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Resources for Microsoft SQL Server Developers and DBAs

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This page is about Microsoft SQL Server, all Versions, from 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, Azure, Express and Compact. You can find resources to non-Microsoft database platforms at this page.

SQL Server Resources Cluster Search

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SQL Blogs, Expert Homepages and Vendor Sites

  • Microsoft SQL Server Developer Center on MSDN - An excellent resource for SQL Server database developers is the SQL Server Developer Center, which focuses on data-centered development with SQL Server and features interviews with prominent SQL Server team members.
  • Purchase SQL Server Licenses - Product Information - Microsoft SQL Server Home Page. This comprehensive window into everything SQL Server contains links to Webcasts, technical documents, and customer implementation studies that can help you get ready to upgrade to SQL Server 2008. And watch for information about the new SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor download.

Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 Learn why you should and how to Upgrade to MS SQL Server 2008
Visit the Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 Homepage at the Microsoft Website. Make the move to SQL Server 2008 to open up new possibilities and opportunities for SQL Server administrators, developers, and information technology (IT) decision makers in both enterprise and midsize organizations.

With record breaking speed in transaction processing, improved database management capabilities (support of data compression, enhanced mirroring, new policy based permission management), advanced business intelligence solutions, and enhanced developer productivity through new data types and T-SQL features, SQL Server 2008 further optimizes your IT infrastructure for growth and helps align IT with business objectives. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is available in 7 editions, Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, Web, Express, Compact and Developer. Compare all editions.

Download Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Advisor (Software), SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Assistant (Software), Planning your SQL Server 2008 upgrade, and the Upgrade Technical Reference Guide (2008).

Download the Free SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (available for 32 and 64 bit).

Upgrading to the previous Version of MS SQL Server
Upgrading to SQL Server 2005. With up to 35 percent faster transaction processing, advanced business intelligence solutions, and enhanced developer productivity, SQL Server 2005 optimizes your IT infrastructure for growth and helps align IT with business objectives.

Download The Business Value of Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 (Word Doc), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor (Software), SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Handbook and the Upgrade Technical Reference Guide (2005).

MS SQL Server 2005
  • SQL 2005 Features at a Glance - see in one page what Microsoft SQL Server 2005 has to offer.
  • SQL Server 2005 Edition Feature Comparison - One of the most important SQL Server 2005 references is the feature comparison chart for the different editions of SQL Server 2005. SQL Server 2005 has new Express and Workgroup editions next to the classic Standard and Enterprise editions; plus you will want to see which editions of the product support various new features.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Solution Center at MS Support. FAQ and Top SQL Server Downloads
  • SQL Server 2005 Knowledge Base at
  • SQL Server 2005 Express - You can get first-hand experience using SQL Server 2005 in your own environment by downloading SQL Server 2005 Express for free. In addition to being a great developerís database, SQL Server Express includes many new SQL Server 2005 features, such as CLR integration, new T-SQL commands, and the new XML and varbinary(max) data types.

SQL Server Group Blogs/Blog Communities


MSDN Blog Posts, Tag: SQLServer sorted by relevance, includes post relevant to all SQL Server Versions. Alternative searches include the filter by post category, such as MSDN Blogs Category: SQL Server 2005 and Category SQL Server
  Customer Advisory Team - Microsoft SQL Server Development Team Blog (SQLCAT) at MSDN Blogs
SQL Junkies (Now DrDobbs). Large number of personal Blogs by SQL Server Professionals and Microsoft employees. Weblogs by SQL Server Professionnals and Experts - The SQL Server Blog Spot on the Web has over 25 active bloggers writing about SQL Server.
  SQLServerCentral Blogs is the community blog by (now owned by RedGate). The most active writers at SQLServerCentral Blogs are K. Brian Kelley, Steve Jones, Phil Cart, Andy Warren, Haidong Ji, Kathi Kellenberger and Andy Leonard. Blogs is a MS SQL Server related blog with various authors of the community.
  SQL Magazine Feed by Penton Media. A SQL Blog by the editors of SQL Server Magazine.

Additional SQL Server Magazine Blogs:

Individual Bloggers

  Euan Garden's BLOG at MSDN - Life, the Universe, MS, VS, Testing and SQL Server
  Davide Mauri's Yukonism Blog at Weblogs
  Peter Wards Blog and SQL Server Newsletter, Wardy IT Solutions Australia.
  Nick Barclay's blog about Microsoft Business Intelligence and SQL Server.

