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You might also want to check out the site submission tools and resources that are listed at The resources include RSS feed (blog feed) submissions to blog directories and submissions of your website to be listed at important web directories.

You can also find resources to paid inclusion and shopping comparison search engines at

Sitemaps Formats and Standards

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XML Schema to Validate your XML Sitemaps
For Sitemaps:
For Sitemap index files:

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Sitemaps for Search Engines

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  • Google Webmaster Central provides a number of resources for webmasters regarding their sites in the Google search index. Next to the ability to provide Google with a list of URLs of your site, is Google also providing free statistics and reports about how Google sees your site as well as some traffic and ranking reports and if there are any technical issues you might not be aware of.
  • Google Sitemaps provide a Feed in GData, Atom, RSS or ROR Format. It also gives you access to useful information about your Site in Google and more. Google is constantly expanding the features of this Service, transforming it to a general Webmaster Tool for "everything Google".
  • Yahoo! Site Explorer - Provide a Site Feed, get information like internal backlinks and external backlinks and more. Yahoo's Sitemap Tool for Webmasters.
  • Yahoo! Site Feed Upload. Supported Formats: RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0, Atom 0.3, ROR or simple Text
  • MS Live Search Webmaster Central for Microsoft Live and MSN Search.

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Sitemaps Tools

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  • crawls your website and provides a site map free, but not only that, it also checks for page title, descriptions, page sizes, internal linking, nofollow links and much more. It's a site evaluation for SEO on-page/site factors and site architecture. The service is currently in open and free beta.
  • Google Sitemap Tool - 500 Pages free. For bigger sites and for automation and pinging Google is a Pro version available ($15.00)
  • About Sitemaps - Article - easy to understand introduction to Sitemaps. HTML for your Website, Google Sitemaps, Yahoo! Feeds etc.
  • Google and Yahoo sitemapper for Windows - GYSitemapper is a sitemap generator for Google and Yahoo search engines (free Trial)
  • Google Webmaster Tools Sitemap Generator is a tool that helps webmasters with the creation of a XML sitemap for their website.
  • is similar to and offers in addition to the free version also a paid pro-version with some extra features.
  • Sitemaps-Builder is a free online tool to generate a XML sitemap. It's useful for smaller websites only.
  • XMLSitemap (not to confuse with XML-Sitemaps) is also an online tool to geneate a sitemap in XML format for your website, similar to Sitemap-Builder.
  • Online Sitemaps Generator is an online tool that creates XML and HTML sitemaps for smaller websites.
  • supports the creation of XML and HTML sitemaps, one for the engines and the other for the users of your site.
  • AutoMapIt is like the previous mentioned tool and creates both, XML and HTML sitemaps. You have to create an account with them (free) though, in order to be able to use the tool.
  • Site Map allows the creation of HTML and XML sitemaps for free.
  • is a site where you can create, edit and share your sitemaps online.
  • SitemapGen is an open source desktop tool available for download at to generate a XML sitemap for any website.
  • Sitemap Validator is a free tool by Smart IT Consulting to validate your XML sitemap to make sure that it has no formatting errors and will not be accepted by search engines because of that.
If the list of tools that I provided to you is not enough and you want more, no problem, check out the lists of over 30 commercial/shareware and over 50 freeware Sitemap Creator Tools at

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Blog and CMS Sitemap Plug-Ins

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  • Google Sitemaps Generator plug-in for WordPress blogs that automaticallt creates your xml sitemap for Google and updates it automatically if you write new posts.
  • Sitemaps Generator Plug-In for WordPress creates a HTML sitemap for your blog. It's a good thing to have to help any search engine with crawling and finding your content. However, this tool does not submit any sitemap to search engines or generates the XML sitemap some search engine support. It's a good tool, but only complimentary to the other real XML sitemap plug-in.
  • XML Sitemap for Drupal is a plug-in for the open source content management platform Drupal to generate a XML sitemap for your site that follows the standard defined at
Free ROR Sitemap Generator
here at - for FREE!

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