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Website Code Validation, ISAPI Filters and 301 Redirects

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Helicon ISAPI Rewrite for MS IIS

See also the resources to Search engine spiders, HTML Meta tags and the robots.txt exclusion protocol; as well as information to cloaking and IP delivery.

Source Code Checks
Page Size determines HTML web page size.
Code to Text Ratio indicates the percent of the text in web page.
SEO Analyzer provides an analysis of web standards; semantic structure; obsolete and deprecated HTML; improper use of table elements; inline styles; download size and time; outgoing links and top keywords.

Redirects/301 Redirects (to avoid duplicate content and Canonical URLs)
Issue of duplicate or near duplicate content.

URL Redirect Check is a tool that checks for a valid HTTP 301 header.
Redirects using HTTP 301 headers by moves pages or websites to avoid Canonical domains and duplicate content.
Comprehensive guide to .htaccess by Feyd. The .htaccess file support is something specific to Apache web servers and not for Microsoft IIS web servers. The .htaccess file provides webmasters with a tool to control all sorts of things regarding a site's access permission, redirects, error handling and a lot more. The guide by Feyd is very comprehensive and not written like a tech manual so even the less technical do-it-yourselfers will be able to get a grip on it.
Ultimate htaccess article, provided by, includes tons of practical example rules that need only to be adjusted to be used for your domain.
Redirect Folder to Subdomain is an .htaccess rule for Apache web servers. Source: Forums.
Changing dynamic to static URLs via Apache's .htaccess mod_rewrite rules. This is a thread at Provided is an online tool by SEOChat that generates rules for you.
URL Rewriting converts dynamic URLs to static URLs ( .htaccess file required).

MS IIS - 301 Redirection Functions Source code written in Active Server Pages (Classic ASP).
See Rewrite Tools and Plug-ins for IIS web servers and more.

Check also my resources, such as HTTP header viewers, DNS analysis and other internet technology tools for analysing, monitoring and troubleshouting your own and other webs ervers and websites.

Link Checkers (Detect Broken Links)
Xenu's Link Sleuth crawls your site and checks outbound and site internal links for broken links.
Online Link Checker by Webmaster Toolkit will extract links from a page you specify and check for broken links.
Link Checker Pro is a professional broken link checker tool for large sites with 100,000 or more links.
Web Link Validator by Rel Software does what its name says: it validates links.
Amazon Associate Site Report by Alexa provides a free report for webmasters that checks for broken links. Alexa will crawl your site in order to do that. Make sure that your robots.txt allows access. The final report will be sent to you via email.
W3C Link Checker is a free online link checker tool provided by the W3C.

You might also want to check my resources like Site Map Tools and Site Map Submission tools and guides.

Website Availability Monitoring, Up Time and Response Times Checks
Internet Seer is a website monitoring service, with free as well as paid Pro and Enterprise options available.
Website Monitoring tool is a free service that comes with WebCEO software, which is also available for free, with upgrade options to paid Pro versions. monitors your site. A free plan is available, as well as paid Premium and Advanced plans with additional features.
Alerta Website Monitoring Service provides a free trial, but no free version is available. It's geared toward professional websites only. provides free a website monitoring service (note that report emails contain ads).

Multifunction Tools - "Swiss Army Knives" lets you see your website like a search engine sees it and comes with a lot of built-in SEO tools including a link analyzer, backlink checker, W3C validity and more.
HTML Toolbox by NetMechanics provides HTML code checks, spell checking, a link checker and more.

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Helicon Link Freeze for Database Driven Sites

Web Server Tools/ISAPI Filters

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Helicon ISAPI Rewrite is an advanced URL rewrite tool for Microsoft IIS web servers.
Link Freeze is a search engine optimization component for dynamic sites.
KLOTH.NET - Internet provides information about security, bad bots, user agents and more.

ISAPI Zip for MS IIS reduces the amount of bandwidth required to deliver high quality content from a web server.
CountryLocator an ISAPI plug-in for MS IIS. CountryLocator gives you the ability to find out where your web site visitors are coming from and to display to visitors specific content based upon visitor location. You can also redirect users and detect credit card fraud based on your website visitors' geographic locations.
AffiliateMask ISAPI filter for MS IIS tracks affiliate traffic to your website using cookies or HTTP headers to store IDs instead of a URL.

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Duplicate Content Check/Copyright Infringement Detection

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Duplicate Content Detection. To learn more about the technical details about how search engines can and do detect Duplicate Content, take a look at the dedicated page with articles, information and resources at

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