important sources of news and information about Internet marketing in general into a single and convenient RSS Feed so you don't have to go out and search for good sources and subscribe to dozens of individual feeds yourself. You can see the latest news in my RSS Feed at here.

Tradeshow and Industry Events Calendar

Attending an industry tradeshow can be very rewarding for your general internet marketing efforts. You will meet the "who's who" in the industry and gain new insight at the keynote sessions. Subscribe to the Internet Marketing Events Calendar powered by Google Calendar.

Add the Calendar to your Add this public Calendar to your Google Calendar or use my Google Calendar Feeds Important Industry Events Public Google Calendar FeedImportant Industry Events Public Apple iCal Feed.
To see which events I have currently listed check my List of Important Industry Events.

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Internet Marketing Glossaries

... find more definitions and glossaries via Google definition search for "Internet Marketing"

See also
Affiliate Marketing Glossaries, SEM/Paid Search Glossaries and Search Engine Optimization Glossaries

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Internet Marketing News and Research, Benchmarks, Learning, How-To's

Below is a detailed list of news and resources web sites and also weblogs to the various subjects of internet marketing.

Additional lists of sites and blogs can be found for the subjects affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and paid search engine marketing/advertising. I did not list most of them here, because there are simply too many. If you are interested in those subjects specifically, please browse the respective sections of the site (see top navigation).

Internet Marketing News Portals and Blogger Communities

FeedDescription Network for Marketers, News, Blogs, Experts, Stats. List of all ClickZ RSS feeds. - connecting the marketing community - industry news and opinions.
 Adotas - a premier interactive advertising publication. News, articles and more. - The Voice of Online Marketing - online marketing news and opinions.
 DM News - News for direct marketing, database and internet marketing. The blog is provided by Courtenay Communications (list of RSS feeds) - small business resources, informative articles, current news, email newsletter, RSS feed, software directory and the small business ideas forum (UK) - Internet marketing news, statistics, buyers and best practices guides and online marketing blog. News, tips, interviews, website reviews and other assorted highlights from the world of internet marketing and e-commerce.
 Digital Marketing Blog by AcxiomDigital formerly known as the "DigitalImpact Blog - The Marketleap Report" - search engine and online marketing news. The Marketleap Report and Digital Impact's newsletter The Paragon were merged into "The Integrated Marketer - emerging channels" news.
 Business 2.0 Beta Blog - Part of B2 Beta Blog Network and Business 2.0 Magazine B2B (Business to Business) - The Magazine for Marketing Strategists Online. News, Webcasts, Events, Directory, Newsletter and Resources. List of all RSS Feeds.
Online Track 
Media Track 
Marketing Track 
Mediapost Publication - publisher of the OMMA and MEDIA magazines (accessible online with free account). MediaPost RSS Feeds

Available Tracks (see feeds to the left):
  • Online- Online Media Daily, Research Brief, Online Spin, Online Minute and Email Insider.
  • Media - Media Daily News, Research Brief, TV Watch, Magazine Rack and Real Media Riffs.
  • Marketing - Marketing Daily, Research Brief, Search Insider and Mobile Insider.
 AD:Tech SimpleFeeds- 18 RSS, Podcast, Webcast, Radio Feeds from AD:Tech. ad:tech buzz, ad:tech conferences and marketing resources - Internet Marketing Resources and News Portal. (Sorry, no RSS feed)
RSS Biz Report provides news and insights for online marketers to the subjects advertising, search marketing, email marketing, loyalty marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, viral marketing, trends and ideas, blogging, domaining, e-commerce, internet law and regulation and research.

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Blogs about Internet Marketing

Blogs are the medium of the present and used by advocats and influencers in all industries and niches. If you are not familar with blogs, blogging, RSS feeds, ATOM, syndication etc. I suggest that you read my introductory guide to the subject titled: Blogs, Blogging, XML, ATOM, RSS Explained in Simple Words.

