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CPA Networks List for North America

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Introduction to CPA Networks

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CPA Networks. Who are they? Short answer: "Super Affiliates".

Super affiliates? How does it work? CPA networks/super affiliates pass on a large percentage of the earnings from the higher commission tiers to their own publisher base. CPA networks reach those tiers, because they have enough volume and small publishers can get a part of that higher tier without producing the necessary volume for the advertiser.

Benefits of CPA Networks for the Advertiser

  • High lead generation volume
  • Outsourcing of support of smaller publishers to some degree

Benefits of CPA Networks for Publishers

(using the CPA network rather than the advertisers own program)
  • Higher commission rates
  • Better service
  • Conversion of revenue share offers into easier scalable CPA offers

Disadvantages/Flip Side of CPA Networks

  • Lack of transparency of who Is actually promoting the advertisers offers
    Often unknown: Where is the traffic coming from?
  • Introduction of an intermediary who is doing the job of the classic network and the affiliate manager, only more effective (performance marketing at its finest).

Evolution Beyond Being "Just Another Middle-Man"

Several CPA networks evolved beyond being "just another middle man" and work with advertisers directly to be able to provide even better paying cost-per-action and lead generation offers and increase their attraction for affiliates, who are able to produce high lead volumes. This also makes things more transparent for advertisers.

Networks who have a mix of affiliate offers, where they act as an affiliate themselves or act as a service provider like traditional affiliate networks to the advertiser are common place today.

Counter Actions By Traditional Networks

The direct relationships of CPA networks with advertisers cuts directly into the business and revenue of traditional affiliate networks, who began to add lead generation services to their portfolio of services to eliminate as much as possible the need for certain advertisers to work with traditional networks and CPA networks at the same time.

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CPA Networks (listed alphabetically)

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This list is by no means a complete list of CPA networks that are out there.
This is a hand-picked selection across the space.

Founded in 2004, Advaliant (*) is an award winning performance-based CPA Network that provides online advertisers and publishers with high-performance customer acquisition, traffic, and transactional programs that maximize ROI.

The Advaliant affiliate network connects selected publishers and advertisers in a trusted online community that is overseen by industry-leading experts. Advaliant brings together on a single platform all the key performance marketing channels so that marketers and publishers have a single destination for executing higher performing campaigns.

Advaliant is the performance marketing division of MediaTrust, an integrated online media and advertising solution company.
Advent™ (*) is a new and advanced campaign management platform, built by Motive Interactive as its own proprietary application for the performance advertising world. With the goal of helping publishers and advertisers succeed, Advent™ uses advances in technology that were made over the recent years to give affiliates and advertisers accurate and reliable results.

Motive Interactive, Inc. is located in San Diego, California and also offers a display advertising platform to advertisers and allow them to extend their reach beyond the performance marketing or CPA channel covered by Advent™. CPA Network by Click Fusion S.A. from Cordoba, Argentina (Michael Smith), which targets the North American market - a CPA Network that uses its own in-house developed tracking platform and offers a special PPC redirect module for paid search affiliates. Afiliateer was founded in 2006 and is owned by Tarill Inc. affiliate and CPA Network located at Newport Beach, California - Cost-Per-Action/Acquisition Network Advertising Kings Media Group (AKMG) with location in Santa Monica, California. AKMG was created by Content King Media Group (CKMG), which also provides other internet marketing related, web development, web design and ecommerce services.
AzoogleAds (*) is one of the leading and largest US CPA Networks. It is also one of the oldest (founded in 2000) and most trusted. - CPA Network by, since 2002
CPAffiliates - Affiliate marketing network specializing in cost-per-action advertising
CPA Empire - CPA focused, performance-based direct marketing network
CPA Storm is another Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate network based on the Direct Track network platform. - performance based online direct marketing Network
CX Digital Media (*) - formerly known as IncentAclick, a CPA Network, no setup fees. Online consumer acquisition and lead generation. The network is owned by CX Digital Media, formerly Incentaclick Media Group.
DirectLeads - Make Money! by Direct Response Technologies. One of the oldest CPA Networks in the USA, the original and the first CPA network on the Direct Track affiliate networking, tracking and reporting platform. - CPA Network by LeadClick Media, Inc. - Florida based affiliate/CPA network that also offers affiliate management services. Filinet is A division of Global Resource Systems.
FineClicks is a very "old" CPA Network in Internet terms and today owned by the medium size affiliate network, Inc., who's founder and CEO Brian Littleton won two Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards.

