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Resources for Internet Marketers, Web Developers and Database Developers

If you are an Internet marketing professional, webmaster or web developer, then I have something for you. During my years as an Internet marketer and web developer, I have collected tons of useful resources. Now I am making the best - in my opinion - of these resources available to everyone.

This site is constantly expanded and updated, so make sure to bookmark it and check frequently. I hope that the provided resources and information will make your life as an Internet marketer or web/database developer easier - they certainly have mine.

If you find that any important references or resources are missing, feel free to contact me and let me know.

Internet Marketing Resources

Internet Marketing General resources for marketers and webmasters include web design tips, email marketing, copy writing, online shopping, legal tips and resources, tax resources, web directories and more.

You will also find references to useful tools that can help make your life as a busy marketer and entrepreneur a bit easier. ... read more

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Advertising Resources

Search Engine Marketing/PPC PPC search engine marketing is a good way to get high quality traffic to your website within days or even hours. You do have to pay for the traffic, though. My resources will help you to keep the cost as low as possible and to improve the quality and conversion of traffic. ... read more

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Affiliate Marketing Resources

Affiliate Marketing Resources for everything related to affiliate marketing, for affiliates, advertisers and affiliate program managers. ... read more

Search Engine Optimization Resources

Search Engine Optimization Having a great looking site with great content is all for nothing if people cannot find your site. Make sure that your website is represented for your main keywords and phrases in the major search engines. The provided tools and resources can help you get good exposure in the organic listings of the "SERPs," bringing high quality traffic to your site for free. ... read more

Web Development/APIs and Web Services Resources

Web Development/Feeds/APIs Resources for beginners and professional web developers include news, articles, references, how-to's, API's, web services, source code, programming examples, learning material, certification and more. ... read more

SQL Server/MySQL Server Database Development Resources

Database Development Resources for DBA's and database developers. The focus is currently on MS SQL Server, but I plan to extend it with resources for MySQL Server. ... read more

My Internet Marketing and Web Development Articles and Scraps

I have written several articles - related to affiliate marketing, SEO, Internet technologies, datafeeds, Wikipedia and text art - which might be of interest to you. I am also putting my "Scraps" online; these are unfinished articles that have great content but lack the structure, format and grammatical correctness to be called finishes articles. Also, here on my site you will find article submission directories to publish your articles and recommended books for article writers and copy writers. ... read more

More information and backgrounds to this resources site can be found at my Editorial Note. If you would like to know more about the person who created and maintains this website, visit the About page. Feel free to contact me for any questions, comments, criticism or recommendation. Any feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.

Welcome, and enjoy the site!
Carsten Cumbrowski

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