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Keyword Density Analysis Tools and Resources

Keyword Density Checks and Analysis of Your Web Pages

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I do not recommend spending too much time worrying about keyword density. Yes, repeat the main keyword phrase a couple times in the content, and have it in the title and also in one or more image alt tags, but more is -- most of the time -- unnecessary. Being 100% right on the money with keyword density will increase your ranking slightly, but other things, like links, have a much bigger impact and take less time to get right.


Only if you are in a very competitive industry where every little bit of boost in ranking makes a difference is it worth spending your time tweaking keyword density. The density should be between 2% and 7%, but the exact optimum density varies from one search engine to the next. If you optimize the density for one search engine -- that is, if you are able to find the exact density to gain ranking in the SERPs of one search engine -- chances are that it will NOT dramatically affect your ranking and, worse, it could hurt your ranking on another search engine.

Competitive Intelligence and competitor analysis resources, tools and services for organic and paid PPC search activities, traffic, keyword bidding, ranking and more. Also see my list of Keyword Research tools.

For domain name research, visit my Domain Research Resources page which provides domain typo suggestions and domain name analyzer tools.

Keyword Density Analysis Tools and Resources

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Check out the Advanced Keyword Density Analyzer tool here at provides a Page Keywords Analyzer.
Keyword Density by SEOChat lets you measure keyword density for one-, two- or three-word key terms.
Keyword Cloud is a visual representation of keywords used on a website.
The Keyword Extractor and Analyzer (KEA) by takes a text or a web page URL as input. The keywords in the text or web page are then extracted. The list of keywords can be checked by you and submitted for ranking checks in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN).
Keyword Density Analyzer by Webjectives is a very basic tool; you must provide keywords, there are no keyword suggestions. It allows checks for partial and case-sensitive matches.
Keyword Density Analyzer Tool by Article Underground is pretty detailed and also checks other on-page factors.
SEO Book Keyword Density Analyzer is a tool by Aaron Wall, author of SEO Book.
goRank Density Analyzer Tools lets you compare any five URLs for density of keywords you enter; you can also see the top ten Google results for any keyword.
Keyword Density Checker by Webconfs shows results as a visual depiction of the keywords used on the page.
Keyword Density Analyzer by Mark Horrell is an online tool that lets you analyse either manually entered text or the text of a web page via providing an URL. Sort results alphabetically or by number of occurrences, include or exclude stop words.

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