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Web Design Resources

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Website Layouts Cookbook - An Illustrated Reference of Website Layouts for Web Designers
Web Design Practices - examining current design practices on the Web.
CSS Expression Optimization by Erik Arvidsson - assign a JavaScript expression to a CSS propert
Position is Everything CSS Browser Compatibilities and Bugs Resources by Big John and Holly Bergevin
A List Apart - Web Design and Development Resources and Examples for professional Web Designers
CSS Advisor (beta), solutions and workarounds to CSS and browser compatibility issues. Part of Adobe's Dreamweaver Developer Center.
CSS Zen Garden The Beauty of CSS Design and The Road to Enlightenment. For inspirational purposes.
CssLayouts Wiki at CSS-Discuss. Layout tutorials, tips and guides. Absolute layouts, float layouts and fixed layouts. Two Column Layouts and three column layouts. Tips to CSS positioning, including footer positioning. Making all columns apear the same height, emulating frames, side scrolling, border slants and much more. - Guides, Bugs, Free Scripts, Tests and more.

Ready to use Page Layouts and Styles

Glish! CSS Layout Techniques for Fun and Profit - by Eric Costello. 2,3 or 4 columns, ALA style, fluid, nested float or static. Some layout for everybody, plus a nice collection of other CSS Resources
Kevin Tatroe's Layout-o-matic a free tool inspired by List-o-matic that automatically generates cross-browser CSS layouts (two- and three-column layouts with header and footer)
Firdamatic by Firda Beka, another free tableless layout generator for 2 and 3 column layouts only.
The Layout Reservoir, 2 and 3 column layouts, ready to use. Provided by

Listamatic and Listamatic 2 by Russ Weakley sample CSS and HTML code for styling lists

CSS and Webdesign Resources Collections

Web Standards by Andy Budd, collection of resources to Web Standards and CSS
Holy CSS Zeldman! CSS Resources, Accessibility, Tools, Tutorials, Guides, Basics and more
Eric Meyer on CSS Resources is a complimentary website with online resources to CSS and web design by the book author and web designer Eric Meyer.
CSS Vault is a repository of CSS resources and tools. They also maintain a blog and RSS feed with updates about new resources.
The Web Developers Handbook online resources collection for web designers and developers at, which is maintained by Vitaly Friedman is an online resource and inspiration guide for web agencies, designers and developers who take interest in websites that combine the powers of design, web standards and CSS.
List of 134 Top CSS Resources compiled by the folks over at Vandelay Design.

Online Tools - Colors

Color Contrast Check - Online Tool that tells you if the selected colors have enough contrast based on W3C.
Colour Contrast Analyser - Web based tool that calculates the difference between two colors. Also provides Equations and Tips.
Fonts and Colours Lab by Philip Chalmers, Benefit from IT. Compare 4 layouts side by side. Check how it will be perceived by people who are red-blind, green-blind, blue-blind or only can see monochrome (black and white)

Online Tools - CSS Checkers

Check CSS - Test your CSS Style Sheets. Provide URL or paste content into a text form. The tool checks the validity of your CSS against the W3C's validation service, along with a color contrast test, and a test to ensure that relevant sizes are specified in relative units of measurement.
CSSCheck by WDG is primarily a CSS1 checker. Many CSS2 properties are supported, but new CSS2 selectors will generate errors.
CSS Validator and checker at

Online Tools - CSS Cleaners/Formaters and Optimizers

Clean CSS is an online CSS formater and optimizer tool with lots of options and settings for tweaking the results.
Code Beautifier is another online tool to format your CSS code.
Style Sheet Optimiser is a CSS Cascading Style Sheet Optimiser tool by
CSS Optimizer is a simple tool for Cascading Style Sheets Optimization that also provides the option to upload your CSS file from your local hard disk or via URL from your website

Online Tools - CSS Compressors

CSS Compressor by CSS Drive is a utility to compress your CSS code to increase loading speed and save on bandwidth as well.
Icey CSS Compressor makes major changes to stylesheets to reduce their size. It is still under development to keep a backup of your old CSS code before you implement the compression results.

