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Web Development Podcasts

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Web Development PodcatsWeb Development Podcats - PodNovaWeb Development Podcats - iTunes

Boagworld Podcast Podcast - advice on managing and building websites. Web Design, Usability, Marketing
CMP DevNet .NET Cast   CMP DevNet .NET Cast - by Dr.Dobb's Portal - The world of Software Development
WebDevRadio Podcast   WebDevRadio Podcast - by Michael Kimsal
Intuitive Websites   Intuitive Websites - Cool Sites, Hot Returns
MSDN Magazine Podcast   MSDN Magazine Podcast - by the Microsoft Developers Network Magazine Team.
Google Developer Podcast   Google Developer Podcast - the official podcast by Google Code

ASP.NET Developer Podcasts

  .NET Rocks! Podcast with Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell
ASP.NET Podcast   ASP.NET Podcast is geared towards the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET. The podcast is run by Wallace B. McClure (Wally) and Paul Glavich.
ASP.NET Podcast   Hasel Minutes is a weekly podcast with Scott Haselmann, hosted by Carl Franklin, about ASP.NET or Windows issues.
Podcast   Polymorphic Podcast about the Microsoft .NET development platform by Craig Shoemaker.
  Podcast Studio (archive from 2005 only)

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Code Search Engines

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LogoDescription - the Search Engine for Programmers / Web Developers - your place to find code & technical content
Koders - The Code Search Engine for Coders by BlackDuckSoftware. Programming Languages: ActionScript , Ada , ASP , Assembler , C , C# , C++ , Cobol , ColdFusion , Delphi , Eiffel , Erlang , Fortran , Java , JavaScript , JSP , Lisp , Lua , Mathematica , Matlab , ObjectiveC , Perl , PHP , Prolog , Python , Ruby , Scheme , Smalltalk , SQL , Tcl , VB and VB.NET.
Google Code Search - the Source Code Search Engine from Google
Developer Shed's igrep - vertical niche search engine designed specifically for developers. The search engine draws on Developer Shed's vast array of more than five million technology-related documents to Open source software Python, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic.NET, Website design and development Java, JavaScript, C++, DHTML, computers hardware, peripherals, mobile devices, Search engine optimization, Web hosting and more.
DevSearcher the programmer's search engine by Dr.Dobb's. Dr.Dobb is indexing the best developer sites. You can browse DevSearcher by the categories or enter a keyword for a specific search. DevSearcher is a hybrid of code search engine and development site web directory.

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General Developers Resources and Tools

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Unicode Characters Index at Detailed Information for each Unicode Character including various Encodings (including Java,Javascript, C/C++ and Python Source Code), Java Data and dotNet Properties. by / Web Developer Resources Portal
eClasses Catalog available at IWA - International Webmasters Association Certifications. See open classes. - News Aggregator for Tech News about Apache, Bluetooth, Google, JavaScript, JSP, MySQL, Palm, PHP, RDF, Red Hat, RSS, SOAP, Usability, XML, XML-RPC, XSLT, Yahoo
Quick Reference Cards for over 30 programming languages, tools, business apps and operating systems

Make sure that you also check the Development Tools such as Editors, Code Validators, Browser Plugins and Browser Compatibility Testing Tools and Services.

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Developers Forums and Communities

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