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Capture media attention

Lowdown on press release optmization

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You issue a press release to announce some development in your company that should be of interest for the general public or your industry.

You want that it grabs peoples attention and that it is distributed as wide spread as possible. A press release is not an article and you own no copyright on it. Anybody is allowed to take it and redistribute or republish it AS IS. At the moment the release is being modified, it is not the press release anymore.

Press releases can be leveraged to generate buzz and interest in the products and services you offer. A press release has usually the following format:

  1. The headline - The hype (e.g. New Product Launch). Use words like "these or this" to refer to the core of the announcement to spark curiosity. Questions work also well.
  2. Summary. The facts, short but sharp and Interesting. It often plays the role of the "teaser"
  3. Details/Body. Always begin with a correctly formatted 'Date Line' like: City, State or Country, Month, Day, Year. Spell the Month out instead of using the number to avoid misinterpretations of the date. Write more than 1 paragraph; 3 - 5 is the best. Try to use Bullet-point-lists whenever possible. Stress benefits, not features of your product or service. Add citations or testimonials to provide some human factor. Short sentences, correct English.
  4. Introducing the spokesperson or Company Owner
  5. Introducing Key people of the company (optional)
  6. Detailed Contact Information. International Address, including country and country code in the phone #
  7. About the company (quick background, optional)
  8. Denote the end of the press release with: ###

The Press release should look like as if it was written by an outside observer of your business.

It should always be written in third person and without any hype, as objective as possible, but at the same time intriguing to get people interested. You want especially the interest of editors of publications who might pick up your press release and print it without making much or any changes to it.

Press release should be less than 2 pages and less than 600 words or 3000 characters.

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Press Release or PR Newswire and Business Wire Services

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PRWeb - one of the largest and most famous Press Release Newswire Services on the Internet
PRWeb Direct Wire Service from PRWeb to submit Press Releases to PRWeb, PR Newswire and others - another large Press Release Newswire Service - Press Release Newswire - a United Business Media Company
eWorldWire - 24/7 News distribution using its large custom media distribution databases
PRZOOM - Leading Newswire & Press Release - Strictly Business News - Free
PR Leap - Free and Paid Press Release Distribution to Search Engines

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Press Releases Submission

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LogoDescription - Press Release Distribution & Press Release Submission for Press Release Services - Market Wire - Press Release Newswire/Distribution and EDGAR Filings. (also known as
24-7 PressRelease - publish your news releases via - free press release distribution center
PF Wire - Press Flash Wire PR Wire Release Service - Search and news enhanced FREE, online Press Release distribution service
URLWire - Site Announcement Network by Eric Ward
AutomatedPR - PR Writing and Submission Service - Promote Everything About Your Business on, Press Releases, Articles, Directory and News.

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Guides and Tips to Press Releases and Public Relations

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  • Journalists Guide To The Internet By Christopher Callahan from the University of Maryland College of Journalism.
  • Purchase the Print Version of "Journalists Guide To The Internet" at
  • Publicity Insider - PR Tips, Press Release Secrets, and the Inside Track to Huge Publicity!
  • The Care and Feeding of The Press - A guide for press relations staff, written by Esther Schindler
  • Pet Peeves of the Press by Jack Olmsted. Press Releases the Press does not like.
  • 5 Tips for High Impact Press Releases5 Tips for High Impact Press Releases (PDF) - Why Do Search Engine Optimization for Press Releases? by
  • Press Release Fire - eBook by Brad Callen, Bryxen Software, SEO Consultant & Internet Marketer
  • Editing Press ReleasesEditing Press Releases (PDF) - by Syzvgy at WebmasterWorld, including comments by: ProTalker, TopRank, Conor, Edit_g, SEOTop10, Malachite, CellularNews, Harry and WebSEO2121. 11 Pages long Acrobat Document.
  • Get Your Website Included in Google News by Milind Mody for Website Services Magazine. If your business is news for your industry, this article is definitely for you. Google News is on of the major news aggregators in the Internet today and becoming a Google News Source will boost traffic of your own news website or blog.

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Public Relations and Press Releases Tools and Services

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LogoDescription - Find clipping services to track your press release and what is being said about your Company!
Press Radar - PR News Wire Search Engine (Beta)
Preparing a News Release - Free Check List in HTML Format.
PR Week - The first weekly magazine to offer worldwide coverage of the public relations business.

PRSA Conference Coverage by
PRSA Conference - The Public Relations Society of America, based in New York City, is the world's largest organization for public relations professionals. The Society has more than 28,000 professional and student members. PRSA is organized into 112 Chapters nationwide, 19 Professional Interest Sections, along with Affinity Groups, which represent business and industry, counseling firms, independent practitioners, military, government, associations, hospitals, schools, professional services firms and nonprofit organizations. The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) has 255 Chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

Check out my internet marketing events calendar for other industry events.

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Books and Magazines to Public Relations and Press Releases

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Effective Public Relations
Effective Public Relations
by Scott M. Cutlip

Buy Effective Public Relations
Public Relations Kit for Dummies Public Relations Kit for Dummies
by Eric Yaverbaum

buy Public Relations Kit for Dummies
Public Relations Writing Public Relations Writing
by Doug Newsom

Buy Public Relations Writing
Public Relations on the Net Public Relations on the Net
by Shel Holtz

buy Public Relations on the Net
The Complete Guide To Publicity The Complete Guide To Publicity
by Joe Marconi

Buy The Complete Guide To Publicity
Press Releases From Hell Press Releases From Hell
& How to Fix Them (Examples, Not Theory)

buy Press Releases From Hell

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