He won the Affiliate Marketing Advocate Award in 2007 and in 2008 the Wayne Porter Affiliate Marketing Legend Award for his honesty, integrity and for the sacrifice of short term profit in exchange for enableing long term and trusted business relationships between publishers and advertisers. - small CPA Network by Flux Advertising, Inc.
Hydra Network (*) - CPA Network by HydraMedia formely known as LynxTrack.
LeadFlash Florida based CPA Network owned and operated by Regency Marketing
Level Click - CPA/CPL Network by ICE Water Media
LinkConnector Network is an affiliate and CPA network that offers in addition to the standard services of a network features and services like "Naked Link Technology" for search engine optimization purposes as well as advanced events tracking like Pay-Per-Go and Pay-Per-Call referral tracking.
Market Leverage Network by PrecisionPlay Media. Market Leverage, LLC is located in Lake Mary, Florida
NeverblueAds (*) CPA Network by Neverblue Media located in Victoria, Canada
OfferForge US is an affiliate/CPA network created by ForgeBusiness Corporation, which is also a well known OPM (Outsourced Program Management company). ForgeCorporation (the parent) and ForgeBusiness were founded by Jonathan Miller, who is also the CEO for the individual entities. Forge also has an advertising network, which is called BlogKits.

Their experience with managing different programs on different netwoks lead to the creation of their tracking and reporting platform ForgeInsight, which allows tracking and management of campaigns across multiple different networks (CPA or classic affiliate networks).

Forge has physical office locations in South Africa, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom and employs specialists and support staff around the globe.
Offer Fusion - CPA Network founded in 2004 that offers high incentives for new publisher signups. DirectTrack based CPA network by eMediaQuest, Inc., founded by William W. Ford Sr. (*) - Florida based CPA network founded by Joy Miskovich, which developed its own tracking and reporting platform. - CPA network that is using the DirectTrack platform.
Partner Weekly - Lead generation and affiliate/CPA Network. Partner Weekly is a Selling Source Company
PrimaryAds - CPA Affiliate Network that specializes in cost-per-action advertising
Rextopia - CPA and Affiliate Network, LeadGen, Media Buying and Merchant Services (MACX). - CPA and Affiliate Network by Hot Rocket Marketing, Inc. from Hicksville, NY
RoWise or R.O.WISE New York based CPA Network owned and operated by MediaWhiz™ Holdings, LLC - Small Affiliate Network Start-Up. Small CPA Affiliate Network by Rapid Response Marketing, LLC

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Niche Affiliate/CPA Networks (listed alphabetically)

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Element5 network, a Digital River (DR) company, is specialized in CPA offers for software and other electronic products, such as eBooks and online services is an affiliate network that focus on service offers like financial services, insurance, travel etc. The content delivery options for publishers are very flexible. In addition to traditional text and banner ads, content delivery via JavaScript, XML Feeds, Spreadsheet (Data feed) and Web Services API is also available.
Forex Affiliates is a specialized network platform, focusing entirely on the Forex (currency exchange trading) industry only is a specialized affiliate network for banks and credit card CPA programs and pay per lead offers.
oneNetwork also by Digital River is a computer software sales/e-commerce platform and affiliate network 2.0 style to provide software development companies with everything they need for a direct sales channel on the internet without the need for a software publisher.
Partner 2 Profit an Alena Network provides advertisement of individual high margin products from hundreds of merchants with primary focus on pharmaceutical and beauty products., established 1998 and formerly known as, is a specialized network in the health and beauty industry is an affiliate network that is specialized in mortgage, home equity loan and insurance lead generation is an e-commerce platform that is owned today by Digital River's DR1 oneNetwork. RegNow is also an old and traditional niche affiliate network for software products -is a niche test ad network to promote software downloads and boxed software products. is an extension of the affiliate network by Digital River. You must have valid affiliate ID to be able to join

Google Pay Per Action (beta) allows AdWords advertisers to create campains using CPA as compensation method rather than the traditional pay per click or CPM. Google also offers referral programs for their own services that pay commissions based on a CPA basis. See my article "A Google Referral Programs Primer" for more information.

Note: The Google Pay-Per-Action program was discontinued in August 2008, as well as Google's referral programs. Google completed this year the acquisition of DoubleClick, a major display advertising network. DoubleClick also owned an affiliate network, Performics, which is now re-branded as Google Affiliate Network. The Google Affiliate Network replaced Google PPA.

Is Performance marketing a bit too much for you and you rather provide only the Ad space and inventory and have it managed for you? Check out Display Advertising and find out if that would work better for you.
You might also want to check out options provided via the cousin of display advertising:
Contextual Advertising and Keyword Targeting.

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