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SEO Articles, News and Self-Learning Resources

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Search Engine Watch - SEW - SEO resources, articles, forums, blog, Search Engine Strategies (SES) search marketing conference and expo SEO's - SEO Company with good Resources and Blog - Search Engine News, Features, Stats, Reviews and Resources.
Search Newz - SEO News Stories at - from publications
Successful Sites - Articles and News organized by Scottie Claiborne, owner of Right Click Web Consulting - Directory, Articles, News and SEO other Resources Search Engine Marketing Articles and Forum
"The Matrix Report" is SEOMatrix, LLC's SEO Newsletter. They also have an online archive available on their website with previous editions of their email newsletters.
Search Engine World is a site that provides numerous articles to many search engine optimization subjects.

Mobile Search Marketing resources and guide to mobile search search engine optimization.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tools by Aaron Wall from SEO Book and Digital Point Solutions, here at Also available: Free Keyword Research Guide (PDF - eBook) by WordTracker.

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SEO eZines / Newsletters

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Site Pro News is a search engine marketing and optimization eZine. Jim Hedger is the lead editor who also hosts the radio show and podcast "The Alternative" at is part of the Jayde Online Network.
SearchReturn selected search engine information, actionable website marketing tips and expert advice with SEW Blog Correspondent Detlev Johnson
SEO News is another search engine optimization newsletter that is also part of the Jayde Online Network.
Axandra SEO News - SEO eZine by Axandra, the makers of IBP and Arelis.

Get Background Information and Resarch Data, Search Engine Algorithms and Patents, as well as current statistical Information. Also some Information to Search Engine Optimization History is available.

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SEO related Fun Stuff and SEO Contests

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v7ndotcom vs. elursrebmem - The SEO Contest in 2006 that was triggered by some "issues" between the owner of the v7n site and the "SEO Rockstars". Most of the price money offered ended up being contributed for charity.
SEO Generations - virtual SEO Battles. Very entertaining.
SEOIdiot Cartoons - Cartoon Images of some known and less known people in the SEO Industry. See also the SEO Hall of Fame Cartoons at

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WordTracker Keyword Tool - Free Trial

Other SEO Resources and Tools Collections

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Webmaster Toolkit Tons of free Webmaster and SEO Tools
SEO Tools Resources - SEO Tools Resource Page of
SEO Tools at - offers various Articles About Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization
SEO Tools at
SEO Tools at - Search Engine Optimisation - Ethical Optimised Web Design
Digital Point Tools - Collection of free Webmaster Tools at like PageRank Toolbar for Mac, AdSense Charts, AdSense Sandbox, Yahoo Web Rank, GEO Visitors and more.
Free SEO Tools by SEOToolSet™ by Bruce Clay, Inc., including Check Server, Keyword Activity, Keyword Density Analyzer (KDA), competition research, Ranked Page Report, Link Analysis Report, Search Engine and Directory Submission Tips. is a directory of tools and resources for web masters and website owners. - Search Engine Tools: All the tools for search engine submission and optimization.
SEO Tools by SEO Book - free Search Engine Optimization Tools by Aaron Wall
Market Leaps Search Engine Marketing Tools
Instant Position Free and Commercial Tools for Webmasters
"SEO Ninja Tools" provided for free by WeBuildPages made a number of their previously free tools unavailable to the public, but accessible via their Internet Marketing Ninjas website to elite members. The following tools remained available and accessible for free: The following 13 tools are the ones that are now only available via an membership.
  • The Top 10 Analysis SEO Tool
  • Backlink & Anchor Text Tool
  • Strongest Subpages Tool
  • Common Backlinks Tool
  • C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool
  • Top Competitor Tool
  • Deep Link Ratio Analysis
  • Forward Link Title Tag Tool
  • Internal Link Title Tag Tool
  • Internal and External Link Title Tag Tool
  • Age of top 100 Websites with Backlinks Tool
  • Cool Cache Tool
  • Down and Dirty Backlink Check Tool

Note: The Internet Marketing Ninjas One Year Recurring Membership fee is a whopping $2995.00. I don't believe that it is worth the money for it. I personally do not recommend it and suggest to spent this amount of money on: One year SEOMoz membership, One year Wordtracker account, One year Keycompete account, One year KeywordSpy account, One Internet Business Promoter software license, MarketingSherpa membership and last but not least an One year e-Consultancy membership, which cost (combined) less than One internet marketing ninjas membership.

McDar SEO Tools includes free SEO tools, such as:
Search Engine Promotion Help - Webmaster and search marketer tools, articles and resources

Other SEO Tools Lists

I list hundreds of SEO/SEM and other internet marketing tools throughout my website, including to several tools that I mentioned in the above webmaster tools collections. However, I maybe missed a few here and there and others created nice lists with tools as well. Feel free to check those lists out as well. If they refer to a hidden gem that I missed to refer to from my website, please contact me and let me know. Thanks.

Top 10 Search Results - Search Engine Optimization from Network Solutions. Get your Web site ranked higher on search engine results. The Network Solutions experts will optimize your Web site and develop keywords based on the number of listings you desire.

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