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News Sources and Statistics Search Engine

News Sources and Statistics Search

What is this?

This is a custom search of only selected News Sources, News Archives, News Portals, Online Magazines, Statistics and Research Data on the Internet. The sites that are included in the search are listed here. Please contact me, if you think that an important source of reliable news and events is missing in my list and I will add it.

I created this search engines based on Google's Custom Search Engine, because I needed a way to easily search for references and sources of information for Wikipedia articles.

People often add information without citing their sources. Unverifyable claims should not remain in a Wikipedia article and will eventually get removed, unless a reliable source can be found to verify the claim made in the article. This is important to ensure the correctness of the article and also its neutral point of view.

I used regular search engines like Google and Yahoo! before and had a hard time finding stuff. If my search was too broad, a lot of clutter and noise was returned from irrelevant sites that do not qualify as a reliable source anyway. If I was too specific, important sources were not returned in the SERPs.

The goal of this custom search engine is to remedy that problem, by only including sites that qualify as reliable sources by Wikipedia standards. It also helps to establish the notabilty for an article. Notability can be established by referring to the mentioning of the subject or person the article is about at a reliable source.

This search engine should speed up the process of searching for references significantely. If you have any comments or suggestions, let me know.

Carsten Cumbrowski

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