CSS Layout Generators/Wizards

List-O-Matic by Ian Lloyd. Step my step wizard to generate HTML and CSS Code for styled list items that are used for navigation. Create bulletproof horizontal or vertical navigations with hover effects and more.
Scriptomizers Stylesheet Generator is a CSS stylesheet generator to create definitions for links, forms, fonts and body elements via an easy to use step-by-step wizard.
CSS Layout Creator creates a fluid or fixed width floated column layout, with up to 3 columns and with header and footer. Values can be specified in either pixels, ems or percentages.
ClevaTreva Designs Pagemaker is CSS Source Ordered Variable Border 1-3 Columned Page Maker. All settings are maintained from a single configuration screen, which makes it harder to use for beginners (it is not broken down into steps).
Qrone CSS Designer by J. Tabuchi lets you create CSS stylesheets easily.
List-U-Like CSS Generator is another CSS design generator/wizard that is free and available online.
Pure CSS Menu is an online tool width easy to use interface to build, style and then download the code for script-free, pure CSS drop-down menues, ready to be used for your own web site.

Blogs about CSS and Web Design

Boagworld Blog by Paul Boag, advice on managing and building websites. See the Boagworld podcast below.
Queso Compuesto Techs-Mex Podcast  Queso Compuesto Techs-Mex Podcasts Hosted by Giovanni Gallucci
Design Notes: A CSS Web Designer's Blog by Harvey A. Ramer at Design Delineations.
Vandelay Design Blog is a useful resource to style sheets, search marketing and social media
Think Vitamin is a blog about design and usability aspects of websites.
A List Apart is a great blog and resource to CSS and web design tricks and tips in general is a British blog about CSS, web design and usability the weblog by designer and book author Eric Meyer.
CSS Beauty is a blog and web design resources site maintained by Alex Giron
Digital Web online magazine and blog by MediaTemple has tons of articles and posts to web design and CSS available.

Short References and CSS Cheat Sheets

CSS Cheat Sheet by ILJD - iLoveJackDaniels version of a handy CSS Cheat Sheet. Also available as PDF
Cheat Sheets Collection by for various purposes. Very handy.

Podcasts about CSS and Web Design

Boagworld Podcast Podcast - advice on managing and building websites. Web Design, Usability, Marketing

Web Design Online Forums and Message Boards

Content moved to its own page. See Online Forums for Web Designers

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CSS Design and Site Layout Books

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The Zen of CSS Design
I own this myself
The Zen of CSS Design
Visual Enlightenment for the Web (Voices That Matter)
by Dave Shea, Molly E. Holzschlag

buy The Zen of CSS Design
Bulletproof Web Design
I own this myself
Bulletproof Web Design
Improving flexibility and protecting against worst-case scenarios with XHTML and CSS
by Dan Cederholm

buy Bulletproof Web DesignI wrote a review for this book. Read it!
CSS Mastery
I own this myself
CSS Mastery
Advanced Web Standards Solutions (Solutions)
by Andy Budd, Simon Collison, Cameron Moll

buy CSS Mastery
Web Standards Solutions Web Standards Solutions
The Markup and Style Handbook

by Dan Cederholm

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Cascading Style Sheets Specifications and Online Tutorials

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CSS Tutorials
Beginner's guide from a seasoned CSS designer by Cameron Moll
CSS tutorial - starting with HTML + CSS by Bert Bos
CSS Tutorial - Save a lot of work with CSS! by
Everything You Need To Know About CSS a CSS Overview by "I Am Alpha"
CSS Tutorials at, floats, selectors and lists such as the Listutorial by Russ Weakley for styling building background image lists, rollover lists, nested lists and horizontal lists
The CSS Learning Center by the W3 itself at the website

CSS Specifications
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1 - Specifications by W3C
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 - CSS2 Specification by the W3C
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 revision 1 - CSS 2.1 Specification. W3C Working Draft from November 2006.

Cascading Style Sheets Reference Books

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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
I own this myself
Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
by Eric A. Meyer

buy Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference
Cascading Style Sheets Cascading Style Sheets
The Definitive Guide
2nd Edition
by Eric A. Meyer

buy Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Cookbook CSS Cookbook
by Dan Cederholm

buy CSS Cookbook
Pro CSS Techniques
I own this myself
Pro CSS Techniques
by Jeff Croft, Ian Lloyd and Dan Rubin

buy Pro CSS Techniques

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