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Contextual Advertising and Keyword Targeting Resources and Services

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Contextual Advertising Services

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Google AdSense the first truely successful contextual advertising service
Yahoo! Publisher Network also known as YPN. Yahoo's answer to AdSense. Still in non-public Beta.
Microsoft Content Ads - The contextual ads network by MS Live. The program has currently an U.S. Pilot only, it is not open to the general public yet.
eBay AdContext - Currently in non-public Beta. To apply for the beta, Join the ebay Affiliate Program via CJ and send an email to with the request to be accepted for the beta testing. Omakase Links - contextual ads by via their Amazon Associates affiliate program.
MIVA Monetization Center - three services for web publishers. Content Ads, MIVA InLine Ads and Search Ads. - Auction based Contextual Advertising Network. CPM/CPC based. Webmasters can select from a wide range of media such as Text banners, Graphical banners, Pop-Under advertisements, Search boxes, Contextual inline links, Layer ads and XML feed to host on their websites or blogs.

If you want to see contextual relevant videos that are automatically selected depending on the Webpage content? Have a look at Blinkx It and have a glimpse at the future.

Are you looking into CPA or Revenue Share as alternative or addition to display advertising for your Website? Check out the List of Affiliate and CPA Networks and In-House Solution Providers.

Is Performance marketing a bit too much for you? Would you rather provide only the Ad space and inventory and have it managed for you, but not automated like via Google AdSense? Check out Display Advertising and find out if that would work better for you.

Contextual Advertising Services Blogs

If you don't want or can't create relevant content yourself, buy them and then monetize them. Article Underground for example provides members hundreds of new articles that are highly optimized for relevant niche keywords and phrases and not available to everybody to re-print. Only a limited number of members get access to the same content. You can also hire a freelance writer at a Freelance Project Marketplace like

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Contextual Advertising Keyword Checkers, Simulators and Research

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Research Keywords for your Web Pages and Simulate Ads that would be displayed by Google AdSense, calculate potential earnings and more.

  • AdSense Dominator - over 1,050,000 Google Adsense Keywords... + Keywords Analyzer ($97-) comes free.
  • Google AdSense Sandbox Tool by DigitalPoint. Simply enter the URL or keywords and you will see up to 20 sample AdSense ads for the URL or keywords.
  • Google AdSense Sandbox by allows you to preview Google AdSense ads for a specific keyword phrase and country combination.
  • Google AdSense Tool by PromotionWorld. Like DigitalPoint Google AdSense Sandbox Tool, but you can select the Google Ad Format and Color Scheme to get an actual preview of how the Google Adsense Ad would look like.
  • AdSense Preview - Simulates what ads would appear on a given URL and how they would look like based on the selected Ad Size
  • AdSense Calculator Calculate Daily, Monthly & Annual Clicks+Earnings based on some basic Ad Performance Data

See also: Contextual Advertising Books and Contextual Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Podcasts.

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Semi-Contextual Advertising - Keyword Targeting

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Semi, because no algorithm determines which Ads are shown like with AdSense or YPN.
The Advertiser and/or Publisher have control over the Ads displayed.

ebay AdContext (non-public beta) also supports Keyword targeting as optional feature, if you don't want to rely on eBays ability to determine relevant Ads for your page. The Free Ebay Contextual Advertising Service utilizes the beta service for everybody who was not accepted. It still requires an active Affiliation with eBay through the CJ Affiliate Network
BrightAds by Kanoodle - Smart Sponsored Links - Matching Ads to Content
Text Link Ads at - direct HTML links that can drive targeted traffic and help your organic search engine rankings. Get $100 fee Credits with Code: STARTER KIT - Free Linkbuying GuideFree Link Buying Guide.
BidVertiser Get $20 in FREE clicks. Publishers, Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser
BlogAds place ads on America's most influential blogs.
CrispAds - Keyword Targeted ads on Blogs and in RSS Feeds. RSS marketing solutions provider - Monetize your Blog and News feeds publisher solutions provide customized tools for Webmasters to generate revenue with their Websites by - Keyword targeted Ads like the Ad further up on this page.
Chitika Display targeted products and you get paid for clicks. You can select the product category you would like to get product ads being pulled from. - Increase the Bid on Your Site's Income! Auction Ads allows you to display live eBay auctions on your website next to your content. You are in control of which type of auctions are shown.
TTZ Media - Keyword targeted product ads based on the comparison shopping API. Ideal for product review or other product related content sites with 250K+ impressions per month.

A very comprehensive list of classic PPC Search Engines (including Google, Yahoo, MSN/MS Live and, Networks and Services is available at my Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engines List.

Review, Pay for Blog Post Services and Brokers

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LogoDescription - Advertisers, can get their service or Web site reviewed by bloggers. Blogers get paid to review services and Web sites that are of interest to their readers. - Pay bloggers to talk about your product or service. Bloggers, make money by blogging about products you like, Publishers add reviews to your site or blog.
SponsoredReviews - High quality matchmaker between the advertiser and blogger for paid reviews
Blogvertise is a smaller and less strict review broker that connects bloggers with advertisers that are willing to pay for reviews (links) - join the conversation via CreamAid's conversation Widget, Participate and earn royalties if your contribution is selected and syndicated. is another "Get paid to blog" network where bloggers get paid money for writing sponsored reviews for advertisers - "Make Money Blogging". Blogitive was founded in 2006. Write your opinion about peoples products, services and websites on your blog and get paid for it.

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See the Advertiser Kit to learn more about sponsorship opportunities at Press? Download my Media Kit.

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