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Web Analytics To Measure Your Success!

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by Carsten Cumbrowski, July, 23 2007.


Web analytics is critical for your online business success. Learn why you need a web analytics, what it does and what your options are. This is a short primer to introduce you to the world of web analytics.


If you operate a commercial website, knowing where your visitors are coming from and how they are using your website is more than just nice-to-have information. It is essential and can make the difference between making it and losing it in today's Internet business world.

Your web server log has tons of useful information, but that log-file in its raw format is impractical for frequent analysis and statistics. Good web analytics solutions provide you with the tools to generate useful and understandable reports from the huge amount of raw data collected by your web server.

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What is the Purpose of Web Analytics?

Learn who your visitors are, where they are coming from, how they use your site, and where they go when they leave. Find problem areas in the conversion funnel, and check whether changes you implement have the desired effects. To determine hotspots and weak areas of your site, and to check whether your search, marketing and landing pages convert or require improvement, you need a good web analytics solution.

What is a Good Web Analytics Solution?

A good web analytics program or solution literally shows marketers why visitors do what they do. It is perfect for those interested in PPC marketing, SEO, web design, and usability. It is also extremely helpful for those with e-commerce storefronts, including direct support for "Yahoo! Stores" and "Miva Merchant".

A good solution provides visual interface and insightful reports.

Learn more about Web Analytics

Learn more about Traffic Tracking and Web Analytics, Measurement of Conversion and ROI.
Learn the Metrix used by Marketers and find useful tools and tips for selecting a Web Analytics solution

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What are the Types of Web Analytics Solutions?

Website analytics solutions are available as either a hosted solution or log-file processing software. There is a right solution for everyone - choose the one that best fits your needs and business size.

Note there are some solutions available for no cost. However, free does not always mean free. With most paid solutions are your highly sensitive and valuable data accessible only to you. How much is your data worth to you? You have the choice and I have already made mine.

With a paid solution, you also get something that you would not get from any free service - online seminars (often at no additional charge) to learn how to make the most of the web analytics solution from the comfort of your own desk. This is especially valuable for people who have little experience with web analytics software, but even veterans will likely learn a trick or two.


There are a large number of web analytics solutions available, for little to no cost, expensive enterprise solutions and everything in between. There is no "perfect" web analytics solution for everybody, but chances are very good that there is one, that is right and perfect for your needs and your budget.

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