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Enjoy the free Search Engine Optimization tools for Webmasters here at For additional resources and tools visit my Search Engine Optimization Resources Page. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing Resource Collection might also be of interest for you.

Please Note: Some might take a few minutes to return results. Please be patient.

Keyword Density Tool

Enter a Site or Page URL. Returns Size, HTTP Code, the Text Content, The Important Text in the Code and the Top one-word , two-words and three-words Keywords (at least in text twice)


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DNS Tool

Enter URL and determine URL, then automatically backtrack.


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Reverse DNS Tool

Enter IP and find out the Web Address. This will be most likely incorrect is ip belongs to a "Shared Server" where multiple or even hundreds of sites share the same IP Address at the Server


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HTTP Header Tool

Enter URL to check HTTP Header Response from your server, IP, Agent, Target HTML Code and destination in iFrame Windows.


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Spider Simulator Tool

Enter a Site or Page URL. Result shows Found Links. Text Content that will be spidered by SE, the Page Size, your User agent and returned HTTP Code.


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