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Internet and Affiliate Marketing Educational Videos

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Watch educational videos to various internet/online and affiliate marketing related subjects that were produced by experts in the industry. Some produce videos on a regular basis and distribute their videos in podcast format and are worthwhile to sign-up for.

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Internet and Affiliate Marketing Videos and Webinars

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  Blogging Best Practices: Maximizing Your Success (Google Video) - Session with blogging Guru Dave Tayler at Affiliate Summit East 2006 affiliate marketing conference and expo.
  Session Videos of Affiliate Summits - Get free access to the video recordings of past Affiliate Summits, free. The only thing that is required is a sign-up for the Real Deal Affiliate Summit newsletter to get the access URL and user credentials.

You can unsubsctibe from the newsletter if you don't find it useful. Your access to the videos remains active, even if you should decide to opt-out of the email newsletter.

The site has currently the video recordings of the sessions from all Affiliate Summit conferences since Affiliate Summit East 2006 available, which is a lot of videos.

Here is the link to password protected site (no need to search for the email with the URL)
  Google AdSense Webinars - Flash and Macromedia Breeze webinars and webinar transscripts for publishers who are using Google AdSense.

Alternative feed
1938 Media Video Blog (VLog) by Loren Feldman. Internet marketing news and comments.
  BtoB Webcasts provides 20+ free educational business-to-business (B2B) webcasts to a wide range of internet marketing topics including search and social media.

BtoB Video On-Demand put a number of short educational videos up on the internet about B2B marketing. The videos can be accessed on-demand and free of charge.
Affiliate Summit Videos Community - Videos by the visitors and fans of Affiliate Summit. (alternative URL) Videos - a collection of various free videos to internet and affiliate marketing by Affiliate Summit co-founder and affiliate marketing industry veteran Shawn Collins at Video programs about online- and specifically performance marketing, social media aka Web 2.0, customer acquisition and other hot marketing topics.
  Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants Video series by Shawn Collins based on his equally titled book
Pepperjam Videos at, published by Dean aka JiveHonky81 from Pepperjam
Alternative YouTube Feed The Daily Flip, the semi-daily video show with blogger and entrepreneur Jim Kukral.
Relevantly Speaking the interactive marketing and new media blog and video podcast by MediaTrust. Not all posts contain videos, but the ones that do, have the video embedded in the feed.
CalacanisCast hosted by Podtech is a video podcast series by entrepreneur and vc Jason McCabe Calacanis, Netscape, Weblogs Inc., etc. The video podcast includes interviews with a wide variety of people who are working in different areas of the internet or at least influenced it.
45n5 Daily hosted by Mark Wielgus, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur and (video) blogger talks about things that he currently worries or cares about, asks questions and provides tip based on his own day to day experiences. by Jeremy Palmer offers various educational videos for affiliates, specifically to paid search. The free video tutorials cover PPC services like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter.
Affiliates4U.TV provides educational videos about the affiliate marketing industry in Europe. is operated by the owners of and organizers of the affiliate marketing conference a4uExpo.

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Additional Video and Audio Content

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