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Introduction to Website Development/APIs & Webservices

The Web Development resources focus on ASP, .NET (ASP/VB/C#) and PHP as server side programming languages (sorry not much JSP, JAVA, PERL or oldskool C++ CGI).

Also Phython, Coldfusion and Ruby on Nails are only minimal covered. I also focus on Client Side Scripting via Javascript, CSS, DHTML and XML.

Resources to Frameworks like AJAX and the Dot NET Framework can be found as well as resources for some open source solutions like Wiki's, CMS, Office Tools and Spell Checkinng. One of the best covered areas are online API's and Web Services. I also have some Potcasts and of course print magazines and Book Recommendations.

Database Development Resources for MySQL and MS SQL Server can be found at my separate Database Development Resources Page.

Technology and Development Events Calendar

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Search Engines Development / API's and Webservices

Google Code Homepage. The Portal for Developers about everything Google, APIs, Gadgets, Webservices etc.
Google Data (GData) APIs - simple standard protocol for reading and writing data on the web
Google APIs - List of all available APIs for the various Google Services.

Google SOAP Search API's - and Homepage for the various API's available for Google Products and Services
Using the Google SOAP Search API written by Peyton McCullough for from September 27, 2006.

Note: As of December 5, 2006 does Google not issue any new SOAP Search API keys to anybody. This forces the unfortunate ones that did not acquire a key early enough to scrap Google search results. You might want to consider to use this special Google search version without Ad's and clutter for easier parsing.

Google AdWords API (not free) - Google AdWords API Homepage
Google AdSense API - Google AdSense API Homepage
Google Calendar API - Integrate Google Calendar into your Web or Desktop applications
Google AJAX Search API - Put Google Search on Your Web Site
Google Maps API - Put Google Maps on Your Own Web Site
Google Gadgets API - Create a Gadget for the Google Homepage
Google Co-Op Developers Guide - improve search in the topics you know best.
Google Blog Search Pinging Service API using XML-RPC Web Service
Google Toolbar API - Custom Buttons for Google Toolbar 4 for Internet Explorer
Google Developers Video Tutorials on YouTube to supplement the content of

Yahoo! Developers Network - Development Tools and API's for the numerous Yahoo! Products and Services

Yahoo! Search API - Get Yahoo! Ranking information
Yahoo! Site Explorer API API for the new Yahoo! Webmaster Tool.
Yahoo! Search Marketing API Overture PPC Search Engine API

MSN Search Developer Center - SDK and API for MSN Search/Microsoft Live, AdCenter Developer Resources for - ASK (Jeeves).COM search results Scraper Friendly (more info)
ASL API Sponsored Listings API for paid search management and campaign data access.

Alexa Web Services (not free) - Part of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) $0.00015 per request ($0.15 for 1,000 requests)
Alexa Top Sites $0.0025 per URL returned (e.g. $.25 for 100 URLs)
Alexa Site Thumbnail $0.0002 / thumbnail returned (i.e. $0.20 per 1,000 thumbnails) $0 if no thumbnail exists.
Alexa Web Search $0.00030 per request ($0.30 for 1,000 requests)

Obtain API Keys!
Google: 1. be signed in your Google Account then 2. create or retreive your Google API Key.
Yahoo!: 1. be signed in your Yahoo! Account and then 2. create your Yahoo! API Key
MSN Search/Live: 1. be logged in your MS Live/Passport/MSN Account and 2. create your "MSN Search" AppID

Google PageRank calculator for .NET - .NET Library. Free for up to 5 sites.
Scraping Links With PHP a tutorial with sample source code by Justin Laing from MerchantOS

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Blogging/RSS Development/API's and Webservices

Feedburner Developers API's - API to work with your Feeds syndicated by
Blogger Developers Network - Blogger API to manage your Weblog, Ping and more
Blogger ATOM API - API Documentation
RSS.Net Library - RSS Library for DOT NET
Weblogs API Interface - API Documentation
Technorati API Wiki for Developer - API Reference
Technorati Developer Center - Official Homepage
Technorati 4 ASP - ASP Class using the Technorat API
Typekey API from Six Apart
TrackBack Technical Specification by Six Apart

Also see Affiliate Program APIs and Webservices provided by affiliate networks and by advertisers with in-house affiliate programs.

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Other API's, Web Services and RSS Feeds

Wordtracker API - Wordtracker is the leading Keyword Research Service on the Internet API - online project collaboration tool API API for developers to access content from the popular video sharing platform via a programming interface.
Facebook Developer API to write apps for the popular social networking platform.
MapPoint Web Service to integrate maps, driving directions, distance calculations, proximity searches, and other location intelligence into other applications API by Name Inteligence. Get Domain Registration Information via XML API Interface from

WordTracker API Wordtracker API brochure - Wordtracker is one of the leading keyword research tools for SEO and SEM (commercial).
Keyword Discovery API by Trellian (Keyword Research). A free version of the API is also available.

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Articles, Blogs and RSS Feeds - Keeping you up to date with the latest on mashups and the new Web 2.0 API
ProgrammableWeb: API Feed - get updates to all Web APIs done at PrgWeb as they become available.
Fawcette Technical Publications News Feeds - selection of News Feeds for the different areas of Windows based Development provided by FTP Online.

RSS 2.0 Specification written by Dave Winer for Technology at Harvard Law
Normalizing Syndicated Feed Content by Mark Pilgrim, April 07, 2004 at
What Is RSS by Mark Pilgrim, December 18, 2002 at

Technology and Development Events

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a number of web services to businesses and individuals. Get the overview here at

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Architecture, Project Management and Testing Books

Web Design Complete Reference Web Design Complete Reference
by Thomas A. Powell

buy Web Design Complete Reference
Web Site Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design Web Site Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design
by Prentice Hall PTR

buy Web Site Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design
Testing Applications on the Web Testing Applications on the Web : Test Planning for Internet-Based Systems
by John Wiley & Sons

buy Testing Applications on the Web
Automated Web Site Evaluation Automated Web Site Evaluation : Researchers' and Practitioners' Perspectives
by M.Y. Ivory

buy Automated Web Site Evaluation
Rapid Development+CD-Rom Rapid Development+CD-Rom
by Steve McConnell

buy Rapid Development+CD-Rom
Code Complete, Second Edition Code Complete, Second Edition
by Steve McConnell

buy Code Complete, Second Edition

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