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Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay Per Call Advertising Introduction and Information

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Sponsored by Ingenio - Pay Per Call - Advertising Service Pioneer and Network

What is Pay Per Call?
In 2004, Ingenio pioneered the industry's first Pay Per Call advertising system, allowing any business to capitalize on the popularity of Internet search and drive targeted, inbound phone leads. With Ingenio, advertisers can quickly create listings, set their own prices and reach millions of ready-to-buy customers via the Ingenio Advertising Network, which represents over a billion searches per month with partners like AOL® Search, AOL Yellow Pages, Switchboard, and other leading search and directory sites. The Ingenio Pay Per Call advertising service works similarly to click-based advertising, except that it drives phone leads to a business' phone, rather than clicks to a business' website.

Who Can Use Pay Per Call?
Any business or service provider (with or without a website) - across a wide range of business categories such as legal, financial services, home improvement, travel, automotive, beauty salons, florists and more - can use Ingenio Pay Per Call advertising. From your local plumber to your national hotel chain, everyone can use Ingenio Pay Per Call to drive phone calls instead of clicks. Phone leads are a proven way to build customer relationships and close sales.

Do you have advertisers who want to get highly qualified phone call leads or consumers searching online for local businesses and service providers? Sign up for Ingenio Pay Per Call for your business: Click here for more information.

With approximately 14 million businesses in the U.S. and less than 300,000 of these engaged in click-based online advertising, it is clear that the "one size fits all" approach to online advertising doesn't work - especially when it comes to local merchants and service providers who do not have or operate e-commerce websites.

Ingenio Pay Per Call offers an innovative twist on the traditional method of search-based online advertising: it enables you to attract millions of small, local and service based businesses to pay-for performance advertising with an online solution that delivers a phone call instead of a click.

Ingenio Pay Per Call is an ideal solution for the millions of local businesses who know the value of a phone call lead-studies show that these small businesses prefer incoming calls to website clicks by a ratio of 2 to 1.

With Ingenio Pay Per Call, these businesses can acquire new customers online - and pay only after they receive an incoming phone call. Click here for more information.

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