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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and Contextual Advertising

These resources are for affiliate marketing professionals and newcomers. Some resources are for affiliates, some are for affiliate program managers (advertisers), and others are for both.

If you are a merchant or service provider who is selling your products or services online, and you don't have an affiliate program, consider launching one.

Are you a Newbie and just started out as Affiliate or Affiliate Manager?

I created a special page with Affiliate Marketing Training and Learing Resources just for your needs to get you up to speed quickly and cuts down the time it would take you if you search the web for information and resources yourself. I collected over the years various information to Affiliate Manager Training Courses, Affiliate Bootcamps and Self Learning Resources. Some are free, others have a low price tah and make it easy for you to get started.

I support the PMA!Some of the resources are pretty expesive and targeted to either professionals and companies that can afford the initial investment or to individuals that are serious about this business and not shy away from investing money up-front to save the time to learn it through practical experience and over time.

The expensive classes and training kits can't teach you anything that years of practical experience will teach you automatically, but most people can't or don't want to wait that long. ... more.

Articles About the Basics

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Affiliate Marketing - Handy Resources

Affiliate marketing is diverse and complex. Affiliate marketing has a lot of different facets. I created separate Resource Pages for individual aspects from Internet Marketing Basics and Web Development to Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. I also wrote some interesting Affiliate Marketing related articles you might want to look at as well.

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Legal Resources, Starting a Business, Trademarks

Legal resources regarding starting a business and trademarks can be found at my Internet Marketing Resource Page and Outsourcing and 3rd Party Resources Page. Most questions about reporting taxes (U.S. only) are covered here.

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Affiliate Marketing News Feed via RSS

Stay up-to-date about new developments in the internet and affiliate marketing world
It is very important and now also very easy to stay up to date on recent events and developments in affiliate and internet marketing. See current news here. You can subscribe to the news via Email or RSS.

Just sign up for my aggregated affiliate and internet marketing News (RSS Feed).Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Aggregated News

I have collected the most important sources of news and information about affiliate marketing and Internet marketing in general into a single and convenient RSS Feed so you don't have to go out and search for good sources and subscribe to dozens of individual feeds yourself. You can see the latest news in my RSS Feed here.

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Affiliate Marketing Glossaries

Affiliate Marketing Glossary of Terms provided by Affiliate Scout
Webopedia An online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology definitions.

... find more definitions and glossaries via Google definition search for "Affiliate Marketing"

See also
Internet Marketing Glossaries, SEM/Paid Search Glossaries and Search Engine Optimization Glossaries

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General Affiliate Marketing Resources and Blogs

The list of blogs about affiliate marketing, maintained by affiliates, affiliate networks, OPM's, merchants, media and third party vendors moved to its own resources page for Affiliate Marketing Blogs.

Much more News Sources, Resources and Blogs that are important not just for Affiliate Marketing, but Internet Marketing in general can be found at my Internet Marketing Resources Section.

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Affiliate Recruitment and Program Promotion Tools

This section was moved to its own page. See Affiliate Recruitment Resources.

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