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Paid Search Campaign Tools and Analytics

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PPC Testing and Campaign Tracking

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LogoDescription is a tracking solution for affiliate marketers that makes it easier to track your keyword performance of your PPC campaigns based on the affiliate commission ROI. The solution currently supports the affiliate networks LinkShare, Commission Junction and ClickBank and the PPC services Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MS adCenter. There is a one-time $30 setup fee and a monthly fee of $10 for a maximum of 5 sites and 100,000 page views per month. is a solution that is able to track calls made to your toll free service number and trace them back to your PPC campaign, down to the keyword level, without the need to setup a phone number for each keyword (although multiple toll free numbers will be used by the service, which are rotated and part of ClickPaths patent pending dynamic numbers insertion (DNI) technology). ClickPath also offers the call center services directly via its state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), but other providers can be integrated too.

Search Term Optimizer by - Search Term Optimizer - Find the best search terms for your site.
HyperTracker is an automated, easy-to-use pay-per-click campaign tracking and management tool. It is free to use for 14 days and only $19.95 per month after the end of the trial period.
KeywordMax is a keyword research, paid campaign tracker and ROI analysis service provided by Direct Response Technologies who has years of experience in affiliate program tracking through their main product/platform DirectTrack. Services available under the KeywordMax brand are BidDirector, ROITracker, ClickAuditor and KeywordBuilder. The platform also allows the integration of conversion tracking for affiliate marketing partners. One large client who uses the service for their affiliates is the DigitalResearch OneNetwork Direct affiliate network.
Tracking 202 pay per click campaign tracking for affiliate marketers Web 2.0 style. Track your affiliate commission and ROI on a per campaign, Ad and down to the keyword level and make the most out of your marketing dollars.
Omniture SearchCenter® - PPC and SEO Campaign Tracking and Management Solution for Enterprise Clients
Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance and Dynamic Bid Maximizer Overture. Manage your PPC(Pay-Per-Click) campaigns by Apex Pacific.
AdWatcher is a suite of tools designed to help small to mid-sized businesses maximize the return they receive from online marketing campaigns, be it Google AdWords, banners, text links, or email marketing. A 30 days free trial is available to test AdWatcher out, risk free.
Agent Web Ranking is a search engine ranking software automatically queries a given number of keywords on a selected set of search engine. It also includes PPC ranking from Google, Overture, Espotting, Mirago and other PPC search engines.
AdWords Dominator 2 by Blue Infinity Software Solutions is a desktop AdWords management software that is using the Google AdWords API to manage one or many AdWords accounts from a single interface. It provides some more options than the Google AdWords Editor (which is free) so anybody has to decide for himself, if the little extras are worth spending about $124.00 on. Express is a PPC campaign monitoring and competitive analysis service for medium to large advertisers. AdGooRoo also offers organic search results monitoring and keyword research tools. The cost for the service is $89/Month and more.
Marin Search Marketer is a hosted search management application by Marin Software for advertisers who are spending more than $50,000 monthly on paid search to improve workflow, analysis and optimization of PPC campaigns at Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. The cost for the service start at $2,000/month and depend on your monthly ad spending. A 30 days free trial to check if the solution is right for your business, is also available.
Adapt SEM is a hosted pay-per-click campaign bid management and optimization service for small businesses, search marketing professionals and advertising agencies. The fees for the service start at $199/month.

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Sometimes is the best way to optimize your own pay-per-click marketing campaigns by having a peek at what your competition is doing. Competitive Intelligence Tools for PPC can help you with doing just that.

PPC Campaign Creation and Keyword Management Support Tools

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SpeedPPC is a commercial tool for PPC marketers designed by Jay Stockwell that allows rapid setup and creation of new PPC ad campaigns and corresponding landing pages.
EfficientPPC for Google AdWords is a campaign building software for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search engines and services, that allows you to create high-volume and high-quality campaigns, using basic keywords related to the topic of your campaign.

Free PPC Support Tools

Search Combination Tool generates combinations of search phrases of two keyword/phrase sets and also generates search queries for Google, Yahoo! and MSN for them.
Keyword List Generator by Aaron Wall from SEO Book is worth your time. You can also download free Google AdWords tips in PDF.
Keyword Optimizer removes duplicates from a list of keywords and re-orders the list alphabetically.

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Free Google PPC Analytics and Optimization Services

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Adwords Website Optimizer is a landing page optimization tool from Google that allows you to test changes in the website content of your pages in order to determine what will be most effective in getting the highest possible conversions (see Flash Demo, Test Duration Estimator).

Google AdWords Optimization Request Form. This is no joke. You can request optimization (free!) of your Google AdWords campaigns by Google. See this blog post at the Google AdWords blog. It takes about 10 business days for you to receive a response from Google with the results. You can also use the "Campaign Optimizer Tool" that is built into AdWords now. (Note: It is currently not available for all targeted languages and customers from all countries.)

You can find more information and resources to web analytics and tracking, including solution providers, articles and books at my Traffic Tracking and Web Analytics, Measurement of Conversion and ROI page.

Keyword Analysis Tool as part of the Google AdWords Ads Diagnostic tool. Shows your CTR, minimum bid, current bid, and keyword status (i.e. active or inactive for search). Find out whether or not your keyword is triggering ads to appear on Google, reasons why, and ways to improve your ad performance. Get details and recommendations about your keyword's Quality Score and your Quality Score Rating.

A Note regarding PPC keyword campaign tracking: you can use the tracking services provided by the search engines themselves. Those tools are always free and require only snippets of JavaScript code to be added to specific pages on your website.

Tracking tools provided by search engines include Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, Google Cross Channel Tracking, Yahoo! Search Marketing Conversion Counter, and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracker. does not provide a tracking tool for their PPC service at the moment, but you can use Google Cross Channel Tracking for tracking results.

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Google AdWords, Trademark Complaints Form, if you notice a trademark issue with your brand name in the paid results at

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