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Internet Tech-Tools - Who-Is, DNS, Traceroute, HTTP Headers and More

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Here you can find a number of resources for more tech-savvy marketers and webmasters to perform network checks and analysis of sites and servers on the Internet. Their own, or somebody elses.

The page includes tools and resources to check webserver responses, domain name analysis tools to determine key attributes of a domain name that are relevant for a number of different things beyond search engine optimization or domain trading.

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Domain Analysis and Troubleshooting / DNS Tools

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Online Tool - Domain Dossier - Investigate domains and IP addresses online. The tool performs following checks: address lookup, domain whois record, first dom request for domain at to determine registry, then whois lookup at that registry, network whois record look-up at, traceroute, DNS records (set of records for the domain) and service ports scan (21, 25, 80, 119, 143)

Helicon Link Freeze for Database Driven Sites

Domain Age Tool
This online tool determines the approximate age of a website on the Internet and allows you to view how the website looked when it first started based on records by the WayBackMachine at

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Web Resource - - various DNS Tests and Lookups. Domain Name Tests: DNS Report, DNS Timing, Whois Lookup. IP Tests: Spam Database Lookup, Reverse DNS Lookup, IPWhois Lookup, IP Information. Hostname Tests: DNS Lookup, Traceroute, Ping, ISP Cached DNS Lookup. Abuse Lookup, URL Deobfuscator, Free Email Lookup, Decimal IPs, CIDIR/Netmask, Email Test and CSE HTML Validator.

Web Tools - has a huge number of different tools for domain analysis and research, including whois, reverse IP (nslookup in Windows), domain history, DNS server spy, domain name monitor, ping, traceroute, mark alerts on new domain registrations with a specified keyword in it, domain typo tool, Wikipedia references, Dmoz and Yahoo Dir entries and more. Domain Tools also offer a commercial API, which you could integrate into your own and custom developed tool.

If you are a domainer or interested in the subject, then you might want to check out my specialized resources for domain name research, parked domain monetization, domain name trading, dropped domain acquisition and auctions as well as domain portfolio management.

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HTTP Header Monitoring Tools and Browser Plug-Ins

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Online Tool - HTTP Header Viewer - The tool only pulls the HTTP header of the specified page and does not load the page itself. This is a good tool to check for malicous redirects and drive-by downloads.
Online Tool - Show HTTP Server Headers is a similar tool and does also provide some comments about the different status codes that could be returned in the header of a page.

Browser Plug-In - HttpWatch by Simtec, Ltd., provides an Explorer Bar/Tool/Plug-in for MS Internet Explorer (Windows) that allows you to: trace all HTTP requests, redirects, HTTP return codes, HTTP headers; and to get and post requests and source code made by the browser while browsing on the internet. It's very useful for troubleshooting issues, investigating nifty redirects, checking redirects (301 redirect vs. 302 redirect), verifying correctness of return codes for custom error and site maintenance pages (404 code or 500 code vs. 200 return code) and more. A basic (free) and Pro Edition are available for download.

ieHTTPHeaders is a free Internet Explorer Toolbar that lets you see HTTP headers for requests made by the browser.
LiveHTTPHeaders is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that monitors HTTP headers.
View-HTTP Headers is an online tool by SEOEggHead that checks the HTTP header responses of your website.

Also see my website code validation, ISAPI filters, website uptime and response monitoring, IP delivery, spiders simulation, META tags and 301 redirects resources, which are related to HTTP responses and general traffic monitoring and website troubleshooting.

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TCP/IP and Routing

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Tools - - IPV6 Tests: Reverse DNS Lookup, IP Whois Lookup, IPv6 Expand, IPv6 Compress, IPv6 Info. Hostname Tests: Ping, Traceroute, DNS Lookup. Other Tests: IPv4 to IPv6 and IPv6 CIDR Tool be continued
Helicon ISAPI Rewrite for MS IIS

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