General Advertising and Marketing - Advertising Blog about Advertising and Online Marketing. by Steve Hall - marketing and advertising news with attitude in the form of a website and daily email newsletter.
Seth Godin blogs about the stuff that is going on in Internet Marketing
1938 Media VLog - The Internet Marketing Video Blog by Loren Feldman. Marketing News and Comments that you don't have to take too serious. Just blog about them ;).
Jay Weintraub Blog - Internet Advertising Analysis and Commentary
Neil Shearing's Blog - Internet Marketing Entrepreneur - Home Business Opportunities + Resources , the personal Blog by the Sales Consultant Mike Sigers from Kentucky
Jason Calacanis' Blog about internet marketing. Jason is working for Sequoia Capital and also has a podcast called CalacanisCast the blog of Nicolas Carr, author of the bestselling book "Does it matter" and numerous internet marketing related articles.
Duct Tape Marketing Blog by John Jantsch provides tips and advice to small businesses.
The Gaping Void blog and cartoons with Hugh MacLeod.
AdLand at with Dabitch, an advertising archive and discussion forum.
Marketing Profs business to business marketing blog with Allen Weiss.

Sign up for the Free Internet Marketing Newsletter by Marketing Experiments. Your free subscription will give you full access to two interactive web clinics per month plus bi-monthly research briefs.

Performance Marketing Blogs - Online Revenue News and Opinions. Blogs by Leaders in the Internet Marketing Industry. - Internet Marketing Bloggers
Shawn Collins Blog - Internet Marketing Blog and Resources.
Website Magazine Blog - by the publisher of the Free Internet Marketing with the same title. - Ecommerce, affiliate/web marketing & online business articles by Michael Bloch

see also Affiliate Marketing and Contextual Advertising Blogs

Social Media Blogs

Pronet Advertising - Online Marketing Blog by Cameron Olthuis

Search Marketing Blogs

Screenwerk - Greg Sterling's Musings on Offline and Online Media
John Scott's Blog at, to SEO, Internet marketing, brand building and industry topics
Jim Boykin's Internet Marketing Blog

See also SEO - Search Engine Optimization and PPC/Paid Search Engine Marketing Blogs

Copywriting and Conversion Blogs

Micro Persuasion - Steve Rubel explores how social media is transforming marketing, media and public relations.
Internet Outsider - Internet Marketing Blog by Henry Blodget by Brian Clark about Copywriting and Internet Marketing in general. Blog by the Persuation Architecture and Conversion Experts of Future Now Inc.

See also Copywriting Resources

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Web Analytics and Statistics Blogs

Conversion Rater blog by Pat McCarthy, Right Media about web analytics, online advertising, and web publishing
Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik, author of the best selling book titled "Web Analytics: An Hour A Day".
Optimize and Prophesize, a Web Analytics Blog by Jonathan Mendez, founder of OTTO Digital (Offermatica)
Google Analytics Blog - Official Blog by the Google Analytics Team
Web Analytics Blog by Search Engine Optimization Veteran Bruce Clay, Inc., one of Jim Kukral's (ReveNews) Internet Marketing related Blogs
Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra
MarketingSherpa Blog by Anne Holland, Content Directory of MarketingSherpa, the source for research and statistic data for online marketers.

See also Web Analytics Resources

Email Marketing Blogs

BeRelevant! B2B Email Marketing Blog - Email Marketing Best Practices by Tamara Gielen
Biz Report : Email Marketing is the section at the news blog Biz Report dedicated to the subject of email marketing.

See also Email Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing Law Blogs - Unforgetting the Laws of Marketing. Christopher Kenton's Blog (President, MotiveLab / Executive Director, VAMA)
BizReport : Law & Regulation, the section about internet law and regulations at the news blog Biz Report.

See also Legal Resources

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Internet Marketing Directories and Membership Sites

Internet Success Private Members Site - Try it 1 Week for $1
ScamFreeZone - Home Business Opportunities + Resources by Neil Shearing!

