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Website Builder - XSitePro created by Paul Smithson is a web site development tool designed especially for Internet marketers. You can build affiliate pages within minutes. The software has built-in search engine optimization tool that tells you what's wrong with your page and how you can improve it. It also creates sitemaps automatically for your websites.

It has Google AdSense Support, Spell Checker, WYSIWYG Editor, an Easy to use interface and there is No HTML Knowledge required to work with it. A good tool for all the guys (and girls) out there that are not as much technical as I am :).

You can make changes to your website without a hassle. "Page Layout" section allows you to make changes to all your pages at once. Ability to create page footers, sitemaps, links pages, and more. All with just a push of a button. It comes with a Tutorial and 300 Pages handbook.

Please Note: I have not used the product myself yet. I came across it online and it seems to be very decent. I don't need it, because I know HTML and that stuff well enough that I don't need to spend money on the tool.
I would test drive it, if I get a free copy :). If you are a user or customer of xSite Pro or used to be one in the past, please leave me a message with your comments and opinion about it. Thank you.

Tool - - Test Online and real-time how your text will look in different fonts, font-sizes, colors, spacing, formats etc. Pretty much every CSS formating attribute can be tested. Very helpful and efficient tool to determine how to format text on your website to make it look good.

Click here to download your Babylon Trial Version now!! Translator - Babylon - The single click translator dictionary, convertor, and information tool. I use this product for over 10!!!! years already (I used a pirate copy for half that time and felt so bad after several PC's that came and went but the pirate version of Babylon came always with me.

Then I purchased it, finally. Okay, it was Shareware back then and at the beginning even free so only 2-3 years pirate copy :). I paid for my sin. I bought the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus and Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus Add-on's. They are not cheap. More expensive than the platform and language translation dictionaries combined.

The current version of Babylon is 6. Download it now and try for Free. New with Version 6: Text Translations and not just single words and phrases.

Screen Shots - SnagIt by TechSmith. Screen Capture, Video Capture and Web Site Capture Tool with build in Editor for adjustments, highlighting and tons of other features. Download the Free Trial. It's a great tool which I am using for years already.

Resource - Wikipedia - the Free Encyclopedia Online (english) - everybody can edit (double check sources before you reference to Wikipedia. Also keep in mind that articles there are being constantly changed by people)

I also have a list of Open Source and Commercial Content Management Systems and other CMS related resources; also Blogger resources and options, hosted services, blogger software, free/open source, paid, recurring fee based service and more.

Resource - Business Research Engine from Northern Lights at Repository of over 100 Million buiness related articles, white lists, news stories and press releases. Includes sources like The News York Times and Washington Posts that require a monthly fee for access to content. You can subscribe to various news letters, for access online at your dashboard or via email. Same for custom queries and research subjects.

A 24h pass is $4.95, but a monthly subscription is only $9.95. I would do that and if you don't like it, cancel it after the first month. The Service is like Google News Alerts combined with access to paid content (which cost more if you just consider the NYT and WP). The Archive can be searched with advanced filters or browsed via multiple levels of categories.

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