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SQL Server Development News, Forums, Portals

Microsoft TechNet section to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008
SQL Server Central - Tons of Articles, Discussion Forums, 100s of free Scripts and Stored Procesdures Source Code, SQL Server Tools and Add-Ons, SQL Server Standard Magazine, Great e-Books. For the access to the articles and forums is an Account required (FREE).
SQL Server Performance - SQL Server Resources, tons of SQL Server related Articles and more.
SQLJunkies (now Dr.Doobs Database) - If you want to learn more about the development features of SQL Server 2005, check out the blogs at In addition to technical articles, the SQLJunkies site has an extensive list of blogs, including some from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 developers and program managers.
SQL Team - SQL Server Discussion Forums, Articles, Blogs and Newsletter - Immerse Yourself In SQL Server
Windows IT Pro (10,000+ SQL Server Articles and more)
SQL Server Magazine - SQL Server Magazine's Web site,, has an extensive collection of technical articles and columns by renowned SQL Server authors that can help you learn the ins and outs of SQL Server 2005. Itzik Ben-Gan provides a guide to the release's new T-SQL features; Microsoft Senior Product Manager Matt Nunn writes a Preparing for SQL Server 2005 column; and other industry experts step you through developing CLR database objects, getting started with SSIS, and more.
Database Journal - Database (SQL, Oracle etc.) News and Articles. see MS SQL features. is like Database Journal a resources website for DBAs by Jupiter Media. at, Tips, Whitepapers, Guides, News, Webcasts, Experts. - the SQL Server Worldwide User Group Help Center Site. 100s of scripts, discussion boards, articles, reviews, e-mail discussions and more.
SQL Server Developer Center Community - SQL Server-related information from the community
SQL Server Community at Microsoft TechCenter
SQL Server FAQ a UK SQL Server Community
SQL Dev.Net - SDN - SQL Server Developers Network
SQL by Bryant Likes with focus on SQL Server XML Features Technology Portal. The link points to the SQL Server articles, but they have much more than that. whitepapers, various communities, webcasts, blogs and more
Codeplex Project Community - List of projects tagged with "SQL Server". (Developersdex) SQL Server resources catalog. Lists of articles, software, forumes and other MS SQL Server related resources. SQL Server Section with tons of articles to SQL Server. SIGs - The PASS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are forums where SQL professionals from around the globe can communicate with others who have similar interests and face similar challenges.

MS SQL Server Search Engine

SQL Server Developer Forums

MSDN Forums for MS SQL Server Developers, DBAs and Beta-Testers.
SQL Server Central Forums a very active developer community to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 (free Membership required to read and post).
SQL Team Forums of SQL Server Professionals and Enthusiasts
SQL Server Performance Forums for high quality discussions about SQL Server usage and optimization
Wrox Programmer to Programmer™ Forums Category SQL Server - Topics SQL Server 2000 and 2005, Reporting Services, DTS and ASP. (Wrox P2P Forums Index)
SQL Server Magazine Forums by Penton Media for readers of and SQL Server Forums at the IT Developer Network
SQLServer.Org.Au, the Australlian SQL Server User Group provides a number of SQL Server related resources, such as blogs, forums, articles, jobs openings, news and events. Forums to Microsoft SQL Server programming, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, Fulltext Search, SSIS etc.

Expert Exchange Community

MS SQL Server Zone at Entrance page to all SQL Server related Questions and Answers.

Also see:
  • MS SQL Server 2005 Zone at Questions and Answers specifically to SQL Server 2005 related questions
  • DTS Zone at, Q&A to SQL Data Transformation Services

Get help from other experts and answers to your specific problems and questions.
SQL Server Forums and Communities for Programmers and Database Administrators.

SQL Server Advice and FAQ

  • SQL Advice at is an online community for SQL Developers
  • SQL - Learn SQL - Structured Query Language - standard syntax - valid for numerous DB platforms
  • Sql Server 2000 Resources at ASP FAQ Tutorials
  • provides FAQ and tools to SQL Server security, sql injection, security check lists, audit and lock-down scripts. It also offers community forums to discuss SQL security and SQL versions.

  • SQL Q&A at - Over 300 questions with corresponding answers related to SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Examples of T-SQL code functions and scripts by Gregory A. Larsen

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Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL Server Magazines

SQL Server Standard Magazine
SQL Server Standard Magazine
bi-monthly magazine
by and PASS

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SQL Server Magazine SQL Server Magazine
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plus access to 2,000+ articles online at

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SQL Server Professional
SQL Server™ Professional
monthly eMagazine
by Pinnacle Publishing
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Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL Server Books

T-SQL Programming
T-SQL Programming
(Pro Developer)

Inside MS SQL Server 2005
by Itzik Ben-gan, Dejan Sarka, Roger Wolter
buy T-SQL Programming
T-SQL Querying T-SQL Querying
(Pro Developer)

Inside MS SQL Server 2005
by Itzik Ben-Gan, Lubor Kollar, Dejan Sarka
buy T-SQL Querying

If you know about any Print or e-Magazines that are exclusively about MySQL Server, please send me an email. MySQL Server is often covered by the various Open Source related Magazines, but they are not primarily about MySQL Server. The PHP Magazines cover at the most. You can find those at my Web Development Resources Page.