Special Directories

DM Directory - Internet Marketing Directory for the Online Marketing Industry - by Digital Moses Confidential. Top Blogs - The Internet Top Blogs by overall Rank, Technorati, Alexa, Google, Yahoo, MSN - Advertising Opportunities!
Internet Retailer's Vendor List - Grouped by Category, provided by Internet Retailer Magazine and publisher of the Internet Retailer Top 500 List - Larry Chase's Search Engine for Marketers - Internet Marketing Search Engine and Directory by Majon International. - Business-to-Business (B2B) directory and search engine for How-to Guides fo Small Business Owners, provided by
SEO Consultants Directory - Find Search Engine Optimization Companies at
Affiliate Buyers Guide - A (free) vendor directory for affiliate marketing companies provided by Affiliate Summit, the conference and expo for affiliate marketers.

You should leverage the benefits of being a member of an organisation or association that is active in your industry. Also be active in your niche's community. See my list of Internet and Affiliate Marketing as well as SEO and SEM Organizations and Association and Forums, Communities, Networking Sites and Affiliate Directories.

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Articles and Guides

Keeping the Wolves at Bay
Keeping the Wolves at Bay
A Media Training Manual
Don't agree to any press interviews without the Media Training Manual at your side.

Buy Keeping the Wolves at Bay

Articles by Carsten Cumbrowski

Did you miss the hype about "The Long Tail"? Do not worry and follow the link to a set of articles and other resources to the subject, which I gathered from all over the vast place called the internet.

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September 15, 2009
Commission Junction University (CJU) 2009Commission Junction University (CJU) 2009; Date/Time: 2009-09-15 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-18 ;Location: Santa Ba aa, CA
September 16, 2009
Internet Marketing Conference VancouverInternet Marketing Conference Vancouver; Date/Time: 2009-09-16 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-19 ;Location: Vancouve, Canada
September 21, 2009
OMMA GlobalOMMA Global; Date/Time: 2009-09-21 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-23 ;Location: New Yok City, NY Annual Summit Annual Summit 2009; Date/Time: 2009-09-21 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-24 ;Location: Las Vegas, NV
September 22, 2009
Ad-Tech London 2009Ad-Tech London 2009; Date/Time: 2009-09-22 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-24 ;Location: London, UK
September 23, 2009
MarketingSherpa's 6th Annual B2B Marketing Summit 2009MarketingSherpa's 6th Annual B2B Marketing Summit 2009; Date/Time: 2009-09-23 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-25 ;Location: San Fancisco,CA
PPC Summit Los Angeles 2009PPC Summit Los Angeles 2009; Date/Time: 2009-09-23 ; End Date/Time: 2009-09-25 ;Location: Los Angeles, CA
October 01, 2009
IZEAFest 2009IZEAFest 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-01 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-05 ;Location: Olando, FL
October 05, 2009
MarketingSherpa's 6th Annual B2B Marketing Summit 2009MarketingSherpa's 6th Annual B2B Marketing Summit 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-05 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-07 ;Location: Boston,
SMX East 2009SMX East 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-05 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-09 ;Location: New Yok City, NY
October 12, 2009
eMetrics Summit Stockholm 2009eMetrics Summit Stockholm 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-12 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-14 ;Location: Stockholm, Sweden
SMX Stockholm 2009SMX Stockholm 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-12 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-14 ;Location: Stockholm, Sweden
October 14, 2009
a4uexpo Europe 2009a4uexpo Europe 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-14 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-16 ;Location: London, UK
Affilicon Scandinavia 2009Affilicon Scandinavia 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-14 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-16 ;Location: Stockholm,Sweden
The Marketing Forum UK 2009The Marketing Forum UK 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-14 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-18 ;Location: Southampton, UK
October 15, 2009
BlogWorld Expo 2009BlogWorld Expo 2009; Date/Time: 2009-10-15 ; End Date/Time: 2009-10-18 ;Location: Las Vegas, NV