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SQL Server Podcasts, Webcasts, Video and Audio and RSS

SQL Server PodcatsSQL Server Podcats - PodNovaSQL Server Podcats - iTunes

SSWUG.ORG Broadcasts   SSWUG.ORG Broadcasts - SSWUG Radio Podcast - the most comprehensive SQL Server and overall database-oriented podcasts on the web!
Quest Software Podcasts Quest Software Podcasts to SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL and Quest Products (surprise :))

- DrDoobs Database Articles Feed
- Dr.Doobs Database News Feed
MSDN SQL Server Feed - MSDN SQL Server RSS Feed and New Articles - and Recent Articles. Combined Feed for both sites
SQLServerCentral Articles Feed - New Articles RSS Feed.
SQLTeam Articles Feed - Articles Feed
SQLTeam Main Weblog Posts Feed - Main Weblog Posts Feed
DevX Databases Feed - Developer Community - Feed for Database related Posts
DBAzine SQL Server Articles Feed - Feed with new articles for the SQL Server section
SQLAdvice Blog Feed - Blog RSS Feed.

  • List of RSS Feeds to SQL Server, Oracle and XML. Articles, News, Webcasts, Webinars and Editorials
  • SQL Server RSS Feeds Large Collection (50+ Feeds) of RSS Feeds about various SQL and Windows related topics from and their Partners
  • MSDN Channel 9 videos that were tagged with the keyword SQL Server
  • Microsoft TechNet - It's Showtime - Videos from Microsoft Events, Keynotes and Sessions such as SQL Pass.
  • Webcast Center - Webcasts by the SQL Server Worldwide User Group
  • Quest Software Webcasts - Webcasts to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Active Directory, Exchange, SAP, Peoplesoft, Java, Windows, Linux and more. Also available is an Webcast archive for past webcasts

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SQL Server References, Scripts and Articles

  • MS SQL Server Downloads at the MSDN Download Center for SQL Server
  • - SQL Server Data Transformaton Services Resources, Source Code, Guides and Tools
  • - SQL Server Integration Services Articles, Products and News
  • SQL Server Integration Services - SQL Server 2005 introduces Integration Services (SSIS), the replacement for Data Transformation Services (DTS). Learning about SSIS will be a top priority for administrators, and this valuable site includes links to blogs from business intelligence (BI) developers and details some SSIS best practices learned from real-world projects.
  • SQL Server Integration Services ( SSIS ) Code Gallery at
  • Code @ MSDN / SQL Server - The Microsoft SQL Server Samples and Community Projects (MSDN Code Gallery) provides sample source codes for MS SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008.
  • SQL Server Reporting Services - Design & Deliver Reporting Services in Excel and Word
  • MS SQL City - Articles, FAQ, Scripts, Tips and Test Exams for IT professionals using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Best Practices - Get the real-world guidelines, expert tips, and rock-solid guidance to take your SQL Server implementation to the next level.
  • Migrating MySQL to SQL Server 2000 Whitepaper at Microsoft TechNet
  • SQL Server Replication at SQL Server 2005 Books Online
  • by the SQL Server Data Mining team provides the SQL Server community with access to and information about available data mining features, tools and resources, including data mining add-ins for Microsoft Office.
  • SVEK Computing SQL Tips, a list of articles to SQL Server by Kevin Jenkins of SVEK Computing Ltd (UK)
  • Narayana Vyas Kondreddi SQL Resources is a personal resources site by 'Vyas' with tons of useful articles and sample scripts.

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Training / Learning / Courses

  • MCTS: SQL Server 2005 Certification Requirements
  • Microsoft E-Learning SQL Server 2005 1-year subscriptions to training packages, Workshops and Courses for Database Admins, Database Developers and Business Intelligence. Prices range between $99 and $250.
  • Microsoft E-Learning - Learn SQL Server resources, like books and SQL Server training courses, SQL Server technical certifications and more.
  • - Advanced Training Classes for SQL professionals.
  • Expert Knowledgebase - the Expert Answer Center for SQL Server at
  • MS SQL Server Events and Webcasts - SQL Server upgrade your skills to 2005. Get ready for SQL Server 2005 with a 10-part TechNet educational Webcast series that covers everything from SQL Server 2005 tools, security enhancements, and high availability features to replication and scalability.
  • SQL Server 2005 Virtual Hands-On Labs from Microsoft TechNet - You can get first-hand experience using some of the new features in SQL Server 2005 by going through the 11 different SQL Server 2005 Hands-On Labs via Web Browser. These labs cover topics such as SQL-CLR, T-SQL, and Reporting Services. This site also contains links to technical papers and blogs and requires a MS Passport account and MS Internet Explorer V5.0 or higher.
  • Learn It - SQL MCDBA Professional Training Courses
  • SQL Server Exam training and preparation. ExamForce is part of Adaptive Learning Systems, Inc.

Total Training for SQL Server 2005 Development
Level: Beginner to Advanced, Format: DVD-ROM for Windows PC & Online
Follow along as Paul Nielson (author SQL Server Bible, Speaker at PASS etc.) presents 8 hours of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 development instruction. This training is the fastest way to get up to speed quickly with T-SQL development, SQL Server basics, best practices, dozens of targeted examples, and sample code. If you design or develop SQL Server 2005 databases, this video is for you.
Try before you buy with the Total Training FREE 7-day guest pass!
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